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  1. So I haven't posted in a while LOL. But I've been really busy, mostly with game design and music related stuff. Last night I decided to make a song for everyone. This song is for anyone that is trying to keep there heads up during these rough times, looking towards the future with optimism and hope. Its short but I hope you enjoy. Also my first public song post lol
  2. I cant wait to play some diabotical. I am going to download that ASAP and GET DESTROYED 😉. Need to dust off my mouse and keyboard skills. AHAHAHAHA
  3. I want to upload to youtube but for now here is some links to them on twitch. Pt.1 Pt. 2 Random Design Talk afterwards.
  4. Ya there was one night of testing where 4 or 5 maps got played on and I wasn't there but the other three where. So ya I didn't get to voice a opinion on that map because the other 3 all said no and because I didn't play the map I couldn't provide debate on that one. LOL. Funny enough, 4 of the TOP 8 maps where escapable. Actually Endless Shore got Second and there was a escape on that map also. So I wouldn't be to worried escaping from maps to much. Unless brokenly easy. HAHAHA
  5. Nice job so far buddy. For me my art style is set pretty early on because I try to design areas that go with the art(Form and Function kinda thing). But I have for sure swap things before. Your still in the early stages so I would just do small experiments with each artistic style and see what speaks to you the most. Can't wait to see more of this as you go along.
  6. Congrats Jack. Whats parts did you work on? I added to my wishlist for you bud. Will try it out next time I get a chance.
  7. Here is a WIP that I am currently working on for Halo 5 2v2. I haven't posted a WIP on here yet. Its still a major WIP but I hope everyone enjoys it What is this unquenchable thirst I feel.
  8. @Soldat Du Christ I have a sketch that I worked on that I might mess around with. Like I really want to do it. I gave myself to the end of this month to determine if I am going to. The hardest thing for me was reading that they wanted exotic places for the contest because I had my Treyarch Stuidos map that I was doing and was shelved and really liked but it was a Mall and I didnt feel like it was exotic enough place. So I am just figuring out what exactly I want to do. I actually had a top down fully done and ready to for block out But I left it in one of my pockets and accidently washed it. For the most part I remember it all. I am in the process of visualizing the Environment art for it.
  9. I am not up to date on Sketch lab stuff unfortunately. If I remember correctly its a library for 3D assets. Can you post a picture of the Scene from Maya, I might be able to spot ways to optimize on that end and maybe that would help when bringing it into Sketchfab? No Guarantee's but might work