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  1. I thought every weapon should be a utility weapon? @Boyo you should write a Halo short story using your ceiling invasion match as a template, I’d enjoy reading it
  2. I appreciate that, Salty I enjoy your maps a lot, they’re really creative and immersive, you’re a talented builder
  3. yes, I disagree but they are prominent the shooty trigger is usually the most important in shooters re. immediate impact upon enemy players, but the shooty trigger means nothing without input from all the other buttons and knobs unless its on rails so... in Halo? it's usually nades in CoD, it's usually ADS in racing games, it's usually brake doesn't the mapping of any function to any particular button become a moot point with the advent of customizeable input mapping, controllers? and M/KB?
  4. I don’t really mind that, personally, because I never use single shot plasma pistol, but I guess you could treat it like a Banshee, where you can press scope and swap between pellet and overcharge mode instantaneously or just remove the weapon or just remove the pellet and keep it as overcharge only
  5. sort of - the plasma pistol has a single trigger and the mapping of a single button for both regular and charged bolts is exactly how that weapon would function if you were holding it in real life, so it’s super simple for the player to interface
  6. you picked the part of my post where I didn’t disagree with anything you said, could you clarify what it is you think I disagreed with in there?
  7. that depends cuz I can nadejump off spawn without any pickups and that’s technically ‘enhanced’ movement
  8. There’s probably a better way to deal with the Halo Jump arc of death than sticking with the crouch spam but I don’t think it’s aerial acrobatics tied to alt-firing weapons, at least not in a classic Halo multiplayer setting the beauty of Halo is that there aren’t any (Halo 5 excluded) context dependent abilities - every function is mapped and accessible just about 100% of the time, and everyone has the same potential for action If your intent is a spin-off variant of Halo that’s more accurate to squad and species roles, like a OverwatchxHaloxArmaxPlanetsidexBattlefield2242 hybrid, then, ok, I guess, but you’d have to get one of the Halo youtubers on board with that so they can sweet talk their contact at the 343 community engagement office
  9. @Boyo Welcome! Was your fist game Reach? Edit: On reading again, I actually kind of like the idea of repurposing the scope button for weapons that don’t scope. How would you make their secondary use legible?
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