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  1. Clones. OG Kush, True OG and Docs OG. I'll be looking to you for advice. This is my first legit attempt at outdoor. So far I've got 16 bags of ocean forest soil and the standard fox farm 3 pack of fertilizers.
  2. I did this incorrectly, but I cant find the right icon on my phone to insert video. Devo has some really cool music videos. I thought this one was worth sharing with you guys *Edited by a Chunk: Embedded YouTube video
  3. Anyone else playing Half Life Alyx? I'm blown away and only on Chapter 4. Game is so fucking scary. Crawlers walking on walls in pitch black, you have a flashlight in one hand and a pistol in the other. I'm having a fucking heart attack shit is so intense. The teleporting controls at least give me a cheap escape, but OMFG this may be the best game I've ever played.
  4. Honestly debating using the coronavirus to get out of social events. I could be free for a month. No stupid gatherings or other shit I hate. Just me and the fam at home playing games and watching movies. My wife would never let me get away with it tho so I'm gonna have to lie to her too, hehehe.
  5. This sounds pretty I interesting. Maps and characters look way too generic, but the idea is really good.
  6. So....played escape from tarkov all weekend and its probably the most addicting cycle of looting up and risking gear I've ever seen. I suck, so I've mainly been doing scav runs and gaining/selling gear, but this game is the shit. You stock up gear by loading into a map as a scav, then if u survive, you collect whatever you leave the area with. When u load in as a pmc, you risk losing all gear equipped if you die which is sort of like gambling. Meta is insane with the amount of random items used to trade/upgrade hideout, keycard and keys needed to access certain areas of the map and such. I have so much more to learn. I've only looked at 1 map semi in depth and another I've played a few times. I can't recommend this one enough though. I've spent over 20 hours and I'm soooooo just scratching the surface of how to get good and actually get good loot. I've had unequivocal fun so far and I think it will only get better. This game will hook you if you spend an hour getting it. Its gonna be game of the decade when it gets released and it still has like 4 or 5 maps that are gonna be released. It can be frustrating loading with good stuff and losing it all in seconds, but so far , it has been worth it. I cant recommend it enough.
  7. Sounds cool. I have some steam money so I'm seriously thinking about it. You should check out escape from tarkov if you haven't already. I just got it after watching a bunch of vids on it and hopefully can get a handle of it over the weekend. From the little I've played, it looks like it will be one of the deepest pvp/pve shooters ever made. Customization is insane with hitboxes to match exact armor outlines and hundreds of weapon parts to allow limitless weapon customization. I think there are like 8 or more maps already and they are all really big. I'll have a better handle on it soon.
  8. How is enemy variety in that game? I was pretty interested in it a few weeks ago, but the vids I watched made it look like there were only a handful of enemy types.
  9. Anyone tried Splitgate: Arena on PC? I thought it looked just okay till I tried it. It's one of the best shooters I've played in a while. The movement is really good and it runs all the classic halo game types. Maps are okay, but the gameplay is really fluid and fast paced and the portal idea is actually really well done imo. It's free too