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  1. @Kantalope ur gonna have an accessible level editor in your game for all us right? If so, ill pay 60$ if at least everyone here is playing the game.😁👍👍 PS. I wonder if talking to icyhot in realife is anything like it is here in the forums.
  2. Its 30 an hour. There are 8 classes that are 1 week each which you take over the course of 4 years. About every 6 months you get a raise until you max out at journeyman level. From there we still get like a 2 dollar raise every July and have a full pension after 30 years. Full family medical is no cost if you are working and you can go up to 6 months without working and still have those benefits if you've banked the max 600hrs(each month you need 100hrs on the books to qualify for the benefits)
  3. These girls are just beginning to flower. It's been a little more difficult than I expected with the whiteflies and caterpillars and heat, but they are looking pretty good so far. Pests are being managed and I think I've got the rest figured out. I'll just post a couple more updates. This is gonna be so much better next year when I pick from a list of hundreds of seeds instead of just picking whatever clones they have that day at the dispensary.
  4. I gotta build this shit with guys out of the union hall. SMH. 2 year apprentice cant add a fucking 1/2" plus a 1/2". Literally broke down how to build a fucking panel start to finish 10 times with her and she still doesn't even understand the concept of what we are making. This is one of 5 new people and all are making 55 an hour and all are idiots. I get to be king of the idiots and my reign of terror began today. I'll only have 3 left by friday so anyone needs a job and is a union carpenter in the bay area (yeah, I know) I got work. You're gonna get to see a side of me that most never will, hehehehehehe. Seriously tho, I make 5% more than these motherfuckers. It's a joke.
  5. I think 343 recruited the wrong people from the forge community. Question is, if they did pick the right people, would they have actually utilized them? Im sickened by the architecture shown in the reveal. I'm sure I will still get the game bc I'll take whatever new forge assets I can get. Literally havent made a thing since the joke contest so I'm starting to feel the itch a bit. I wish there was another game other than fucking Murder Miners with an accessible level editor and good gameplay.
  6. Im not being sarcastic, but how hard is it to make your own textures with photos? If you did all your own 3d modeling and added your own photo textures, wouldn't it take up way less storage?
  7. I'm expecting a contest here a few months after infinite. I'm gonna win so u guys betta bow down.😈 I have 0 designs in mind. Gonna whip up a masterpiece last sec. Cant touch this.🤣
  8. Bay area level design salary ranges from 45-93k. 93k!!!? Really?! In the bay area?! Not worth it by any means unless you are single and following your dream. Pretty sure youd be working 60plus hours a week to get that too. Become an architect bro. Make the real money working on real structures.
  9. Not even close yet, but i like it a little more each time I play it. I just think they could have made combat a little more interesting, but I dont think I've even seen every enemy yet so that may get a little better. They definitely give you plenty of unique areas to fight/stalk in. I felt a little let down with the first one for the same reasons actually. I'm playing it on hard and its incredibly easy. No battles really make you think too much. Just sneak and silently kill. It would be cool if they really forced you to find more strategic options to survive.
  10. I'm not sure I'm at the stalkers yet. Just got to the shamblers. I think the quicktime button pressing and the limited interactivity is just super outdated. It feels exactly like the first game in the way you pick up items/explore/melee/shoot/jump/walk/run. I guess I'm expecting too much, but a game that goes this long between sequels seems like it should add more to the gameplay department. I was soooooo disappointed in red dead for the same reason. Literally the same game as GTA 3 with a different story and visuals. A little extreme, but true in many ways.
  11. I'm only like 6hrs in, but it's on par with the original. Gameplay is pretty trash, but story and atmosphere are as good as it gets. It's a stealth game like the first and movement is clunky. I was hoping for a step up in the gameplay department, as I was with red dead. Nothing new there, but the story seems worthwhile so far. It's cool that the game looks as good as it does, but it plays like a game from 10 years ago.
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