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  1. When it's all finished up, would you consider doing a small video commentary about your design process/ design goals for this map?
  2. This game was too big brained for its time. Rip having Godhoud vision and a doghoud player/consumer base. I know the feels I legit hate what most of the "halo community" and its level designers value in design, and Im sure others in the community feel the same about my designs and others, and were totally in the right for doing so. My hope is that in the future more games have level editors so we all can design for games whose Identity we actually value instead of debating what should be valued in a piece of shit "AAA" Shooter named Halo 5. Hell, most of the disagreements we have in this community stem from the lack of Identity halo has had for the past 10 years. Fuck this game. @Box_Hoes H5 is for Gods
  3. Save yourself the time, there is nothing to "unpack"..... put down your whistles I'm done with you referees. This post wasn't directed at you in any form or fashion, in fact I wasn't even thinking about you in the least while posting it. I typically don't put much value on "non-grinders" opinions, as I understand actions speak louder then words. Hell, I know I wouldn't be anywhere near where I'm at without the knowledge I've attained from the sheer amount of design grinding I've done. If you wish to improve your own design skill/identity and have your opinions hold more weight with myself and others, I suggest you spend less time playing other "junk-food" games and more time in the forge. That being said, shout out to the grinders out there, you my boys. Cuz we done it and done it again!
  4. Its just an inside joke for box, but believe me as a fan of Halos OG identity , your not alone in that sentiment. Being on vacation, I've had some time in the duck blind to self reflect and think about the primary influencers of my design process In H5 and how those influencers have affected my design language. I came to the realization that Ive always been fascinated with the gritty militaristic aspects of Halo lore, and more specifically, Spartans as military units and there applications within real world environments/combat scenarios . There has always been a large disconnect between this seemingly prevalent militaristic theme and the actual game-play/level design( ie Identity) of Halo's multiplayer. As many in the forge community know, I don't view Halo 5 as a Halo game, so instead of trying to uphold the old principles of the arena(board game esque) game-play that is normally tied to "Halo" , I used 343i failure as a window of opportunity to free myself from the identity shackles of the old games. Lately I feel I've finally hit a stride in 2v2 design that allows me to showcase my love of this narrative driven game-play. while also providing well paced and balanced slayer matches. Designing maps that are so different in approach then the rest of the community, and designing visceral combat centric environments has been an absolute blast for me and I hope to finish my map Day Of Defeat for the 2v2 contest so I can share a small slice of my design theory with the rest of the community. I legitimately and genuinely respect the multiple design approaches in H5, and I am in no way arguing my approach is any better or worse then anyone else, I just wanted to make that clear. Had a few beers, and just felt like word vomiting a bit. When asked how many paths reach enlightenment, the monk kicked a heap of sand. "Count," he smiled, "and then find more grains."
  5. That map lawl what a hot pile of normalancy. Halo 4 was the dark ages of my forge life. I wish not to remember it's existence.
  6. I found this bit particularly telling. Let me tell you about a boy named timmy. Timmys end goal in life is to create good piano music. Timmy has a brilliant mind and has composed several pieces of sheet music for the piano. Timmy has tried to play the piano, but has very little finger-work talent and is unable to play anything other then very basic songs without stumbling over the keys. For this reason, Timmy as a consumer seeks a product(tool) that like the piano can create music from his written compositions. Timmy discovers piano composition software and uses it to create digital compositions of his music. Now Timmy is happy that he can translate his mental-skill sets into piano music without the mechanical instrument(piano) getting in the way thanks to his shortcomings in mechanical skill. Timmy hears a pianist with amazing finger work and a sense for the keys getting higher praise then his digitally composed music. This angers Timmy and Timmys new life goal becomes to stop the sale of the piano because he feels they put too much value on mechanical skill in order to create music and do not allow brilliant minds to flourish. Meanwhile, Mr. Businessmansir sells a piano and piano composition software to both consumers and collects more $$$ The end.
