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  1. Not to get into semantics, but I think it's extremely revelvant here.... What are emotions, and is our way of defining them accurate? It seems to me they are complex, yet fluid, psychological states. States that are triggered by internal or extrenal stimuli, states that are not fully understood or defined by humans simple rudimentary verbal/written language. In my opinion, emotions transcend our verbal/written form of communication and are our bodies way of communicating with itself. With this belief, it makes your question very hard to answer because emotions themselves are a big question mark.... It is clear however that extrenal stimuli effect emotional states, and thus there is no question that a game( a form of play or sport, especially a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck.) as a stimuli can cause an extremely diverse set of emotional reactions in humans.
  2. I guess I wasn't aware of what you were actual asking. If you'd like to talk specifics, Id love too. One area in Halo BTB design that I think needs to be improved upon is attention to the relationship between LOS and cover, and controlling it in such a manner to facilitate and allow intelligent player and vehicle movement. Basically BTB maps need to do a better job of using segmentation to create more distinct and readable/predictable spaces and paths. When LOS and cover bleed into each-other in sloppy un- thought out manners you get very random, unreadable and chaotic experiences, that all feel very similar to one another. I time stamped an area Id like everyone to listen too. Watch until 8min mark Play= map Writing= design Playwriting = Map Design [I think teaching is a lot like psychotherapy in some sense. In that at this level, what im trying to do as a teacher is understand what the students map is trying to do. If we can figure that out, then it becomes a question of "okay, how can this map do this thing better?" What I've learned about level design and about my own level design from teaching, is a greater appreciation for the world of possibilities that exist whenever I sit down to design a map. It makes me more brave, I think, to try new approaches because I'm exposed to and get some sort of intimate collaboration with a range of designers who are trying to do things that are different then the things I do. ]
  3. This is an interesting conundrum. If im not missing anything major, as it is currently, there is little to no tactical advantage to being on the "tele" side of the map. That being said, that easily perceived "flaw" also serves a vital narrative purpose for the map, being that it drives the players on the tele side of the map into pushing the high terminal side of the map. Im not sure this was intentional, but this imbalance serves the narrative vision of the map quite well by creating an "attack/defend" mentality in the players which causes the battles to play out in linear directional fashion that is similar to that of the campaign space this map seeks to reflect. The defending players (terminal side) assuming the role of the covenant, and the attacking players (tele side) assuming the role of the UNSC and Chief. Is this good? Is it bad? No idea, but if it was intentional props.
  4. Its not necessarily the fundamental design goals or objective that change between 2v2 and BTB but rather the path taken to achieve them. Id argue that the path to reach the same fundamental goals that 2v2 and BTB do share, are vastly different and Id even take that a step further and argue that the player counts themselves act as a differental and create distinct genres of sport/game/theatere within the "system" of Halo and do have some fundamentally different design Goals as well as shared design goals. Its these differences that separate them as product offering. All products are in a sense "ancient" wisdom, because they all have origins in our past, our history as Humans. Its not completely hidden, or impossible to understand by any means, but its worth trying to understand. My belief is that BTB as a player count allows us to explore the Visual Arts, and Performing Art aspect of FPS level design to a greater more spectacular degree then that of 2v2. The simple logic here is that we have more cast members/actors/players to use in order to express our narrative. Broadway production vs 4 actor play. Think more colors to use in a painting, more notes to use while creating music, more types of instruments to use while creating orchestral music, more words to use while writing a story, more actors to use while filming a movie, or actors and roles to fill while writing a play, more dancers to use for a choreograph, more players for a sports team (tennis vs footbal). See what im getting at? The scope of the conflict, and conflict resolution is greater because there are a greater number of conflicts to solve. IN my humble opinion within the forge community the Visual Arts, and Performing Art aspect of FPS level design, especially in relation to BTB, has been EXTREMELY neglected and unexplored compared to the pure logical, tactical based aspects of FPS Games that have there roots in war/resource management games like Chess. Like I've said before, FPS "games" arent just "games", they arent just free thinking tools, there product space is much more diverse and vast then that, and needs to be respected and acknowledged when designing for them as entertainment products. If you have the time, watch these videos @Westin Its amazing to see the parallels between Theatre design and level design.
  5. I've been thinking on the best way to answer this shortly for sometime, and I've come to the conclusion there isn't. If your interested in an in depth response, Id love to have design discussion about it via discord or xbl party chat. If I attempt to explain my views here, were in for a ride and expect long stacks of words and piles of images, heres a short example of where this might go. Basically I use the ancient origins of FPS games to help guide and shape many of my goals for FPS maps. Here's a hint I am under the firm belief that the origins of fps games are heavily rooted in (War/Conflict (With oneself and others) Individual Sport, Team Sports, Strategy Games (Chess, Chinese GO etc) Visual Arts and The Performing Arts. Think of what each of these words mean in relation to each-other and to Individual Sport, Team Sports, Strategy Games (Chess, Chinese GO etc) Performing Arts and FPS Video Games. Stage, Level, Arena, Theater, Map, Scene, Ring, Octagon, Course, Track, Stadium, Board, Field. Actor, Character, Teammate, Team, Cast, Role, Position, Player, Piece, Resource, Pawn. Strategy, Script, Play Book, Tactics, Choreography
  6. Does anyone know what the expected ESRB Rating for Infinite is supposed to be? I really wish Halo would go back to a M Rating, I'd love to see a Halo game done in a mood/tone similar to the above image.
