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  1. death imminent, re. Activ.Blizz. lawsuit when does stock selloff begin, and tencent scoop up majority stakeholder position?
  2. What always drew me in to Bungie's Halo environments were the architectural elements. From layout, to scaling, to the use of geometry, there's no real way to imitate it without bringing back the people that developed them in the first place, or dedicating years to the study of 'Bungie Macro Theory'. They are like real things that could really exist and have a 'real' weight to them. A very underrated quality, which is clearly lacking from Waterfall, Edge, and the other 'new' maps for MCCH3, not to mention the 343 Maps as a rule. I'll admit that Bazaar has some of that feeling, but it isn't quite right, being a symm. There really are no such places, for real, objective reasons, and it physically hurts to see one in such high resolution. Turf, Ivory Tower, for comparison. They are not built for humans to inhabit, as Bungie maps were, but rather for humans to... I don't even know edit: built for people to 'use', in the most utilitarian sense of the word, with the most ostentatiously gaudy, round, obtuse, functionless details possible - and totally smooth! Just look at those rock walls at the bottom of livefire
  3. I wouldn't consider the single bridge on the center to be of Prisoner's character, nor the cubbyholes, those are more like H5 Plaza Prisoner's bridges and backroom ramps are nothing like reach-rge balconies, ok, but not really, considering the rest of the map I almost want to say reach-rge has elements of Riptide, too
  4. Reach-Rge strikes me as somewhere between Chill Out and that green citystreet map in H5, with the Thai food stand edit: that’s plaza lol
  5. I must say I have been underwhelmed by 2 out of 3 of the maps, visuals-wise. Layout wise, from what I gather, they are all hybrid 3Lanes with small ‘padded rooms’ where ‘combat moments’ take place... The soft barriers are news to me and, not something I’m particularly keen on.
  6. So apparently there is no more RvB multiplayer, and shields are colored according to your FOF display preference
  7. I like having 10 different voices talking at me at all times God forbid I use my own brain I’ll move these over to Infinite thread, but more observations: cringe dialogue - “over yonder!” ”you’re rather terrifying with that thing” Imagine spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on gigabytes of randomized throwaway dialogue lines where’s the recoil on the skewer firing animation? It’s too loud and forceful not to have an extreme kick Who thought it would be a good idea to take the H5 glitched plasmapistol/BR and give it aggressive midranged tracking? why are so many people getting Steaktaculars? Wtf
  8. I feel like.... I am hungry I think... that giving players the tools to customize their UI to such a degree does reduce the onus on the devs to make a good, fully integrated base UI, which is... not so good. I also think that letting players fix or remove the devs’ simultaneously scattered and cluttered UI is a good thing. Simplicity is the key. Players will always tweak settings if they think their current settings boned them. The only way to stop that is to offer no options at all. Kind of like those Gameloft iOS rips from 2012, or N64 games with fixed cameras.
  9. posted in infinite discussion room Watching, it feels like H5... with strafe accel. and faster needler....
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