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  1. Played a few matches last night and had a blast. Movement was really solid and so was the map selection. My only main complaint would actually be the BR funnily enough. The thing is just a laser beam I swear. If you play every match more cautiously you'll do alright. Ironically enough I actually had the most fun on Oracle, as someone who isn't really a fan of Wizard or Warlock, this one was actually pretty fun for flag. I'll have to give it more matches this weekend to give more thoughts though. Didn't get to play through the whole map pool
  2. Yeah that one is narly too. Had quite a few issues with God Ray's for a while
  3. In my experience with Maar Dun it's mostly just having a lot of objects in one location that kills FPS, so like detailed or simple regardless. But if you are using simples like I was to fill in space or make detailed shapes, it'll cause issues pretty fast.
  4. That means a lot man. If I can inspire people to get back into designing more levels that's a plus to me. We def gotta get a lobby put together some time to run it
  5. Thanks man! yeah with Sacrament I was rushed to put that out for college. Maar Dun has been a major passion project for me
  6. https://jakestegmeier.wixsite.com/portfolio/maar-dun DOWNLOAD AND DETAILS AVAILABLE ON MY PORTFOLIO WEBSITE https://jakestegmeier.wixsite.com/portfolio/maar-dun CREDITS J A C O B S T E G M E I E R | LEVEL DESIGNER @Jake Stegmeier | MartianMallCop LEVEL DESIGN | LEVEL SCRIPTING | UX | LIGHTING | ASSET CREATION C H R I S T I A N F I L I P | LIGHTING ARTIST @MultiLockOn LIGHTING | ASSET CREATION W E S T I N K O E S S E L | ASSET MODELER @Westin ASSET CREATION
  7. I think whatever the logo has that it shouldn't have the letters on it. Just something recognizable