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  1. You lost me at "compete with industry standards" I believe the general pace of Bungies Halo's (1,2,3 and Reach) to be at the very core of Halo's identify. It has a charming methodical rhythm I don't want to see leave the franchise. Once you start ramping up movement speed, giving players tons of extra movement abilities and decreasing avg ttk of utility weapons the entire identity of the combat loop begins to change and the level design with it. Even the art of the game is tied to it's pace imo as the pace alters how you emotionally perceive the spatial environments you navigate through. I will agree that increased responsiveness in the things like strafe you mentioned could definitely be a positive for the franchise. Idk, identity on products is such an interesting topic. Halo 5 was actually an insane game for skill gap, but was held down by it's sluggishness and poor aiming mechanics. Even tho the game really wasn't Halo, I sure am gonna miss the hell out of it. Designing for it was so much fun, I honestly don't see Infinite being as fun to design for... Okay screw it I agree with you. HYPERBOOST Halo Infinite, it's time to evolve to new heights of Godhooudness.
  2. Slow motion? Halo has never been a high movement speed game, not ever. It's always been a fairly slow paced and methodical shooter sans Halo 5. I prefer Halo this way personally, I don't need to be inputting a million things into my controller just to move efficiently around a map, or to have the base pace be so fast I get worn out after 15 mins looking at blurs on my screen. Ever play hyper scape, ut, doom or diabotical? I could see those games being up your alley. Halo is not, and wasn't ever, a "high paced" game imo nor should it be.
  3. Look at the movement he makes to the right after he gets the hammer kill, is that a normal strafe with the hammer animation making it look like a thrust or an actual thrust?
  4. gen·re a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter. Do genres of maps within fps games exist?
  5. I hope everyone is impressed by my extraordinary ability to be unimpressed by everyones wips and maps. It makes me feel special, unique and important being so unimpressable. It's what I always tell people when they talk about design, just impress me, that's all I really ask. If you can impress me it means your map has value. If you can't..... No value, no integrity, no worth.
  6. "integral moral level design" = maps that cater to grown babies that can't control there emotions enough to handle stressful combat scenarios that test the resolve of actual mentally/mechanically skilled players. tHiS mAp DiDn'T aLloW mE tO sUcCed" No bitch you didn't allow yourself to succeed because your a whiny simp bitch that dosen't know how to take advantage of geometry that doesn't scream it's purpose in bold fucking letters that even a moron could understand. Dog community.
  7. I mean your not wrong.... I'm extremely amused by the designers that talk but don't actually walk. Dudes will make like 3 maps and think they have ascended pure neural enlightenment haha Level design is actually sweaty AF and the understanding of it is still in it's infancy for the ENTRIE community me inculded.. to understand level design is to understand human nature at it's core... And any man that claims to know that is lying to themselves. We've only just begun to understand the very edges of it. I really hope Infinite brings some actual competition not clowns that pose as Gods. I so desperately want to be impressed.
  8. I hope Halo Infinite brings more level design Gods. This site got boring real quick after the Gods stopped asserting dominance.
  9. @icyhotspartin your a GOD bro. Your opinion on level design is of the the utmost most value and Importance to me. Your work speaks for itself. Your a legend! @Westin @MultiLockOn You guys should consider aquiring @Box_Hoes for you level Design team. Out of all the maps I've played in Halo 5 nomad BY FAR exemplifies my understanding of your preached design values and goals. The amount of player freedom, playstyle and decision making the map allows far exceeds anything that either of you have created in Halo 5 and I think if your willing to check your egos he would be a great addition is to your team. In fact, I think his knowledge and skill In level design could carry your entire game. @icyhotspartin did I mention how sick your maps are?
  10. Why are you wasting time posting this trivial crap? Give us some wip design goodness from your game! My finger is itching to hit the NLD button, it's been far to long and I want to be impressed by something, anything. This is a challenge that goes out to the whole community, impress me with something!
  11. Mine looked more similar to this But still different then either of these, it was just a 30 min idea for a modular cliffside home.
  12. Im obsessed with these pixar concept art panels, such rich and vibrant colors coupled with beautiful composition. I'm definitely going to be focusing more on improving my use of color and overall composition in my maps come infinite.
  13. You basically fixed your maps if you no longer have to lower your weapon to use the otherwise clamber only movement routes. The reliance on clamber in order to move to alot of positions on Oblivion really hurts the map as a whole imo. Acranum less so, but some of the ledges that are .5 units higher then a crouch jump are obnoxious, along with the key chain clamber jump by rockets. Basically the challenging (clambering player) is always at a disadvantage and 1 shot down. So when you have "main" routes that are supposed to be checks/balances but you have to clamber to use them, it makes them not viable for accomplishing there designed purpose and very rewarding for the defense player, thus punishing for the offensive one. Also, most people on the forums know nothing about your game so it makes all of the feedback that might be given somewhat worthless seeing as maps should be designed around player traits/weapon mechanics, spawn system (this one is huge) and the games gameplay identity goals. So something as simple as increased jump height, speed, or primary ttk etc... is going to completely change how a design functions and is evaluated. Would lockout be a stagnating slayer map if everyone spawned with jetpacks?
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