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  1. I doubt that there will ever be a map editor. Knowing Bungie there'll be a level/loot glitch that allows day 1 max level or some bullshit like that lmao
  2. The main problem is that the barrier on the inside of the turn will still need to be there, and there are regulations on the slope of the run off (12.5° for gravel, noticeably less for other surfaces). I originally thought about having the runoff above the track out of turn 7, but the barrier problem still made it feel more like a stubborn fix than just a creative one. With the idea that I presented, you can still take the corner fast with a good line, but now their's some leeway to have the approach pitched either up or down. Additionally, using the new turn to overtake will force both drivers to take far slower lines, so it emphasizes making the pass happen around turn 5 or being patient on the throttle to wait until turn 7. Basically, this change keeps my intended design around sector 1 to encourage the driver to be precise and make opportunity happen while punishing reckless attempts at overtaking. Oh, dear god, why are you using pro-boolean!? You probably have so many overlapping vertices and faces that you could make baklava out of it.
  3. Already found a major problem with the circuit. Can you spot it? It's pretty dangerous. Turn 6 is pretty fucked as of now. Here's a demonstration of what happens if you lose control on the latter half: Yeah, there's plenty more work to do before I can work on visuals lol
  4. Has anyone even made a BTB map at a motorsport circuit? Why hasn't anyone made a BTB map at a motorsport circuit? Is it the damn object count/framerate?
  5. Got bored, so I started imitating the F1 website's circuit infographics. All that's needed are the extra text boxes that indicate DRS Detection Zones and Speed Traps. I seriously wish that there were any popular racing sims with built-in track creation tools so that I could quickly test the layout. Here's an infographic for Sazuka: Here's the infographic that I am working on for a fictional circuit: I'm thinking of having the two DRS Detection Zones being between turns 9 & 10 and turns 19 & 20, but I have no idea where I should place the Speed Trap.
  6. You can press the ' . ' key to center the viewport on the object. Alternatively, you can select the object and move it to the origin, especially useful on gun/player models. Are you using update 2.8?
  7. Don't make me hook up my Xbone again Unrelated, but why is blender easier to use than 3DS Max? Why haven't I switched over before? Ugh.
  8. I would absolutely hate making picatinny rail ridges on my gun models if I couldn't use instancing and the difference modifier. It's kinda funny that the team behind blender figured out a stable way to cut objects quicker than Autodesk lol
  9. @icyhotspartin and I are starting work on a game jam submission. If you want to see if the three of us can work together, we'd welcome you to the team in a heart beat. Most of our ideas are 2D or oriented for non-combat gameplay, though, so keep that in mind.
  10. Basically anyone who participates in the Game Jam makes a game from scratch and submits it all within the designated timeframe. Here's all of the Game Jams that I'm going to participate in: https://itch.io/jam/mylittleroguelike1 https://itch.io/jam/i-cant-draw-but-want-to-make-a-game-again https://itch.io/jam/june-sub-genre-jam https://itch.io/jam/gmtk-2020
  11. Has anyone here participated in a Game Jam before? I'm gonna be participating in three this month and maybe another next month before the GMTK Jam in July. Does anyone want to join up for one or two of them? I have some experience with Unreal 4, 3DS Max, and Photoshop.
  12. Finally got around to playing Doom Eternal, just made it through Nekravol. The only thing that I dislike about the game so far is how specific of a strategy that the devs stranglehold you into using against the Marauder. You can fire explosives at the ground next to his shield to defeat him if you have plenty of time to waste, but the strategy of countering his attacks is by far easier. I just think that it's awkward having a counter-attack centric opponent where the attack window is indicated by a minor color change when the chainsaw, something essential to your survival, spews our a technicolor rainbow of ammo. Maybe it's the same logic as the Lost Souls, but having literally every direct shot blocked even though the enemy didn't have their shield up until the damn instant I fire with a hitscan weapon screamed bullshit to me. The only reason that I found out about how to counter them is from the damn tutorials on the loading screen. They reeeeeeeaaally leaned too far in on using tutorials.
  13. Yeah, but our community goes through donuts quicker than the twin peaks police department investigating the murder of Laura Palmer.