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  1. Yup, recharge seems like a computer made the layout. Shape language is repetitive and uninspired. Live Fire seems very underdeveloped and that series of connections in the garage that span the entire length of the map is embarrassing, along with how little they did with the terrain height elevations on top of the art on the map being atrocious. Alot of the art elements actually make no sense whatsoever and that's sad because a "training" facility is such an abstract concept to begin with. Bazzar I can stand, it's boring and generic but it seems the creator paid much more attention to the sightlines and angles and had conviction behind there design even if it will tilt a few people who don't want to use teamwork to play the angles on map. 343i art direction and narrative direction in combination with there layouts is very sub par. They literally just needed to study and imitate the way bungies shape language, compositional elements, color usage and pvp layouts were designed to be successful. Instead it seems they wanted to innovate and change something it's clear they didn't fully understand to begin with. It's crazy how much different the artistic style of 343i Halo is versus Bungies, even tho they claim the "classic art style " is back. Art Style is more then a coat of paint. I'd be very interested in getting a deep dive into how these maps were designed and arted, I'd be willing to bet there was some very shallow thinking behind them. @given2fly your our last hope. Do us proud, do us proud.
  2. From a map design aspect? Honestly no. Halo 5 at least let you use a bunch of neat technical stuff on the maps. These maps are like safe spaces for toddlers.. there are literally semi soft barriers that will push you off small ledges for seemingly no reason at all... It's like they are afraid of people having fun. I honestly don't understand how or why there art direction and layouts are so bad. Who designs this shit?
  3. The maps in the infinte beta are a hype buzzkill. Live Fire has a meh layout with ugly art. Recharge seems really large for the type of map it is and Bazzar couldn't be anymore boring and generic if it tried. These all feel like amateur forge map designs.
  4. Halo Infinite Technical..... Hmmm. Feels like there is low sticky reticle but high bullet mag. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  5. Unpopular Opinion. I don't believe in FOV Sliders for PvP in FPS games. I would prefer the devs set fov to a locked state that reflects there artistic and functional goals for the game.
  6. Currently working is designing a cliff side modern home. Just working on forms and floor plan currently, rough draft. Going to forge another cleaner version with more textures and colors, then I'm considering trying my hand at replicating this in Google SketchUp since it just occurred to me you can import from there to unreal.
  7. Thought of the day. In my opinion, not everyone's advice/feedback is of equal value. This applies to pretty much anything in life that feedback/advice/counsel etc can be given on. So this got me thinking... What gives an individuals opinions/viewpoints on level design value or worth? How do you guys as individuals evaluate and decide who has the authority to speak on what compromises a "good" level design versus a "bad" level design?
  8. I'm sure I would. However It's not as interesting to me as pvp fps level design. I find the added layer of logic function that comes with designing fps spaces to be much more intriguing and mind expanding. I also love not being bound to physical laws and limitations. Real world architecture applications are too chore like... Building material cost considerations, functional structural integrity considerations, along with having to design for realtively pre defined and narrow goals make the whole process not as exciting and much more strenuous to me personally. Plus architecture design is a very explored space all ready. I love how unexplored pvp level design is. If you really think about it, in it's infancy comparatively speaking!
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