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  1. @SaltyKoalaBearyeah it looks like it canceled the animation
  2. @no god anywhere im really excited, although there are still plenty of ways they can mess this up, what they have shown looks like several steps forward
  3. "lead level designer at 343i" https://caylegeorge.com/
  4. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/halo-infinite-multiplayer-reveal Ai controlled spartans for custom browser! hopefully this means we can configure ai path finding on forge maps as well! ahhhh im so excited
  5. normally i would have an idea of how to do that but i haven't been thinking about design lately so i don't know where to begin, lol, there's alot of ways to do that @JB_ its really coming along now
  6. I really loved the venue and photographer, i can tell she really loved what she does, had an eye for framing and lighting, i haven't even shared some of the best pictures. I'm also really proud of kierstyn, she planned out the entire event, and kept the budget under 5000, for how beautiful and perfect everything turned out, thats not that much
  7. i was really nervous but had a great time, the wedding was great, but we lost our husky at the end of the night as i was taking him to the car i was drunk and he slipped out of his harness, he booked it so fast outta there lmao And here's me crying like a little bitch,lol , i didn't think i was going to cry but it was all pretty emotional
  8. for real, it really is a next gen leap, im just worried about how this feature interacts with the larger scope of things. usually when something this revolutionary is introduced, lots of previous tools/ workflows/ and general frames of thought become incompatable or un optimised, guess well see how things go
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