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  1. That's one of the reasons that I had at some point started reforging it. The issue with the reforge was that I was all caught up in the angles again. I obsess over those angles when I explore that map to where it's almost comforting. I agree with what Multi had said back when I had finished the og version: too much of the map looks too much the same. Most of the time players don't see the destroyed covenant vehicles on the dunes above or the death pit below (the cause of most deaths on the map, whoops!). If I were to pursue it again, I would have quite a bit of work on my hands in making it a more fun rather than nauseating experience.
  2. It's because of Halo's ridiculously low FOV 😤 It's literally designed for around having 105° or more. big oof on my part
  3. A design could also completely miss the mark by being simple to design yet hard to understand by anyone because the design process was completely arbitrary and inspired by something other than gameplay. A design that comes to mind is Dodecahedron. I literally just too a shape and placed it as every face of the central geometric structure with no rhyme or reason and created pathing based upon what I was then forced to work with. There's definitely depth to the map, but it's not what Halo 5 itself allows to exist peacefully. It's disorienting if it's not played for at least 10 minutes a day, requires quick flicks of aim to properly position themselves, and needs to be played over and over and over again to even understand how it's meant to be played. It's neither designed for the player nor other designers. It's designed for someone who's obsessed with the odd and wonky. It's literally appreciated by only me, myself, and I. Remember, guys: the most successful maps are a compromise, especially in Halo, but, like, that compromise is just remaking an older map and saying it plays Husky Raid or Grifball or something.
  4. I bet you that I could dedicate 3 hours a day to that game, even with my current hours at work, and it'll be completely ready for testing by the end of May
  5. Yeah, but I'm also hoping that this temporary UBI happens so that I can cut my hours significantly. This is the perfect time for us digital creatives to get to work on projects that we've told ourselves that we don't have the time for. I can get back to learning Japanese, Korean, and Swedish while getting better at coding in Unreal 4 and further developing the worldbuilding in that 2v2 game I had posted about earlier. I actually paid someone to pick up my shift today because of frustrated I've been with not having enough energy to further my creative abilities while all of my close friends are drawing, writing, and recording to their heart's content. Finally a whole day that I can dedicate to my passions of which I have far to many to fully develop!
  6. Haha not for delivery drivers 🙃 still working 50+ hours throughout the contagion
  7. Halo feels like that one friend that one would keep in contact with to experience those good ol' times again, but, when you meet up with them years later, they haven't really grown up and learned the lessons they should have. At this point it's healthier to move on respectfully and hope that they finally do grow up and realize who they are, what they want to be, and make the proper change to become it. As of the past year or so I have distanced myself from the franchise more and more by the month. The main game that has occupied much of that time is Killing Floor 2, but the game doesn't have deep enough gameplay for me to want to make maps and mods for it, thus not warranting more investment in. Plus, most players just do their daily and weekly challenges then play on the modded bridge and XP grind maps to level up instead of playing the game how it was intended. Tbh it's such a shame because there is potential in making more dedicated co-op maps, but, instead, they dumb down the game even further. Now it's just a "guns feel good" kind of game. Another game that has occupied my consciousness quite a damn bit is Forza: Horizon 4; if only the PC version had mod tools so that I could test out my track design. There's plenty of other PC racing simulators that have mod tools, but none of them feel as good as Forza, especially not as good as Gran Turismo, but maybe I should deal with that wonkiness for the sake of experience. Imagine working for Polyphony Digital in Kyushu or Tokyo, or for Playground Games in Leamington Spa in the United Kingdom! Both companies have open, collaborative work spaces that look very appealing to me. The other notable game that has had my attention for some time is Slay the Spire. The new character is broken, but at least the game is one of the most balanced and fair rogue-likes that I have played to this date: player skill and decision making determines success, even when RNGsus isn't on your side. To be honest, Slay the Spire is the game that convinced me that Rogue-likes are a doable genre without completely screwing the player over because of a bullshit mechanic. Ultimately I'm ready to move on from a franchise that has been in critical care since 2011, and I'm actually happy that I've grown past it and moved on to greener pastures. I've learned what works for the Halo and why that is the case, so now the objective is to learn the pros and cons of other games' design choices to further know what types of games I want to develop, whether in an existing genre, a mix of a couple different genres, or a completely new genre that hasn't been explored before. Somewhat unrelated to the topics above, a couple of staff members of this site, namely @icyhotspartin, @a Chunk, and myself had come up with the idea of developing a game with this site in mind; a direct representation of our current design philosophies, what kinds of games that we want to see put out in the world, and a critique and interpretation of modern gaming and design as a whole. I had presented the idea within the staff discord channel (I believe that this was back in November or even October of last year) and had started brainstorming ideas with icy almost immediately. What we had decided would be the best game to develop with what would most likely be a skeleton crew was a 2v2 arena shooter along the lines of Halo's and Quake's original design principles (original, I know) and incorporate some more modern aspects that seemed to emphasize skill and precision. This led to an idea of a more sci-fi take on the Thunderdome: large, bio-dome-esc coliseums holding potentially dynamic arenas set in a post-apocalyptic global winter, all in front of a massive crowd of spectators. It's meant to feel more like a bloodsport than a training exercise or some other flimsy excuse for a deathmatch mode (would be a great excuse for in-game bracket tourneys). The only questionable ideas were to include some toned down movement abilities that resemble some of the recent enhanced mobility trends (sliding when moving at least a certain speed, wall hopping, and maybe swimming) and arenas with significant amounts of dynamically changing geometry. The sandbox has some interesting ideas such as a radioactive projectile weapon that fired 2 to 6 arched projectiles in semi-auto or a lobbed bubble of radioactive fluids that would essentially act like a toned down incendiary bomb, and a railgun that could be destabilized to send out a short range EMP blast that would knock out the shields of all players within a radius around the user, including themselves. We even had some concept art dreamed up by icy for it, but unfortunately the whole project has been in limbo since January. I have somewhat distanced myself from this site ever since; I don't even know why, it just happened. I can make excuses for not working on the project like starting to work 50-hour work weeks, but I ultimately still have plenty of time to invest in having the game reach a presentable state for maybe a kickstarter or publisher backing. Most of the time that I have to myself is spent playing mindless games or watching meaningless YouTube content on games that I don't even play. I may make the excuse of working on the card game that I had shown off in the November design challenge, but that project has been ready for art and graphics since December where the packaging has already been planned, and I haven't put more than maybe ten hours of effort into making the graphic design templates and contacting any artist to see who would be interested in the project. There's a lot of stuff that I've set up as potential career paths for myself, but now is the time to execute. What seems to be blocking me is a general lack of drive. This post is a request for advice on the matter: should we go through with the 2v2 FPS project, recommendations on how to revitalize my drive, or anything else that y'all can think of would be appreciated.