  7. I wonder @Soldat Du Christ do you understand why auto-aim, magnetism, and sticky reticule were implemented into FPS games? It came about as a means to bridge the mechanical gap between a greater and a lesser of two mechanical control instruments, the Mouse and the Controller (Thumbsticks) You do realize that the human body itself is a tool, and that how we express our mental thoughts is through that tool? So long as we are bound to our human form, tools will ALWAYS be valued and that is simply due to the materialist nature of this universe. This is inescapable. But please continue to strive to lessen those material bounds, I completely support your goals in that process and I do understand why you hold them, I'm simply trying to help you make sense of the other perspective.
  8. In what way am I not being objective about this? Part of FPS video games Identity is how we interact with them via mechanical instrumentaion. That is an undeniable objective fact. No matter what you do to try to mitigate that mechanical influence, and you may be entirely correct in that goal, it's going to be impossible to completely remove the value that mechanical skill holds in the system. Lessen it sure, but completely remove it, no. You should start a journey to improve the mechanical instrumentaion if you truly wish to the see the "stepping stone(tool)" play less of a role then it currently does. As to fully achieve this stepping stoneless streamlined process, is going to require improvement in BOTH the mechanical instrumentaion AND how it's implemented in game. Due to what I can only assume your limitations are, you can currently only control the HOW it's implemented part and it makes sense as to why that would be your point of focus. Just know that by doing so you are only solving half of the problem. Which is an objectively non wholesome way to solve the mechanical skill value issue. That being said, products are about identity and so long as there are customers that desire it, there IS space in an open market for FPS games that place mechanical skill at the forefront of there value system.
  9. Your welcome to have your opinion as are any of us, but if you'd like to know why mechanical skill is a valued skill in FPS games it has to do with our cultural connection to the "tool" and our mechanical mastery over them. Much akin to how good fingerwork will always be valued highly among pianists or guitarists. Tools, and the ability to create/ use them, are a huge defining factor for our identity as creatures on this planet. It is almost inseperable from who we are, an extension of ourselves. I have no issue with trying to lessen the mechanical influence in some FPS games, as that could be a great selling point for a game as a product, but I honestly think you should just play Chess or a turn based game that doesn't require you to process your ideas in real-time via mechanical instrumentaion (tools). Much like id recommend singing or composing sheet music to a musician that lacks mechanical skill but not mental skill. I understand you've never had great mechanical skill, and you as a consumer owe it to yourself to find, or create if none exists, a "game" product that caters to your self perceived skill sets.
  10. Damn bruh, the assumptions are real. Don't assume I'm trying to bait you into making a claim, I'm just trying to understand your perspective. Regardless, this is basically the information I needed to understand your perspective more. You currently do not value mechanical skill in FPS games as highly as say, a physical sport, due in part to the current barrier the actual instrumentaion (controller/mouse) creates between our physical movement and the in-game character/weapon model movement. This is what I assumed the entire time and I do believe this IS an issue with FPS games and how mechanical skill is implemented/ valued within them. It will be interesting to see how better instrumentation (neural lace/implants, body sensors etc) to control our virtual characters develops over the years. I assume that if it does develop to a point of almost seamless mental or physical control, I believe you will likely also value "mechanical" skill in FPS games higher then you currently do. Am I at all correct in that assumption?
  11. @Soldat Du Christ you gonna leave me hanging buddy?
  12. I think you are confused about product identity and why that's important for products and consumers as a whole. For what objective reason should all games "showcase" as much mental AND mechanical skill as they possibly can? For what objective reasons would a game like Chess have any interest in showcasing mechanical skill? The lack of mechanical skill and the full support of mental skill is a descerning factor that defines Chess IDENTITY as a game. To change those values, would be to change Chess identity to a point where it isn't chess anymore, as it's composition of skill sets is what defines it. "If I hide behind a column and pop up on the left side instead of the right my reward for thus should be trivial as that was a trivial decision" Was it a trival decision? You are over looking a ton of nuance in that situation. Where Is your teammate positioned behind you, to the left or right? Where is your enemy? Maybe you shouldn't pop up on the left or the right side of the pillar but instead back away from it until you can access another piece of cover to mount an attack or escape to gain another angle. Maybe you should anchor on the pillar for 1 sec and force/bait your opponent to throw a nade or maybe you should wait for a teammate to move into a position where they can support you. What you should do in that "trival" situation is entirely and dynamically dependent on the game state and player positioning. Which to read, requires a high amount of map awareness, spatial awareness , game knowledge and quick and intelligent desicion making.