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  1. Y'all are rarded. The clearly superior mode to design for is Ricochet Fiesta, and Squally has that mode on lockdown
  2. Let's talk about pizza! What's y'all's favorite pizza? Mine's from this place in north Dallas county called "Brooklyn's" that has this absurd meat pie. 18 inches at its diameter, 2 inches thick, and filled to the brim with assorted meats and a ton of cheese, all topped with a basket weave. I buy one and the whole pie lasts me a month! I'm not even kidding! Their regular pies are also to die for, but that's because they're delicious and not a literal heart attack per slice. If any of y'all ever come over to the DFW metroplex, I'll get you a slice.
  3. Why do so many people always have to have a dick measuring contest with Multi/Xan? Just because they're really proud of their work doesn't mean y'all gotta act like it's the end of the world. If they are the best designers among us, why does it matter for you? Just hone in your craft and make yourself better rather than bringing who you see as your competition down. Don't drag others down, don't prop each other up, just be honest to each other and yourselves and have a fucking ego death, oh my fuck! I won't lie and say that I don't have an ego. I probably have one of the worst ones (if it's not obvious, it's because I mostly keep it to myself), but stop with this unnecessary drama. Who cares what they like? I understand that their tone can be interpreted as cynical, but just brush it off! Multi/Xan could be being egotistical or not, I don't know, I never really talk to anyone in party chat, but why can't y'all just brush it off like adults? Is it just because almost all of us are under 30 and still looking for purpose in this world? I know that some of y'all are religious and all, so maybe that's already covered, but, that dang ol' ego, y'all could just be masking it with religious 'peace at heart.' I don't know. Fuck it, I'm not rereading this to check for errors. Have a go.
  4. I understand what you mean with CTF having players better utilize the key. I saw the same thing with my map Contagion: actively timing that the safest/quickest route is available was often times the winning factor in a CTF match. It can also be extremely powerful for Roaming King, that is if there's enough scripts for the both of them to work in tandem and if they don't start breaking immediately. What I would do instead of having green hall completely shut off is make the normal route to it a bit longer and have a door that greatly decreases the travel time to green hall. The only problem with this is I have no idea what the best strategy is to make that happen without greatly changing that section of the map.
  5. Huh, I always considered the bottom two lanes as one. My bad, my Reach Kid syndrome was kicking in. What I was talking about is that a flaw like green hall being the only viable flag route is a problem with design that the designers deliberately put in, and slapping a key mechanic onto it won't really address the issue but side step it entirely. Also, how would the key open green hall? Like the existing mechanic in H5 only when in proximity? Or for a certain duration? I need more context for what you are trying to do with this idea.
  6. I'd say that this is a terrible example because that's using a key to fix a flaw in the map design. Unlike most pick-ups, not designing around a key means that adding one just limits everyone else to two lanes in the case of The Pit, and people are already complaining about how they think the key inherently limits any non-key holder's options. An idea for how a key could function is a 'cartographer' key that simultaneously toggles opens the door that they approach and closes another door on the map based off of a queue of opened doors. It's a bit more BIG BRAIN than necessary, but it sort of leaves a trail of open doors to track the cartographer, thus punishing non-creative movement patterns.
  7. I really want targets to be able to detect what damage type is hitting them so that a specific type has to be used to activate the script. Plasma or electric weapons used to disrupt generators that power ventilation in an area that causes said area to almost instantly kill players who traverse it, or a weapon can function just like the Arc Tool from Titanfall 2's mission "The Beacon" activating platforms, bridges, or anything else. This could be an interesting way to make a 'key' work. Place a weapon that's almost useless at damaging players and have it be used as the key on the map. Plus, having a ranged key means that the activation point can be designed to allow for more team play variety. Just an idea I wanted to throw out there.
  8. I'm guessing that this is only up to the first checkpoint? Payload maps have three separate routes in each map file, right? I haven't played TF2 in so long, I should boot it up for some good ol' jarate snipin' and Saxton Hale murderin'!
  9. Maybe have a target activate the teleporter, having it be active for 5-10 seconds with a scripted sound that all players can hear, then have it lockdown for about a minute before it can be activated again? The target could be out of the way of the teleporter itself so that communication is required to use it effectively. The intro can have a demonstration of the mechanic in the intro that shows the target being activated then showing the teleporter or associated entry activate in the next cut of the camera. Also, I'd recommend having the scripts check a power state that's turned on/off with the match or round timer so that the teleporter can be locked off until any time in the match/round that you'd like. I can do the scripting sometime after Friday if you'd like.
  10. Now you know why so many big name CS:GO level designers only have around 4 maps over the last ten years. The reason I had asked about y'all's thoughts wasn't to save a fractured ego or anything. I'm just over here in my own little world with little tidbits of communication floating in the in-between from time to time, so I never get to actually talk to y'all in any party chats or anything. Part of the motivation behind the question is that I'm planning on applying to around 6 different studios across the US (can't really move to Europe/Japan due to internationally imposed travel bans atm) and wanted to boost my confidence in deciding if I should dedicate myself to the NLD Game or go ahead and apply for those positions. I'll update y'all about the game later because I'm gonna go take a 12 hour nap. GG