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  1. Hello there NLD! Recently I ended up graduating from my University. In my last semester there I took an Independent Study on Level Design with my professor. Working off of Chris Totten's "An Architectural Approach to Level Design" I ended up building the project I have linked at the end of this post. Through the course of the semester I've worked on the levels within the project, making them once a week, with some semester scheduling and events delaying them. Each level is based upon one chapter from the book, attempting to execute upon one of the ideas in that chapter. I'm hoping that I can get some feedback on this project, I've worked a while on it but I've definitely run into a few hurdles. The main issue I ran into building this is that many of the principles with my text were based around showcasing the mechanics of the game you would be designing for. This being a semester project among many credit hours and starting from a base Unity project there was the issue of a lack of mechanics to inform the structure of many of these level snippets. I did what I could however! Thanks for reading and I'd love for any feedback at all! Project link here: https://izzybennettdev.itch.io/an-exploration-of-spaces Photos attached are screen shots of some of the more aesthetic levels.
  2. Hello all! It's day 7 of October so it's time to try and catch up. If you want to play the entry for Day 4 in Unreal here's the project link on Itch: https://izzybennettdev.itch.io/freeze-hungry The prompt for day 4 was "Freeze_Hungry" which was really difficult. The idea of Freeze evokes ice levels in games and empty spaces, which is intriguing enough. However, Hungry calls up more mechanical ideas, hunger bars and timers. Seeing I was more strapped for time I struggled with coming up with solid ideas. After some fruitless brainstorming I ended up designing an open level that I imagine would be the opener for a horror game. Horror game level design is something that really interests me because it is a broad range from arranged, narrow design, to wide open spaces that give you space to run. Open level design for horror often fails in games because it fails to guide the player through the space. For this entry I tried to guide the player by creating light posts that pierce through the fog. With how the fog the lays over the level the far geometry is obscured from view, making players have to explore to see more of the level instead of being able to read it immediately. By adding the lights in the fog I can give the player distant landmarks to try and use as goalposts. Because of how the settings for fog are in Unreal I was able to use the Theme park method of guiding by player towards the "end" of the level by putting a giant mountain in the level. Hopefully people like it!
  3. Hi there all! College strikes me with a deluge of homework and assignments to do, so unfortunately my progress these past few days has been slow. However, on this late Sunday (Early Monday) I have two of my #Blocktober posts ready. I'll be catching up again soon, though I'm learning a lesson. Some of these challenges will be difficult, and I've been trying to do a lot with each of my attempts for the day. The point of something like this for me is to break my writers block and get up to make something, trying to set the standards so high made me freeze (pun intended) on the Day 4 prompt. Going forward not all of these will be in Unreal, I may spend a lot of time on paper if I my work level becomes too bad. Moving on let's talk about the Day 3 entry! If you want to play the Unreal project you can get it on Itch: https://izzybennettdev.itch.io/bait-collect The prompt was "Bait and Collect" for the 3rd of October. My mind instantly went to Indiana Jones type adventures, how there are a myriad of traps and surprises that Indy or others have to overcome. If I had more time with this project I would have 100% built an intense ruin with traps and exploration geared nooks and crannies. The level itself is modeled after the general idea of having a trapped idol in a ruin. Initially I wanted to have there be more traps scattered through the level, but time ran away from me. The primary thing I realized I wanted to do was have there be an endless loop of collecting and getting trapped. I'm honestly not sure where it came from, but it just happened to be the way the level grew when I drew it out. I ran into a little too much technical difficulties than I should have with lighting, but that's just my newness to the Geometry Mode in Unreal. Hopefully people enjoy, screencaps and paper outline below.
  4. Good morning all! On Day 3! I'm not going to make this a habit, but technical difficulties learning stuff delayed my project slightly. I did finish Day 2 on the 2nd, I'm just not uploading or creating on the calendar day of, which is fine! I built this day's level in Unreal, link to the Itch page here: https://izzybennettdev.itch.io/mindless-noise Today's prompt was "Mindless, Noise" which was radically difficult to try and twist into a level. Initially I was thinking I would do a painterly mess of meshes and geometry, which would probably have ended up being formless and cool, but didn't sit right. I'm honestly not sure what pinged it off but I came around to the idea of making a nature themed level. Spaces that have nature within their design often have foley that fills the space of a forest, and nature spaces have a very empty and formless feeling to them. Eventually I want to be good at creating spaces for relaxing people and make a video game feel like home. With that in mind I tried to create a grove area that would be relaxing to a player. Hopefully it helps relax someone, the Foley I found for the project was very good. Link to the Foley I ended up using here: https://freesound.org/people/Cell31_Sound_Productions/sounds/378101/ If anyone has resources on how to create spaces in games to relax people let me know, I'd be very interested in studying techniques there. I hope people enjoy! Talk to you tomorrow most likely, or later tonight! Edit: I should note this was my first time working with the foliage tool, powerful stuff. That was part of the reason this took so long.
  5. Time For the Blocktober Day 1 Post! On the second of October. One of the things I'm doing with Blocktober is building my level in various engines or level design programs, or even just paper prototype a level to an n-th degree. For the first day of Blocktober I wanted to build my level in Unreal. The level is done! It's available at https://izzybennettdev.itch.io/fast-ring I like how it turned out overall! When I went to post it however I tried to build it for HTML5, to post it on Itch. Cue waiting on my computer to crash and finish building for 2 hours. So, not able to post my project on the calendar day of. The level itself was "Ring, Fast" which I ended up taking literally by making a circular level. As I thought about it more and more I realized it would be interesting if the level itself was a cycle. There's no end point to the level per-say. You never get ejected, you just keep playing. After a point I realized I wanted the level to represent stress, which I visualized in four areas: A slow buildup A quagmire of difficulty and ramping confusion A maze of confusion as stress reaches it a crescendo A breakaway as we beat stress and the task causing stress Hopefully that comes across well! Time to move on to day two!
  6. Hi there NextLevelDesign! I've not made a post before on this forum but I'm pretty excited to be participating. Blocktober is here but I want to bring my own interpretation of the month! Originally Blocktober was created to showcase graybox levels from various games, which gives all of us some fantastic insight into how things are done at other studios, or in my case, the industry. That Blocktober version doesn't do what the original Inktober does: get someone making! What I want to do for Blocktober is to get my creative engine running and use this month to get motivated! What I'm wanting to try and create is a Blocktober interpretation where, following prompts like Inktober's, a designer creates a very loose version of the prompt within the span of a day. Either on paper or in an engine, using whatever materials are available. For me as a student who wants to do Level Design as a full time job, I want to get myself thinking about Level Design more overall. Before setting out on this challenge I dug around for some prompt lists and eventually came around to the official Inktober prompts. I didn't like some of the descriptors so I've listed the 2019 and 2018 lists together, which has some interesting prompt ideas. Google doc link: Blocktober Level Design Challenge Let me know what you all think! I'm hoping this inspires more people than just me!
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