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  1. Huh, I just had a dream where I actually get something done. I must have COVID because I'd have to have a FEVER to be dreaming THAT. Haha, gotteem!
  2. I have an uncomfortably thorough knowledge of the geometry of a dodecahedron, so I'm sure I can slap something together
  3. Should I make dodecahedron in Diabotical and call is Dodecabotical? Imagine how pissed off people would be trying to figure out the layout lmao
  4. If any of you want to make design articles/docs/anything, I think that this forum should feature or officially publish them. Of course I'd like a vetting process, but only really to check if anything absurd that would make this forum to be considered a cult or terrorist organization by the FBI/CIA/CTU or whatever lol. The only person I can think of on this forum that would make that happen is Salty, but that's ok! What's a great life and a great brand without a little spice? Also, the new Splitgate gamemode is just convoluted Extermination lmao. Kills shorten your respawn timer while deaths lengthen it, the latter being more impactful to the timer. The portals are still annoying as fuuuuuuck, but at least it's not Halo 5 lmao.
  5. Here's some shitty layout drawings of de_kerosene that don't really show enough about sightlines. There's major scaling issues, but it shows the idea of how I want engagements to happen and gives a sense of pacing. Firstly, I should describe how this map functions. All grey areas one the image itself are playable areas, and all repeated lines represent elevation changes: the more uniform sets are stairs or ramps and the curvy sets are earth or other loose materials. White shapes aside from spawn areas are props such as barrels, wooden boards, and crates with the longer shape at B being a large pipe. The lower right portion of the map is like a mid that should only take 5 seconds to get to for each team and acts like the terrorists' junction between both bombsites' routes. It's close proximity to both teams' spawns encourages the CTs to apply pressure early in the round to essentially force a B site push. Essentially this makes the early part of the round far more fast paced than on other maps and allows teams to more quickly identify which strategy the enemy team will use that round. I've got almost no experience with Hammer, so any suggestions on what tutorials to use to best learn it would be very helpful! Quick sketches of intended layout:
  6. That's how my defuse map de_standard is going to work: show that I understand what appeals and meshes with the series' current meta while introducing other ideas. It's bombsites are vertically stacked, and there's an incredibly quick rotate from A (top) to B (bottom) that requires knowledge of the surfing mechanic to properly accomplish the rotate. It doesn't help that it's out in the open, too, so it definitely requires set up, but it's only a small aspect of the map as a whole. BTW the theme is a Standard Oil kerosene plant with the site A being the main production control and site B being the main pipeline. The shape of the map might be a tad bit awkward, but that's not a problem as of now. I'll sketch up an image of the layout after I finish my midterms. Edit: I realize that Standard Oil seized operations in 1911, the name is only temporary lol
  7. Was it Mapcore that you were testing with? I know that they don't necessary have to play your map, but do they really think that it's absolutely shit from the beginning? Just because they didn't like the direction of the level design? Is that what's going on?
  8. counter-strike is major boomer shit, so they're unwilling to try anything because it's NoT LIkE oThER maPS in CS:gO I see the potential of the map, and I wish that Modern Warfare had mod tools because MW2019's SnD is the best in the series imo. Victorian literally looks like it would play like an MW map in SnD lol
  9. The difference between a concert and a jukebox is that one is a core aspect of an experience while the other is an ambient aspect of an experience. Also, like, it's stupid to not do the job you were hired for when it doesn't bring bodily nor moral harm upon you.
  10. I did NOT think that the Sandstorm SDK would be about twice the size as the actual game. Time to clear up some more space 🙃
  11. The real question for myself is whether I should go for this competition, the Insurgency: Sandstorm competition or both.
  12. I see why they didn't like it. Your map Victorian feels as if the intended way of playing it is to separate and cover as much of the map as possible to set up crossfires AS A WHOLE MAP instead of a single lane, maybe few that smoked mid for B connector or whatever. Most CS:GO pushes do not include more than one or two angles of attack unless some crazy dude flanks the whole map because absolutely no one else went to the 'less optimal' side of the map. I'd definitely like to play is some time in the near future.
  13. Is anyone here going to submit a map for that Insurgency: Sandstorm mapping contest? I just bought the game and downloaded the SDK.
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