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  1. @MultiLockOn I think you'll like this
  2. I think in some situations it can certainly be used as a tool. But I think you also need an interesting reason for the player to want to go there as well, or to at least pass though a location beyond just the weapon. I'll list Maar Dun's damage boost as an example. While DB will encourage players to engage in the acrobatic rafter fights as intended. It's not the only reason a player's would pass over the rafters. It just adds to the existing encounter for a bit more of a timed and focused event where many players may contest the area.
  3. I wonder if it was a way to keep a lot of their UI people employed. Like people suggesting features to give themselves things to do. Like they have to have some guy go to that test world and act out all those situations with each of the mechanics and record it etc... I think just throwing that in easy mode would have been the best option.
  4. I just know with a lot of games lately that the developer often doesn't know what the optimal experience should be so I always change the settings before I even start.
  5. I'm still making my way through it on Ultraviolence. I still like it a lot but I think they just made quite a few key bad decisions. Probably one of my biggest complaints would be the ammo cap on certain weapons and that too many enemies have one ideal way to kill them that's way better than any other way. It leads to a lot of situations where I'm out of the type of ammo for the guy I need to kill so I can't kill it's weak points with the other weapons. Another solution would be making a lot of these weakpoints more susceptible to other weapons, like not just the sticky bomb and heavy cannon sniper. But also the game heavily depends on weapon swapping for most fights and on controller that can be a bitch. And swapping mods takes too long to be ideal so you pretty much need to have a mod you prefer and stick to it. I've found that swapping my control mapping around helped a lot though. Before I started I messed with a bunch of the noob friendly settings and shut them off. I immediately turned off tutorials, and tips, sentinel armor, and changed the UI color so it wasn't a reading rainbow. They honestly should prompt you at the start saying " are you a player who needs pop up tutorials" so that the average competent fps shooter player can get those things out of their face and learn the enemies for themselves. Or have the tutorials only show up on the easy mode because those are the players who will need it.
  6. Lmao the similarity is actually really surprising. But hey if it works it works. If you find the concept art from some of my maps you'd see how similar some of my layout is to them
  7. Out of the contest maps available I'd certainly say so man. Maybe your standards are in some ethereal plain, but when we are comparing the dev maps for the past 5 halo games and games like Destiny, Doom 2016 and even some Quake and unreal maps I've seen I think a ton of the maps in this contest pool alone beat them out by a significant margin at least when it comes to gameplay and crafting unique encounters. Like with the ability to rapid iterate test that forge gives us honestly I think a lot of forgers are better than even some of the best industry designers. The only glaring things I found with Westins' maps are that I hate OS with a fiery passion in doubles. You yourself claim that so much of level design is subjective but now your claiming that his maps are mediocre? What gives? What's your criteria?
  8. I was actually pretty surprised that Max ended up rating mine 1st on his list. Just watching some of the streams I had the impression that he didn't like it. But that's dope. Also @Westin way to go man. Both With Love and Uncomfortable Silence are top tier maps and easily part of my top 3
  9. Gave my Portfolio a huge makeover after getting a bunch of feedback from some of the mapcore guys. You guys think i should be using the indoor shot of Maar Dun or one of the exterior shots? https://jakestegmeier.wixsite.com/portfolio
  10. Does the blood act as a kill barrier? Cuz if it's something players can walk through, to get a grizzly blood effect if you place a block with marble texture with a blood red color you can get some pretty realistic spooky looking pools of blood. Then just place a bunch of asteroid rocks as rocks in it to break it up and it'll look badass
  11. Finally was able to get the time to put together the trailer I wanted to do when Roaming King originally came out It get rotated back in tomorrow so this is close enough to an actual release
  12. Anyone able to jump online and help me get some shots for a few minutes. I'd do it myself but no split screen is evil right now
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