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  1. @Box_Hoes checked out the initial build for Daar Mun last night. Very cool layout man. Some very clever ideas there
  2. That's the thing that's really tricky. I have the Xbox One S and I couldn't find any performance issues on Maar Dun, but I hear some people saying that had a few hitches. It's tricky to optimize for other people's hardware when it can be so variable
  3. One small recommendation though would be to avoid using the stone brick texture for walls unless you have a lot of trim and framing for them. It looks super unnatural when it has a space between blocks and there's a straight line cutting between all of it
  4. I won't be available till Saturday evening but then I'm up for 2's on like everyone's maps
  5. Holy hell this is a human playing this. I'm pretty sure if i tried this level I might get a seizure lol
  6. So far easily the most detailed look on the maps so far. Good job Seth! Listened to the first vid so far
  7. Yeah I was really surprised that they were such sticklers for containment. Like if that's something that ends up costing me the tournament I'd be really disappointed in them. Judge the geometry and obviously intended gameplay and if there are some tiny holes it takes a second to fix it so it should have barely any bearing unless it runs completely rampant. I did like though that when they talked about Maar Dun's split spawns that they did figure it out and after Blaze's initial concern of it. So I'm not totally writing them off for it.
  8. Was the stream recorded? I'd love to give it a watch if it was Edit: tried the link and it won't load.for me
  9. Well I'd just say that i think @purely fat and @Westin came out swinging with a few really, really good maps. Uncomfortable Silence would probably be my favorite, with just really solid unique geometry, great art style, and having some really unique encounters. Then Catharsis would prob be a good second. I just adore the art style of it. Obviously very Dark Souls inspired, but it's very grim and I dig it. I also like with Night Flight how my wind stream idea was taken and made absolutely ballistic.