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  1. You have to remember that when engaging with a fictional medium, you're only ever expected to act out the role of another. If you find it hard to distinguish the difference between your own moral code and that of the one you're being presented with, that becomes the only issue. Just because I enjoy monopoly, doesn't mean I want to bankrupt ppl irl. These roles we take on are in some cases designed to challenge our perspectives, but often you'll find yourself being shown these (personally held) atrocities in order to understand just how sound your moral compass really is. If you can grasp the concept that good and evil are laws bound to humanity, it becomes more clear to expose. In among us the character you play as doesn't understand humanity from a greater aspect than we're easy to emotionally manipulate which is what the game from that stand point is all about, trust. That is the entire point of The Thing. No one forces you to lie, you could always say "hey, I'm the imposter" right? But then you're just playing as you, but are you really? Would you let yourself willing die in the face of salvation if your own moral code deemed it right to kill? We don't know until put into that situation for real. How can you know your way of living is pure if you never get the chance to experience being wrong. Use games to help inform you and teach you counter ideals, but keep what matters most to you solid. 🙂
  2. Even then, all you're doing is proving my initial point that maps exist to express their modes and designers desire. You can have your opinion on Asymmetric and personally I prefer their design too, but to just flat out imply symms are irrelevant does nothing but hinder designers ability to share unique and varied experiences. I mean like aside from the logical points that give them weight thats already been discussed in full, just this initial idea alone proves enough to me. I just don't get why it has to be so cut and dry. Everything doesn't have to be a war of ideology and battle for superiority of LD. It stinks of elitism. Even though it's just a motion, I feel like this will still be interpreted as an assault of intellectual integrity. I wish I hadn't brought this up tbh, but I expected nothing less.
  3. Thinking one base style is superior to the other is ridiculous, they both have their place and offer a unique approach to combat. It's the experience we provide to players thats important. Realistically if you think symms lack the depth of asymms, it's probably because you don't know how to make a good symm. It's a glass half empty/full situation.
  4. like alien stuffs, lots of really vast landscapes and architecture thats super uncanny might make some concepts in forge
  5. Ok, so I've been thinking about our terminology right. Obviously Symmetric (Mirror Symmetric/Inverse Symmetric) and Asymmetric are the base forms which any map can be categorised as, but two terms I sometimes hear which I really like are Pseudo Symmetric and Asymmetrically Symmetric. So I'm gonna kind of ask and propose what the official criteria for each are. You could easily say they're the same thing but I believe there are examples of both that make them individually identifiable. Pseudo Symmetric: A map that is initially built with the concept of either type of base Symmetric form (Mirror or Inverse) but adopts minor asymmetric changes that results in a slightly different experience from side to side. For example: One side might have a walkway where to other has a ramp, though the rest of the design remains the same from side to side. Asymmetrically Symmetric: An entirely Asymmetrically built map that fosters ideology for movement and/or engagements that allows both sides to perform in a similar manor. For Example: Left lane's transition to base on both sides might have a spiral staircase while right lane has a skill jump. Therefore the concept is the same but the way they're built into the level is entirely asymmetric from side to side. Templar 2 would be a decent example of an Asymmetrically Symmetric map and I'm working on a decent example for the former but I'm sure there are many that exist that I can't think of off the top of my head. But if these terms already mean something else, let me know.
  6. Ight, here's my list for 2020. Might've forgotten a few and meant to get to 100, but I can't watch movies all day lol. So this is in order of how much I enjoyed them, not necessarily how competent they are on a technical film making level. Obviously good film making will influence my placements but this is supposed to be a fun personal list, not an imdb ranking sheet lol. Jurassic Park The Wind Rises Green Mile The Platform The thing (1982) No Country For Old Men RockNRolla Spirited Away Spiderman: Into The Spider-verse Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas Miracle In Cell No.7 POTC: Dead man’s chest The Irishman Castle In The Sky Snatch Hot Fuzz Brexit: The Uncivil War Kajaki Goodfellas The Breakfast Club Zodiac The VVitch American History X Shutter Island Troll Hunter The Siege Of Jadotville POTC: At Worlds End Gladiator The secret world of arrietty Monty Python: Holy Grail Princess Mononoke Warrior POTC: curse of the black pearl Uncut Gems O Brother, Where Art Thou? My neighbor totoro Nausicaa Of The Vally Of The Wind Unbroken Kikis delivery service I Lost My Body Groundhog Day 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi The Invention Of Lying Troy Blackkklansman Ocean Waves The Brothers Grimsby The Cat Returns Jurassic Park: Lost World The Big Lebowski Bee Movie Ghost Town Lord Of War Due Date Howl’s Moving Castle Coraline The Jerk The BFG Time Trap Mission Impossible: Fallout Battle: Los Angeles John Wick 3 Tales From Earthsea Black Death Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Spenser Confidential How It Ends Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Stripes Just as a side note, I also wanted to mention these 3 short films I watched which are bloody great too: If anything happens I love you Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Day Out Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers
  7. This an elite core site only, reported for fail rp.
  8. I've got a couple of 2v2s ready for testing, we're gonna be playing in 2 hours but was wanting to watch some of the lads in here run around them at some stage too. Down to show anyone around them that wants to take a look, theres a covey mirror sym and an A/D asym. But yeah any 2v2 playtests I could get would be great. Will probs post them to projects when they're done anyway, cheers. 🙂
  9. We deffo do that sometimes so I'll look into how available it is. Cheers for the rec. @purely fat I think it must've been xamples then. It was one of the elite core.
