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  1. 10 game design videos from riot games YouTube https://youtu.be/RqRoXLLwJ8g https://youtu.be/FqX-UMVTLHI https://youtu.be/PfpE5dNTWeI https://youtu.be/37LVhP15zGw https://youtu.be/kr7XYXMM7-U https://youtu.be/VmNUAX2V8JQ https://youtu.be/KcorIwJscFA https://youtu.be/sc3h5JXtIzw https://youtu.be/yYYtBFSxoCg
  2. ECLIPSES 2v2 This is my current project for the forge hub 2v2 competition. Eclipses 2v2 work in progress. Feedback welcome.
  3. This is a great site for inspiration. It’s a custom level design site for quake mods. The site has a random button to search the user database so every time you search content it shows a new map. It’s an interesting place to find themes and blockout concepts when level design was at more of a fundamental time given the constraints of the modding tools. Checkout the picture attached to see the command button for randomized map content. Lvlworld
  4. This polygon academy talk highlights some interesting content of the creative process of asset creations, texturing, and lighting. Polygon academy design talk: the art process.
  5. No problem, I need a place to keep track of design content, I find my self spending a lot of time finding videos that are obscure or out of the algorithms. Hopefully this is something I can form into my creative contribution to the site. These people are new to me but I’m digging the concept of designing out sections of maps and play testing vs blockout the entire top down layout. Scaling is my biggest challenge right now so this may help get that under control. We will see...
  6. “Level Design Currency in the form of digital information.” Lvl design scaling and best practices. Web reference for custom quake maps! Lvlworld Subtractive Game Design Subtractive Level Design My current map project. ECLIPSES 2v2 Making of Golden Eye N64 Golden Eye N64
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