  7. I don't think it is that clear, especially considering it doesn't refer to those occults using Cannabis specifically and even if it did, I don't believe the occults misuse of a naturally occurring substance means that others can't use that substance properly. If an occult used a wooden steak to ritually sacrifice another human, does that mean we shouldn't be able to use a wooden stakes for beneficial purposes? I think you are jumping to conclusions that the sinful misuse of a substance, makes the substance itself sinful. It's quite the leap in my humble opinion and I believe that may be an actual logical fallacy. If you feel naturally compelled by the Lord not to use marijuana, don't, if you feel it's an easy thing to discern for yourself great, but there is not biblical precedent for your beliefs, your reaching really hard. Also, marijuana does not make you "trip" that notion is quite silly to anyone that's used it. But yeah, I'm done talking about this here. Good conversation.
  8. I said caffeine, not coffee, but yes coffee does naturally contain the drug. That is 100% a psychoactive compound just as marijuana is. I'm curious, do you believe Christian churches around the world are committing sin and disobeying Gods commandments by serving this psychoactive compound via coffee to there congregations?
  9. What do you define as "medicine"? Caffeine is a psychoactive (mind-altering) drug that affects how we think and feel. It is a stimulant that speeds up our breathing, heart rate, thoughts and actions. Have you ever consumed Caffeine? If so, you've used a psychoactive mind altering substance. Anyways, its clear that the plant is extremely special and unique. There is nothing else on this planet like it, nothing, and I believe God created this plant for Human use. Although because we live in a duality, the potential for its misuse is also ever present and I do not believe the use of its psychoactive properties for purely recreational purposes is correct. Honestly, the uses of Hemp and Marijuana are mind-blowing. According to the USDA National Nutrient Database, a 2 tablespoon serving of hemp seeds weighing 20 grams (g) contains: 111 calories 6.31 g of protein 9.75 g of fat 1.73 g of carbohydrates (including 0.8 g of fiber and 0.3 g of sugar) 14 milligrams (mg) of calcium 1.59 mg of iron 140 mg of magnesium 330 mg of phosphorus 240 mg of potassium 1.98 mg of zinc 22 micrograms (mcg) of folate Hemp seeds also provide vitamin C, some B vitamins, and vitamins A and E. It acts as a nearly fully complete food source. Both hemp seeds and hemp oil have a perfect ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Hemp is also one of the few complete proteins found in plants. It contains enough of each of the nine essential amino acids and is an amazing source of sulfur-containing amino acids methionine and cysteine, both of which are necessary for cellular detoxification and muscle growth and repair. In a food emergency, you could survive on hemp seeds alone! Since this is next-level design, I also a have to bring up its uses for building, which are also mind-blowing. I just wonder how anyone who believes in God cannot also believe that this miracle plant was clearly placed here by God for our use.
  10. @Soldat Du Christ I agree that most recreational use of marijuana is abusive, and the culture that surrounds it's over use is toxic and non beneficial to society. No argument there. But calling chron, a full time working man that you know nothing about, whom decided to grow one of the most beneficial plants in the world (even though he is growing it for one of it's most niche(but widespread) purposes) , "dope head 420 stoner shit" is just insulting and narrow minded. Clearly you've had negative experiences with it and with it's abusers, so YOU have generalized way to much with YOUR insinuations. I'd rather talk about level design in here anyways, since that's what the website is about, so I'm with you on not wanting the topic on this particular fourm, but try to communicate that without the insults. Feel free dm me about your progress @Chronmeister Ps @Westin was being sarcastic, I thought that was pretty obvious.
  11. You should try it sometime, it might give you new creative perspectives. I'll agree that the stereotypical tropes "stoner culture" is a bit obnoxious, but then again what cultural trope isn't. This mans just trying to plant, grow and harvest one of natures greatest gifts to mankind. Sadly the flower part of the plant is the main thing given attention because it's mind altering medicinal effects can be very easily misused, and often are misused recreationally, but with great power comes great responsibility. Anyways I don't want to hear shit about why marijuana use is bad or annoying coming from someone who drinks malt liquor. Spare us please.
  12. The question was garbage. Hopefully this one makes more sense. Are the goals of an entertainment product, dependent on the precived wants of the subject(consumer) they are being designed for?