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  1. The object issues I don't really run into unless I have five billion trims and detailed wall on a map. I'm looking at you No Place.
  2. The thing that gives me the most issues is light overlap.
  3. Excuse me, I don't make map trailers and if I did the music would exclusively be infant annihilator.
  4. Soldat you are missing the point. That research lead to them having great works. Them developing hierarchies was a result of them putting this effort forward into making sure every detail is covered. (This is coming from someone who has actually helped people create these type of elements in their story.) They do this so they don't write themselves into corners where contradictions can occur and to maintain the integrity of the world they created for the journey they wish to take the reader on. Soldat your view is very flat(about the nicest way I can put it). You are looking at these elements as excess fat when they are in fact the elements that lead to them creating these type of experiences and since it ends up creating worlds people love. That excess fat, the fluff, the unnecessary, becomes something that is wanted by the fans as it leads to greater understanding of what the writer was thinking and why characters and places are the way they are. I'm done.
  5. Soldat I think you fail to realize how much goes into great world building. I know Tolkien put decades of his life into the Silmarillion and LOTR. Same can be said of Frank Herbert. Shit Frank Herbert set up a a writing career for his son by having so much of the world flushed out. Tolkien invented a stinking language. There is no game ever to reach the scope of the greatest literature in history. In fact most games are just derivative pop culture driven narratives that are often times soulless or not flushed out at all and completely rely on the players ability to infer their is something more. No game explores all 5 senses the way books can. (eating simulator waiting room). Games are just interactive masturbatory releases for people. Books can do this while also being thought provoking in more ways due to their ability to be descriptive to a much greater degree. I think there are games that do parts of great world building well but these games typically take great influence from pre-established norms in a sub-genre rather than trying to be their own unique world with it's own unique hierarchy. They just piggy-back off of what was done before with their own edgy twist. Seriously dude, read a book.
  6. As someone who writes get ready to spend a good 5 to 10 years building that world. World building is one of ,if not the most time consuming thing, if you want it done right.
  7. @no god anywhere it is just a joke. I know there are some fairly conservative people here so I made joke. Hence 69/420
  8. Disagree. If you are constantly doing things like applying design philosophies from other games into your design you are not just doing that one thing and understanding it to a greater degree. I mean you are but you are also gaining knowledge about other games and their application in other environments. Which gives you a better understanding of how and why they work.
  9. Would be interesting if you could incorporate the oroboros concept to this. So, you have something like multi's logo whatever shape it ends up being and having it surrounded with a shape similar to the oroboros.
  10. Maybe play with the idea of impossible shapes through shading for letters or whatever. I think Multi's initial idea is good. Showing some sort of evolution. So, I work in a business where I deal with all sorts of logo's, and typically you have the one line variant plus some sort of shape based variant. The one line has the shape at the beginning while the other is just the shape with the title of the business under it.