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  1. Merry Christmas everyone. I hope everyone will have a good day. Though this has been a strange year. I hope everyone takes today to remember what is important to them. I was also hoping my Christmas Song would publish today. But it did not. So here is a link to my Soundcloud with my Rendition of Carol of the Bells. I hope you all enjoy and have a Merrry Christmas.
  2. Reading and enjoying. Seeing lots of tags. Continue to enjoy.... Then notice I am not up there. SAD PANDA. Then realized its probably a good thing. LOL ❤️
  3. Wow. That really sucks. So unless there was some MAJOR changes they ban your maps? So they dont believe in fine tuning I see. Is the community playtest that FULL of stuff to playtest?
  4. I am going to assume you meant good LEVEL design.(if not, my bad and let me know) To me good level design takes into account not only the games mechanics but also expectations of the players. The level in itself needs to help players learn the map through the players self exploration/expectations and also allow all the games mechanics to shine the best that it can. Cohesiveness is something I like to think about when designing levels Self Exploration though is a tricky thing because if its to simple then there isn't a lot to explore and you get bored. But if its overly complicated you tend to get turned around and become confused or discomforted in the process. Your Level needs the right balance of a guiding hand and OH whats over there or how can I use this. When your players look at the level, you should be looking to invoke a sense of curiosity in the player. This will keep the player wanting to explore the level and all that it has to offer. Also if there is enough things for the player to learn about the level, then they start becoming a master of that level allowing them to showcase what they know about. This works in both Single and Multiplayer level design Game Mechanics is also important because you have to use the tools in the game to do things on the levels. So paying attention to character movement, weapon balance and any other special game mechanic is also important. This allows the character to fit in the space you created, again leading to a more cohesive experience. When working as a level designer you often don't get to design all the mechanics of the game or have any input on them. So its your job to take what's given to you and make miracles out of it. I tried to keep this short and sweet. I hope that provides another way to look at it.
  5. Thats why I said a simple start. I would always round to the nearest whole number, So in your example it would be 122. I think for me I dont mind it being off less then a half inch. But you can do 121.92 as a messurement in ue4 if you really wanted, to make it 100 percent accurate. But really I think as long as you set something for yourself even with what you have done your going to get results you like. I just find it easier to say this room I made is 125x 80 feet (because halo uses feet). So for ue4 just make it 3810x2438.4 cm. There is a million good ways to do it. But if you want to be closer. Then 1 Halo Feet would be 30.48 UE4 CM. So you could round that to 30.5 or 30 even if you want no decimals If you would want something simple I would do 1 = 30 and multiply from there
  6. UE4 uses CM, also Halo 5 uses feet for all its objects. So the simple start would to be to convert the Halo Feet to CM and make your objects accordingly.
  7. So I haven't posted in a while LOL. But I've been really busy, mostly with game design and music related stuff. Last night I decided to make a song for everyone. This song is for anyone that is trying to keep there heads up during these rough times, looking towards the future with optimism and hope. Its short but I hope you enjoy. Also my first public song post lol
  8. I cant wait to play some diabotical. I am going to download that ASAP and GET DESTROYED 😉. Need to dust off my mouse and keyboard skills. AHAHAHAHA
  9. I want to upload to youtube but for now here is some links to them on twitch. Pt.1 Pt. 2 Random Design Talk afterwards.
  10. Ya there was one night of testing where 4 or 5 maps got played on and I wasn't there but the other three where. So ya I didn't get to voice a opinion on that map because the other 3 all said no and because I didn't play the map I couldn't provide debate on that one. LOL. Funny enough, 4 of the TOP 8 maps where escapable. Actually Endless Shore got Second and there was a escape on that map also. So I wouldn't be to worried escaping from maps to much. Unless brokenly easy. HAHAHA
  11. Nice job so far buddy. For me my art style is set pretty early on because I try to design areas that go with the art(Form and Function kinda thing). But I have for sure swap things before. Your still in the early stages so I would just do small experiments with each artistic style and see what speaks to you the most. Can't wait to see more of this as you go along.
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