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  1. Or, it's removing other abilities to test our ability to perform specific tasks. In essence, this is what most sport and game is. Track and Field is a good example of sport that heavily strips other abilities humans are capable of to test our ability to perform specific functions. There is nothing "immoral or unjust" about that. When I partake in a 100meter dash , and cannot win because I wasn't able to bring my bike that I used my hardwork to purchase, that's not God Ignoring half of what I'm capable of 😂 Could you imagine if sprinters were allowed to tackle eachother or use the full scope of there physical and mental capabilities to defeat eachother. Limitations, boundaries and agreed upon rules are extremely important in sport and game.
  2. Fair enough. If you guys would be willing to play it again versus box and soul I'd really like you to have the patience to stick to whatever playstyle will allow you to win, even if that means sitting and being bored.. I'm willing to accept whatever that may be. Also, that spot where y'all were sitting and hiding wasn't actually supposed to be a nade check or that hidden. I've still been fine tuning the courtyard interaction and unfortunately that nasty little blind spot wasn't intentional, it was an oversight on my part and I have no shame in admitting that. Do I think that is a viable straight? No, but it definitely can and did affect the pace and the number of blind spots(nade checks) I want is something I'm till fine tuning. I've done alot to eliminate unintentional ones but that one slipped by as a byproduct of me testing something else.
  3. It allowed box to grab sniper uncontested and then go on 7+ kill streak using the sniper to suppress and control your movement. A small gain doesn't always equal a overall net gain.
  4. For a good 20 seconds or so there I thought you were waiting for OS to come up on one of yours or Multi's maps, but then I realized you were just causing yourself to lose not win 😂
  5. All products, even products designed for singular purposes often have and take on multiple purposes. The question was a bit of a trick question, but I love your reply. So let's say efficiency is the singular purpose of a multi-tool (I'd add that convenience of use is also a primary purpose of there design) Although they are efficient in some ways (easy to carry, tools stay together etc), they often trade this efficiency for a loss of efficiency in varying degrees for the singular tasks that each of there tools can do. For reasons like center of gravity, leverage and total weight, tools on multi-tools are usually less efficient at completing the tasks that the singular forms of there tools are. I love that you bring up the fact that the consumer had the responsibility to know what they were buying, and accept the losses associated with using a multi-tool for only a singular tools purpose and of there intent was to only use the blade on the product, buying and using a singular blade for there particular purpose would make more sense. So while multi-tools aren't bad design inheritly, the consumer chose a bad design for there purpose.
  6. Yes, but it still lacks the purpose of having a singular purpose. It's possible to use a multi-tool for a singular purpose but it comes with an accepted loss by the user. If I buy and use a Swiss army knive to only use it's serrated blade to cut my steak, it's not going to be as efficient from both a use standpoint, physical production standpoint, or cost effective stand point versus just purchasing and using a steak knive to perform the same task.
  7. Long story short, I think you and multi are extremely inept at determining exactly what justice is within the construct of FPS level design and it's caused you to mis-evaluate perfectly just things as injustices due to your own shortcomings and a lack of understanding within yourselves. It's great if you understand that justice is key to design, but you need the actual objective ability, knowledge and skill to understand how that manifests itself otherwise your judgments are going to be shortsighted and unwholesome in there conclusions. That's always been my issue, it's crazy it's that hard for you to figure out. I don't claim to be the perfect judge either, I'm still learning, as is everyone, due to our imperfect nature as humans and the imperfect nature of the sinful imperfect nature of the FPS construct. At least I have the humility to admit it.
  8. 1 John 2:15-16 Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride in possessions—is not from the Father but is from the world
  9. Though diverse models for the scientific method are available, there is in general a continuous process that includes observations about the natural world. People are naturally inquisitive, so they often come up with questions about things they see or hear, and they often develop ideas or hypotheses about why things are the way they are. The best hypotheses lead to predictions that can be tested in various ways. The most conclusive testing of hypotheses comes from reasoning based on carefully controlled experimental data. Depending on how well additional tests match the predictions, the original hypothesis may require refinement, alteration, expansion or even rejection. If a particular hypothesis becomes very well supported, a general theory may be developed.[4]
  10. A prototype is a simple experimental model of a proposed solution used to test or validate ideas, design assumptions and other aspects of its conceptualisation quickly and cheaply, so that the designer/s involved can make appropriate refinements or possible changes in direction.
  11. Imagine being so ego-centric, so self affirmed, that you believe yourself to hold the knowledge of what the ultimate purpose of FPS games and level design is for all humans, the ultimate and exact reasons why people should use/play them as products and have an absolute grasp on the exact values and hierarcy of skills within them, combined with the complete knowledge on how to manifest those through geometry and how those skills should and will manifest themselves through that geometry for all people, in all situations. Oh wait I forgot..... it doesn't come from yourselves it comes from the devine wisdom of the Lord. Silly salty, how dare you question the wisdom of the level Design prophets I just need to let y'all do my thinking for me since your thought is so enlightened.
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