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  1. Now here are my two cents on keys in general. If the plan is to make a key map from the start you should divide your map into necessary and unnecessary routes but these unnecessary routes need to function like a short cut in a racetrack in the sense that it should give the player who took it an advantage but the player who didn't take it can still race normally and can still outrace them if they make good turns or have good item usage (mario kart). But if you make it too difficult for the players who didn't take the shortcut by having the actual track be more difficult than the shortcut then you have problems. I don't think Arcanum does this though as I think that the general issue with the map comes from an exaggeration of what I call Halo 5ism design where the map enforces speed bumps to stop players from Halo 5ing everywhere which isn't terrible but the degree to which it is done combined with the key can be frustrating to people as they find it taxing to either always have an item to traverse the map or always having to do some sort of input to move vertically on the map. Now you are probably thinking "doesn't it have the issue you stated earlier then?" No because it is equally as difficult to traverse the key doors from an input perspective as most of them require a player to jump into them on at least one side. This is just a product of how Multi designs Halo 5 maps however and I think people are mistaking it as an issue with the key and not micro geometry and weapon preferences. The thing is this general style of speed bumping players moving vertically is present in all of Multi's designs in Halo 5, so if that style is not your cup of tea then you are definitely not going to like it when combined with a mechanic that opens and closes routes. Do I think with a couple of micro changes that made it a little bit easier to move vertically on the map that most of you would like arcanum? Yes I do. And you don't probably notice speed bumping on multi's other maps as much because they are less linear in general as maps and you aren't necessarily forced to take a set route as often. Also, we have to remember that as designers we all have preferences and we need to understand that no matter how much we value our own preferences they are only right within the bubble they exist in with proper context and if we want to actually get better as designers we need to expose ourselves to different bubbles no matter how much it slaps your personal design ideals in the face. We can't let our pride control us. Use what you hate to make you better at what you make. You don't learn how to deal with something by fighting it but by embracing it. Because embracing something will get you closer to it and give you understanding beyond the reasons you had for fighting it. This way if you still want to fight it, you will know every nook and cranny of that asshole whose ass you want to kick. FYI this isn't meant for just Multi but everyone. We can all do better to understand someones thought process and beliefs as a designer before pushing our preference for maps onto others. I feel like a lot of us go onto maps with the goal of putting are little touch on their maps without asking or trying to understand the reasoning for the way it is first. Also, downvoting is for cowards. (GIVE ME THEM FAT DOWNVOTES BABY) PS ❤️
  2. Evidence would say otherwise about slayer (more so as a viewing experience but as a player, slayer games can be very intense and emotional even when the games pace takes a shit) also, I am just getting people off a dead horse subject with this kek bait. I will say a good objective game mode should have emphasis on mechanical skill and getting team wipes though. I think the goats meta in Overwatch really proved that is important for both players and spectators. @icyhotspartin I know I made a map for it. Just saying shit to change the subject. Also, I use Overwatch as an example alot because I think it is one of the best examples of a really well built game where the design team has no fucking clue what they are doing and the game has seen a lot of different metas and issues.
  3. I think keys are bad for slayer in general because it can be used to slow the game down to a much greater extent than any other power item or turn the game into an even more annoying game of cat n mouse that you often get with 1v1/2v2 style maps. Also weird sightlines as an issue is a pretty weak argument against its use in ctf. Considering the same thing could occur in slayer. But I also think slayer in general is a bad gametype and this is coming from someone who generally makes maps that only support slayer. My reasoning has to do with what people consider to be a good spawn and how that interacts with the pacing of the map. For example something like Penance in Reach has "good spawning" but the map is a literal camp fest that never reaches the score limit even at the highest level. (One of the reason I advocate for 10 min. unlimited kill slayer gametypes) Then you have maps like Midship that have questionable spawns at time but nobody is going to be able to stop people from hitting the score limit because the most segmented part of the map is the worst for map control but if someone were to make an asym. with similar pacing and spawning it would often get looked at as having bad spawns. You could say the objective of slayer is to control the spawns as that will lead to the most kills but when there is both a skill and map knowledge difference between the players a map with generally good pacing/spawning will look like it has the worst spawning ever to the unfamiliar. Then you have the people who have no fucking clue how to fight off spawn or take advantage of the fact that a spawner can take advantage of a small map by not giving the player who just killed them any time to recover and often times kill them before their health has any chance to come back. There are a lot more factors that are heavily influenced by what people consider the goal of slayer to be but I think if the goal is to just win the game then just having the most kills at the end of the game is all that matters and whether you hit a score limit is really pointless and very arbitrary. Sorry for getting sort of off topic. Rant is Rant Also if you want to talk about this shit hit me up on live as I don't go on forums on the weekend.
  4. Yeah I didn't put much thought into it. Would be something you would have to play with for sure. I just know that the map could still function for flag without greenhall and would be more interesting because it is much harder to maintain full map control and run it long hall which is the next shortest route. Either way if someone decided to take their time and design a ctf key map it would probably be really interesting at a minimum.
  5. I was thinking of it in the general way of being usage based and it would be just on the hall. I don't think they intended that at all considering the jump is only doable with the higher movement speed of mlg, as the flag slows you down. I also wouldn't say it is side stepping it considering it would add a new element of teamwork to ctf based on who is running the flag and who has the key. I just think that CTF is an objective where the key could really shine. I used pit as an example because it really the only existing map you could slap it on and it would work at least decently. I think something better could be done. So say you have the purest of donut maps. It has a deathpit in the middle that makes up a good chunk of the map. The bases are mostly segmented from the middle with two inner lanes that crossfire the middle and two outer lanes that are segmented, think something like runway on the pit. What the key would do is create a bridge right down the middle or open doors connecting the bridge to the bases. Here is a sketchy macro of it.
  6. You do realize that the pit has 4 lanes and you do realize that the key would just open green hall. The issue with the pit in flag is almost half the map isn't used so it would help it. How can something that fixes a flaw be a bad thing for a map especially when it is the only really usable gametype for it. I'd say the issue with some of the current key maps is how reliant they are in needing the key to move fluidly through the map.
  7. I personally think a key would be a good item in CTF. For example: The Pit really is just the green box run over and over but if it was only available to use as a run with a key you would see more variation in flag runs and more types of teamwork being utilized. Rough example but I got to go to work. It would be better if the green hall wasn't necessary for the map to function. I might make shitty drawing later explaining it better.