  8. The issue with Plunder is that fighting other squads would end up playing as a cycle of revenge: kill most of a squad, one survives long enough to have their squad mates respawn on them, they kill all but one of your squad, respawn back onto your squad mate, repeat until one squad has $1,000,000. It doesn't help that it's literally impossible to lock down a money drop location for longer than at most a few seconds. What would really help the mode would be an increase in max squad size to either 4 or 5 players and increase respawn timers to 30 seconds so that it'd be easier to melt individual players and maybe even a whole squad with at least a few seconds to spare before any of them respawn. The increased squad size would also make it easier to secure money drops/deposits. The other change that would need to be implemented for this to work is halved money rewards across the board so that games don't just end in 10 minutes.
  9. Wait, are you saying that you should actually be good at the core game? I don't think that the warzone youtubers would like that very much.
  10. There's only 5 different enemy types with larger variants of two of them (https://gtfo.gamepedia.com/Enemies), but variety isn't necessarily needed. They're effective in their role as a potent obstacle that requires precaution and cooperation to take out without alerting the horde. All decisions have to be deliberate in order to not waste resources of which are as scarce as any good horror game, so staying out of combat is best for your survival. The approach to the enemy designs feel similar to the first two resident evil games: around 2 common enemy types, 2 uncommon, and 1-2 bosses that all different ways of being dealt with. The common types are strikers and chargers: simple melee enemies that can be taken out silently with the charger being somewhat more difficult to both spot and deal with in combat. The uncommon types are shooters and scouts, shooters essentially acting like tankier, ranged versions of strikers that somehow launch projectiles, and the scouts stop moving periodically to spread out a massive radius of tentacles that near immediately alert the horde upon contact. The bigger baddies are literally just big strikers and big shooters; they're literally just massive, slow, and tanky versions of the base enemy types. Then there are the shadows; I haven't encountered shadows yet, so I can't really say much about them other than that they can only be seen with flashlights, so they should be quite a nuisance. The main objective of each mission is unique and mainly corresponds to either rebooting something, collecting specific items, or some other auxiliary task. Players can access terminals within the environment and input codes into them to either quarry about a specific item, area, or other logged part of the environment to gather information. Much of the commands are inputted like a simple console program. Essentially the game plays out like Alien if they knew about the alien from the start. It's genuinely a hard game to play, especially if everyone wants to play it like it's just Left4Dead or some shit like that. If you and three other friends can get together and take the premise seriously then it's easily one of the most terrifying and immersive horror experiences I've ever had.
  11. GTFO is one of the most amazing coop experiences I've ever had. Literally every enemy poses a sizable threat that requires precision and cooperation to properly take out. All the systems that are present are needed to successfully and efficiently complete objectives, and that efficiency is encouraged through how tense and resource intensive combat is. Killing Floor 1/2, Left4dead 1/2, and any other creature killing coop games pale in comparison. Does anyone know of any super fun co-op shooters that focus on non-zombie-like enemies? All I can think of is Payday 2, and none of my friends play that anymore.
  12. What 3d modelling program should I use? I've been using 3ds max 2016 through a student license, but doing some research suggests switching to blender. I assume that this would be a good decision for the long run because of it being free, and it's not impossible software to learn, so I feel that I should make the switch. Any thoughts?
  13. Japan has some damn good music! Unchain, Kirinji, and Casiopea are some of the bands that I've been listening to frequently over the past few years. Did you know that T-Square created the original Gran Turismo theme? Great stuff. Also, sickest bass solo of the 70's easily.
  14. Ends up I haven't done anything with my existing 3d models since early 2018! Maybe it's time I changed that.
  15. It's kinda funny that designing for CS:GO is infinitely more fun to design for than any of the Halos. It's just as toxic of a community if not worse than that of Halo, but the fact that there's only one life takes away the anger of respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die in quick succession. I might get into designing for that game because it at least is more fun to see a successful bombsite take than any Halo flag run.