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  1. And to you Mr. Scott, I will forever give thanks like a Pilgrim.
  2. I have everyweapon under the sun on swagger up and it works great get out meta'd
  3. I honestly don't think 1v1's are hard to design per say, but they do require a different angle of approach. Have you seen my map "swagger up/swag crow(h2a)" the map is essentially chrion without walls. The design itself is very old, but the style of design lends itself brilliantly to H5 1v1's for a number of reasons. It's solves the spawn issue as it's nigh impossible to get lethal spawn kills. Due to the geometric but not visual separation of playspaces, players can be visually aware of what another player is doing without being hyper lethal, which allows for alot of tactical repositioning and movement engagement. Lastly, each island can be its own unique play space so your essentially playing 5 different micro maps in one. I'd love to see someone take the idea and further explore it, there is alot there. Check my bookmarks For Chub ( Swagger Up) prob page 3+
  4. Iteration, iteration, iteration. Let play tests shape the experiences you want to create and don't let others determine what you value in design. Find your own value systems, and adhere to them and ttay flexible with your willingness to change geometry after you create it. You have an excellent eye for shapes, colors, framing and encounters, and an extreme passion for design. I think you set your own standards too high, and when you do that you set yourself up to fail. I really hope what I said about US didn't cause any of this, just tell me to fuck off and be confident in what you create. US has some seriously bad ass encounters and combat, which imo and again MY OPINION, is hindered by some slight micro choices. The devil is in the details.
  5. It's a close #5 or #6 for me, same with US, will you take that? lol I probably look at the design aspect too much, but I like alot of what the maps doing, I just think there are some geo changes that could help improve the art/gameplay and will help you accomplish your goals for the map better. Like what we talked about the other day. I'm only harsh on you guys cuz I love you, please don't hate me @Westin
  6. I just suck at communicating through text apparently. I was never trying to publicly diagnose you, I was simply sharing something with another person on the fourms that had to do with your map. You responded, to that post, so I responded to you. This is why I asked if you'd like me to pm you or party chat about it, but you simply said no. So I felt I needed to explain myself shortly so others could see what I was speaking of. I don't think you intentionally made the clambers sometimes work/sometimes not work. I know it was intentional to make them never work in that area, what I meant to communicate was that I don't believe this is good practice and even though you intended them to not work, that they sometimes do, which leads it to be all the more confusing for players. I'm aware this wasn't your intention, believe me. I probably just mistake your passion for defensiveness when addressing my concerns, but you certainly did have an extremely impassioned response to my vocal distaste for the intentionally broken clambers. If you don't like me speaking about your maps on the fourms just don't respond to it. This is an open discussion environment, it's good to talk about maps here. Don't villify me for sharing what I stated several times is just an opinion. I'd love it if people shared there own opinions about Day of Defeat, positive or negative, here or in a party chat or anywhere. I love to have my stuff praised and I enjoy having it torn apart even more. ❤️ You Xandrith
  7. This is why I dont always share my opinions directly with you, you seem to not care to hear them, don't respect them, or get extremely defensive about them. They are in no way meant to be a personal attack and they are just opinions, I as you, are a fallible human being. Ill leave this and leave it at this unless you want to know more. I dont think the map has a singular setup, but rather will show a hotspot of movement that based on your own design videos and video of the map, I think you try to avoid as a designer. That being said, I could be entirely wrong, but If my memory serves me right you seem to have an extreme distaste for maps with functional middles, which this map not only has, but also has an OS right below that exact location that spawns every 2 minutes.... Speaking of trusting the geometry, it literally CANNOT be trusted on this map. If it were on accident, I would be more forgiving as this games clambers always break, but Ive never understood intentionally making what should geometrically be a clamber, not a clamber (or rather sometimes not one). I get it, clamber as a mechanic sucks for Halo, but accept this game for what it is, and telegraph as clearly as you can what is clamber-able and what isn't. Be consistent with it.
  8. I have shared this opinion with you... I've voiced multiple concerns about many of the maps areas, some that have even led you to change certain aspects of the design and weapon placement. I don't think the map is broken per say, I just doubt people will move as much as I know you personally would want at the highest level. There is very little incentive to leave the middle of the map. Would you like me to extrapolate here or in a pm/party chat?
  9. I'm unwilling to believe you played them enough, or were critical enough in the play-ability (FPS and tactical depth) category. Its also quite possible we have differing value systems in this category, or that you value the build quality and clever use of the sandbox/physics engine/Forge objects the most.... If this is the case, I can agree that, both of these maps execute exceptionally well in those category's. There coat of paint is top notch. If I were to personally judge the contest, US or Marr Dunn would not even place in my top 5. While both maps feature some incredible encounters, at a high level of game-play, I do not believe the maps will play the way the designers intended them to play. At the end of the day, different strokes for different folks.
  10. Have you played those maps Icy? Honestly curious, didn't take you for the kind of individual that would mistake a shiny coat of paint for substance.
  11. Thankkkkk you budddy, enjoying this now!
  12. Substance>Presentation ❤️ You Xandrith
  13. "As long as there are those that remember what was, there will always be those that are unable to accept what can be. They will resist" - Thanos on Halo 5:Guardians. This sums up how I feel about the majority of the player base in Halo 5, including many members of the forge community. It's quite disappointing that many of my designs are judged through those wearing these goggle's and that Ive had to cater to those attached to the old Halo ideals just to get individuals to recognize my maps as good design, but that's what happens when 343i creates an entirely new game and markets it as a Halo game. In the future 343i, if you wish to make your own game, please just do so and don't market it as a Halo game.
  14. Much love for this map. Let's get some more 2v2's going on this again soon