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  1. oh my god, I totally forgot to mention this re. reach mouse and key aiming - it is completely impossible to drive vehicles other than the wraith with mouse and keys. Impossible. Terrible. Awful. Just use a 360 usb controller, it will save you a lot of stress.
  2. kinda Forerunner rocket room is bracketed by the two gently curved hallways connected by tele, and which open up onto the exterior 'landing pad' to serve as the third edge of the triangle. That shape is pretty similar to what you have in the left side of that sketch. Moondance has the curved hallway with the chandeliers up top.
  3. His Forerunner map uses the same fidget-spinner layout motif, same gently curved mega lanes as well, which can also be found on Moondance. @Westin your hand is showing 😛
  4. Yeah, and the way they did that was by making the Covenant less human and more feral/convicted. Check back on those Vidocs to see how they decided to take English away from the Elites and Brutes.
  5. There was no crashland or mysterious planet in Reach. The closest thing to that is the forerunner artifact Halsey is researching, and that only factors in for a level or two.
  6. Can corroborate accounts of dogshit mouse aiming in Reach I also need to finish that review...
  7. I never made a joke, the lifted cube reminded me of the halo 5 weapon pad waypoint emblem. The emblem shows a “pad” with two V arrows underneath it, pointing downwards, creating a triplicate motif to emphasize the importance of the location. It doesn’t represent ordinance in any way other than its importance as an objective on the field. That said, since level design is associated with cartography, why not try a logo with just the three cardinal axes stylized as a compass, either within the cube or without the cube?
  8. Reminds me of the weapon pad waypoint in h5, I had the thought but never sat down and made it! Very cool
  9. I like the nga one a lot too, it could look very nice as a stencil on something like an anvil, or a hammer, or an unreal material sphere... The only comment I have is that the two lower arrows are stretched to the edge of the N and D, which kind of creates an imbalance in the visual weight. Am I the only one with that problem? Let me know, if so //
  10. I think he’s saying you have a well organized mind :^)
  11. Adidas logo still looks a little bit like a shoe @MultiLockOn, so they’ve got good identity and form there - but you’re right re. abstract stuff. I’d much rather see the arrows on something referencing x;y;z axis markers, but that cube still doesn’t represent the building or the growth inherent in the name. My previous sketches attempt that with a takeoff from an anvil’s head, and try to structure the anvil itself in a way that conveys motion upwards and forwards. Those are the ones on the orange background, for reference edit: @no god anywhere yes re. arrows, I dig
  12. Why would they delete this? It's basically real, the embassy mission was Zero Dark Thirty, and there was a raid a couple weeks ago with night vision goggles to kill the dude who took over for bin Laden. Is Reddit owned by China now?
  13. Funny you say that, I just watched all the main enemy deaths from the last 10 CoDs, and they all involve a quicktime knife or a revolver, and sometimes even a jumpy "oh no it didn't work!" moment. Talk about repetitive - even James Bond movies weren't that repetitive or frequent. Like, sure, every one of them had Bond lock himself in somewhere with the girl, but at least the villain deaths were varied - Moonraker had the little end tags, too. It was FUN, not murder murder, murder, blood, intense pain...