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  1. It all depends on context, thumb war for example exercises thumb skills, but i don't have a problem with that game because there is very little if any mental skill that can be exercised to gain an advantage, it's all about proportions... it's not necessarily that thumb skills are always bad to be rewarded, but that it should never overwhelm an entire category of skill, namely Mental I'm trying to approach everything from a bottom up point of view, not top down. If you just examine video games intuitively without breaking down all the a priori assumptions i believe most people will come to the intuitive understanding that thumb skills are fine because it requires practice and precition, but if you break skills down into their overarching categories: Mental and Motor, you will see how completely disproportionately rewarding the two categories are Most games exercise these mental skills even to a minimal degree, some more than others: Processing capacity ( how MUCH information you can gather and compartmentalize in order to think laterally and several steps ahead Processing speed (how fast you can gather and process information that leads to decisions) Processing extrapolation (reasoning off incomplete data, induction & deduction) And then heres the motor skills exercised in games... ...Thumbs 💩 See what i mean?
  2. It does not follow that because games feature finger inputs, they therefore have a meaningful impact on the outcome of a match. Whether or not inputs have a meaningful outcome depends on how much is demanded and how much is rewarded And i'm fine with video games being completely separate from physical sports, even though they could theoretically be merged as VR becomes more developed, but most importantly whatever skills are present they need to be rewarded proportionate to their value i'm sorry if it makes you upset but thumb skills are not more valuable than mental skills, the problem is they are treated as if they are more valuable by how disproportionately rewarding it is I think one reason why people flinch at the idea of nerfing aiming skill is that it would sacrifice engagement, BUT this is only if you don't have a creative mind and can't think of other ways to add engagement back in through other means In Overwatch there a character named winston who has a auto lock on weapon, so how did the developers make up for this loss of engagement? The gun can lock on to as many as three targets at once without sacrificing any more ammunition or damage per second, so the player is rewarded ALOT by optimising their position and encouraging a crowd control role. This is just one example, you don't have to give everyone auto tracking weapons, just find creative ways of making gunfight more mental!
  3. @MultiLockOn Ok but we are talking about thumbs here... think about it, assume you have a game where every possible intellect category a player can exercise is present, leaving the only deciding factor to motor skills, which is FINE, but the only motor skill that is being exercised is THUMB skills, the most underwhelming possible differential, should that determine the outcome of a match? I'd rather just have the players continue to go neck and neck until one of them gives in just 1% eventually losing them the match. If we where exercising larger muscle groups, i think it would be a valuable skill, but not thumbs @Box_Hoes I still feel this way even in games where i'm competent, or even good at aiming, while i admit it feels satisfying, i understand what i'm doing is no more impressive than throwing something in the trash from across the room several times in a row. And yes some games do this better than others, playing halo 5 makes it mote frustrating yes, some characters in overwatch have projectiles so thick it feels much more fair and natural, you dont need dishonest mechanics like aim assist or magnetism @purely fat I think you hit the nail on the head with your first sentence, all the young nerds with thumbs from the devil get to compete while the wise teachers are stuck trying to tell them to stop making bad decisions only to watch them get away with bad decisions by leaning on their thumbs skills @icyhotspartin Having a interface present is different than letting those inputs have a meaningful impact on the outcome of a match, like i said i think all the virtues of placing your shots intentionally or just the engagement that looking around in real time is readeamable, but just needs to be toned down by alot in games
  4. I'm not leaving anything out, any game can do this, they just need to have their settings adjusted so aiming is not a primary skill, it should take a back seat, developers need to find out how to supplement this loss by introducing more depth in every other category
  5. Successfully exercising your thumb skills in a fps game is about as impressive as someone being good at beer pong, or flip cup. A novelty party trick. Get wrecked nerds, video games should reward mental skill overwhelmingly all thumb motor skills should be present only enough to engage the player and immerse them in a first person pov, and you don't need high aiming difficulty to achieve those two goals. Make the projectile thicc af and remove aim assist and magnetism which just feels bad and is a dishonest mechanic When fps vr games utilise larger muscle groups to a more elaborate degree then we can start taking motor skills seriously in games, and stop pretending thumb skills are valuable
  6. I'm actually very happy for them, they need to get over this, what better way than to test it, and then we can all move on
  7. You guys should check out google earth if you haven't in a while, some major cities are in full 3d, like La, Sacramento, san fran, new york, i was able to see where im living in 3d! also it's fun to map out biblical sites
  8. Also everyone, here is a fool proof way to help JWs if you ever see them on the street or at your door, they only trust literature published through their watchtower orginization, so you have to use their app, or their website Start by telling them you are confused about something on there site and have questions, they will be obligated to help you and will trust the sources, Run them through this line of thought using the links Self proclaimed "Prophets" by God https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/1972241 Failed prophecies https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/1101993008#h=139:2-142:454 What does the bible say about false prophets? Dueteronomy 18:20-22 https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/b/r1/lp-e/nwt/5/18 Tell them you just want help understanding and give them your number so they feel obligated to follow through and research it, this will also give them an "out" someone on the outside of the org who is a bible believer but has doubts that they can talk to Finally, when they contact you, ask them who their authority is, the watchtower? Or the word of God? Point out how in Deuteronomy it says you don't have to fear those who falsely prophecy in Jehovahs name, that way they can be less fearful of the threats they receive from their peers, tell them you will read the bible with them cover to cover without the watchtowers influence
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