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  1. @Soldat Du Christ You have to pay for everything except Blender. You can get student or studio prices for most programs though. I know 3DS is part of the Autodesk suite, so they definitely have student/professional rates. I think they also have a 30 (+?) day trial. Maya, I don’t know - but Epic is now offering in-engine geo editing and modeling with UnReal. Just depends how much you want to give away to the GYNAH, really.
  2. For a guy who has described himself as illiterate that’s some pretty good writing 😉 Only thing I can add is that, from my nosing through spoilers and grilling friends with PS4s, I have determined the overarching goal for the treatment of that theme in the game is to show that: moral, epistemological subjectivity are the result of a ‘soft metaphysical subjectivity’ (“Have y’all heard of me or something?”) and that when everyone is their own hero everyone loses - especially you. Packaged in there is the conclusion that “you can only know what it’s like if you have lived experience”, conversation, amends, revenge, whatever is useless - existence is loneliness, victimhood at the hands of reality and of other people, and that knowledge and integrity are impossible. Not a great theme. Not a great use of established characters. Not a great use of players’ time. “Overstayed it’s welcome” is something I’ve heard a lot of.
  3. This is the tamest, non-spoiler review I could find for TLOU:PII. Has anyone played it yet, or do none of us own any Sony Hardware? If you’ve played it, how would you review the game?
  4. 5, because you scaled it for classic Halo and have the option of adding a piece of cover/jumpcrate to the center of the lowest floor. 3, because there’s no corners to camp. But the shape is odd, to say the least.