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  1. Congrats Jack. Whats parts did you work on? I added to my wishlist for you bud. Will try it out next time I get a chance.
  2. Here is a WIP that I am currently working on for Halo 5 2v2. I haven't posted a WIP on here yet. Its still a major WIP but I hope everyone enjoys it What is this unquenchable thirst I feel.
  3. Really glad to see Mario is being played on. I really want to play that one.
  4. Ya Thinks will always be updating. Hopefully always for the better each and ever time.
  5. @Soldat Du Christ I have a sketch that I worked on that I might mess around with. Like I really want to do it. I gave myself to the end of this month to determine if I am going to. The hardest thing for me was reading that they wanted exotic places for the contest because I had my Treyarch Stuidos map that I was doing and was shelved and really liked but it was a Mall and I didnt feel like it was exotic enough place. So I am just figuring out what exactly I want to do. I actually had a top down fully done and ready to for block out But I left it in one of my pockets and accidently washed it. For the most part I remember it all. I am in the process of visualizing the Environment art for it.
  6. I am not up to date on Sketch lab stuff unfortunately. If I remember correctly its a library for 3D assets. Can you post a picture of the Scene from Maya, I might be able to spot ways to optimize on that end and maybe that would help when bringing it into Sketchfab? No Guarantee's but might work