  10. So I've been watching a new Netflix series. I hope its available in the US too, it's called Alien Worlds. I wondered if it might just be a whatever CGI, non-based documentary but it's actually dead interesting. They use the idea of hypothetical environments on other planets to predict how life might evolve based on how we understand it to work on Earth. A lot of their concepts are super creative too. Seems to also be a platform to introduce loads of different scientific practicians to the audience too. They get astrophysicists, biologists, geologist, etc on the show to discuss how our own planet works and how they make new breakthroughs. There a environments I initially thought were some crazy CGI intro shot for the next planet until they cut to a scientist doing experiments and walking around. Would recommend if you like learning about our planet or are even just interested in seeing some mad alien wildlife and planets. If anyones already seen it I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. 🙂
  11. cheers babe, will look into it.
  12. Rounding up my film list for 2020. Any suggestions to watch before the years out? @a Chunk I'm sure you'll have good suggestions. ;) @purely fat was it you that recommended Time Trap to me a year ago or so?
  13. If you're talking about just the format, everything feels concise enough, I didn't get lost. As for nitpicking, Lego is just pronounced "Lego" with no " 's". But overall, really nice display so far. 🙂
  14. Ok, well I'll have it for just my account then lol. 😂
  15. I want a confusion reaction emote that emits the same vibe as this clip. Not quite the current "bruh" emote, more of like a primal "huh, I have no idea what to make of what I've just read lol"
  16. Watch this site transform from a level building site to a body building one over night. Can't wait for waywo to go from guys flexing their map integrity to creatine integrity lol. For real tho, how on earth do you find these vids? 😂
  17. I actually feel like this is what you've been up to the past year and that's why we haven't had any new maps. This website is a convenient cover story to hide your true passion in life.
  18. Ok, yeah I think it'll be worth my time. I appreciate films that possess creativity and uniqueness, no matter how "bad" they are. Same with my opinions on most things tbh, especially forge maps. Lol, I feel like I've committed a cardinal sin here. Totally agree. There's some weird, beautiful magic about the sci-fi genre in film making from the mid to late 1900's. Haha, I'm just saying yank shows aren't all that available over here unless they happen to be on netflix. If I can find them, I'll watch 'em. I feel like I've heard of The Alienist, sounds like its right up my ally if its all about psychological trauma/afflictions with horror elements. Tell a lie, I think I've watched one episode of Modern Family when I was 13 or somet, didn't know what to make of it back then, I'll share what I end up making of it when I get round to seeing it. Doubt New Girl is for me but I can always give it a go. I high anticipate it not connecting with our cultural standards over here, a lot of yank show come across as very head strong and... Imma say it... Yeah, I mean yeah, they're all entertaining that's for sure. Pixar's really fallen off imo. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> On a side not: When I visit my grandparents on fridays, I go up to the local charity shop (are those the same things as thrift stores over there?) and they have amazing films sometimes, I usually pick up a few every week. Last week I got Hot Fuzz, The VVitch, The Dark Knight and 28 Days Later all for 50p (0.65 dollars). This week I picked this lot up for 50p each as well (Shawshank was £3, $3.92)
  19. No worries, we all got life stuffs lol. Yeah, I can't say any of those aren't simply really fun films. I've enjoyed plenty that you've listed. 🙂Is dune worth watching? I totally forgot about inner space and The Fifth Element, thanks for reminding me of that gem. I don't think I've ever seen any of those shows except from The Boys (which is one of my faves), but I presume that's cos they're all American. Ok so Dreamworks has got some bloody brilliant films imo. I really like the first two kung fu panda films so much and Madagascar 3 is mental, I love it. 😁 Antz is way better than bugs life too. I also enjoyed a lot of their earlier 2D films like the prince of egypt and el dorado. Chicken run is a UK classic lol.
  20. Damn straight, yeah the fog, escape from new york and in the mouth of madness are all really compelling regardless of their flaws. Haven't seen those two, would you recommend regardless of the mehness?
  21. @Preacher001 Rec and Rec 2 are the best and some of the only well done found footage horror films imo. Yeah, the host is very particular when it comes to conveying its intended effect to begin with. To me, its absurd horror but restrains itself to the point where the absurdity is just on the tip, hitting that sweet "uncanny" spot which leaves you kinda stuck in the limbo "I actually don't know what to really think" sense, to put it super primitively. I mean, on top of that it has very divided plot identities between both characters you follow through the film, so there's not necessarily one overall feeling like in a conventional western horror film like Alien or Halloween, you're instead exploring how two individuals perceive and overcome the same threat which I love. Weirdly enough, kinda like texas chainsaw 2 lol. The depth issue, I can understand tbf. I can see how that would be a fun film, I don't usually enjoy slashers but if it's a bit more complex and absurd, I could get down with that. For sure, I just wish predators actually took the concept and really focused on the psychological elements rather than being a shameless rip off. Well I think what fans of the first two figured was going to be the case, was more like a series of individual films all under the same name with no inherent tie in. That was what would allow complete creative integrity. The worst part of the second film is finding out about the alien invasion to me because the whole point of the film is based on the unknown truths and eventual development of Howard. Put that's a very one sided personal opinion I hold about cliffhangers. Theres plenty of resolutions I like, such as the end of the mist in comparison to the original novel. But what makes that reveal valid is how its earned by the characters' personalities' choices and conflict. A better development for 10 Cloverfield would've been to realise theres nothing wrong and Howard is genuinely insane. Paradox' ending felt like a forced tie "ta dah, we're all related lol". I dunno, it's hard to say in truth, but I was deffo disappointed with the ending of both films. One a more pleasant note, what are some other films you really like that aren't primarily horror?
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