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  1. It is actually how I play in general. I only use the lock for camera corrections because I play max sense in it. But I play to roll through everything and 180 strike people with clubs. Also it is incredibly useful in pvp because you can essentially bait people into thinking it is clear to attack you just for you to aim at them in the last second and pancake their ass.
  2. Manus is one of the funnest fights in Dark Souls chunk. Enjoy Dark Souls 2 is the only Dark Souls game that actually gives you unique items in ng+ and it will have different items for each ng+ you do. Some stores even start carrying things that are difficult to get in the first playthrough. There are items you can use at bonfires to do this for individual areas.
  3. Here is a goofy little way of describing the difference between 2v2 and BTB. 2v2 is a simple 1-2 page poem. BTB is an epic poem. @Westin I will describe the ratio difference between 2v2 and btb. I'll use the the golden ratio to make it simpler to understand. Say 2v2 is 1, 1, 2, 3 Btb is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34. Basically, the micro remains unchanged for the smaller scale encounter but it is expanded upon to a greater degree in btb. Most btb maps suffer from what salty say's because they are not properly expanding upon the micro and they just inflate the 1,1,2,3 in size. Hope that makes sense. Made this really quick.
  4. I would just suicide run the catacombs first thing most of the time. Boss is pretty easy just avoid getting one shot by shit on your way down and your good. But I would typically grab the zwei and what ever the other items that are there and proceed to die in the poison at blight town over and over again until I collect the item souls. Sometimes if I was feeling really frisky I would take a crack at the hollow because I enjoy looking at ash lake.
  5. I prefer the zweihander to the claymore. I don't think it's better but it is really easy to get right away. So when you go to replay there is a pretty hilarious way to get level 20+ quickly. So you choose the master key ofc but after you get to firelink you go straight to blightown and collect all the item souls there. Do this for a couple of other places right off of firelink and grab the zweihander while you are at it. Once you do this shit you can coast through most of the game.
  6. The only thing hard about seethe is actually cutting his tail off. And yeah miyazaki has gotten better at presenting necessary deaths as part of the story in a clearer way.
  7. Stimulants are fairly important in pagan practices considering they often involve day long blood letting, sexual rites, or dancing that require a person to stay awake so they can enter a trance like state from excessive expulsion of life force. It is why there are so many tea's and coffee esque drinks related to occultism in new wave religious/health movements. Marijuana on the other hand has little to no use in any form of religion through it's history. Because it doesn't aid in what I mentioned above as being common pagan practices. In fact it actually does the opposite of what is needed to achieve the trance like state associated with such rituals. A marijuana trip isn't really a trip. Such as a caffeine trip isn't really a trip. Any perceived trip from these is typically introspective and thought based with no visual abnormalities. But stimulants such as caffeine are much more effective in combination with things that will induce a visual trip due to its' effects on blood flow and metabolism. It can increase the potency of the drugs. As for what the bible says about all this. I accept my faults and I am willing to atone for them with little to no forgiveness. Because I would feel wrong not doing so. I don't need technicalities nor do I need to follow in blind ignorance. If I burn in hell, I burn in hell. Fun conversation though. As drugs and paganism are fun reads.
  8. @S0UL FLAME old english is sweaty. Realized that it uses runes instead of latin symbols. So, I realize what i thought was "f" was a rune "s". I am having a blast learning old english. I am going to suck as much in about the language before I read again tonight.
  9. I think you prove his point by saying there are multiple industries created from one plant and generally the people pushing for hemp are the same people pushing for recreational use historically. Even as a recreational drug it is a much better tool for stress relief than alcohol as it lacks the deadly effects that pickling oneself creates. Also, people are way more likely to get belligerent and aggressive with alcohol and make choices that will just add to their stress. Fun fact: one of the greatest tools in taking over America from the natives was alcohol. It was initially used as a trade item for quality goods but rampant abuse took place and soon that was all the natives traded for other than guns and horses. It had incredibly negative effects on the destabilization of tribes and you can still see the effects of it with those who live on reservations. I am not shocked that you had a negative experience with pot based on what I know about you.
  10. My 1560 Geneva bible should be arriving today. Pretty stoked to read that shit. Reading old English is fun as hell.
  11. Now imagine an invader with those arrows in sen's funhouse. You don't actually have to fight the boss.