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  1. In an effort to loosen up after taking design so seriously for so long, i made some maps with all natural physics blocks, its some good dumb fun if you ever want to mess around in open custom games I also made a plain canvas with natural blocks on the side if anybody wants to make one, its actually a satisfying/ annoying challenge trying to balance all the blocks on top of one another, especially since i made the base terrain a bowl XD there's a lot of room to make something better than my two examples, like towering block skyscrapers that contest one another or something like that DL: DuChrist
  2. Actually i just realised it is there, it just doesn't bother me for some reason, its not THAT bad
  3. I played it yesterday on my base xbone and i didn't notice any performance issues
  4. Can anyone recommend any good mobile games? The best one i ever played was 'the quest' an old school open world rpg
  5. Wow cool, i might just do that and have a look around, thanks for sharing
  6. Very cool idea, keep posting opportunities you find like this, i would love to be a part of a small design team for fun
  7. YTG was my favorite band for a while, they make pop songs but they also have acoustic versions of all of there songs, THATs where the good stuff is 😉
  8. I'm talking about the laws that define how physical objects interact, like 'physics' the scientific discipline
  9. I don't want to start another toxic debate, but i made alot of progress, my goal with these is that people should have a somewhat intuitive understanding of the layout just by looking at it and me not having to explain anything, the last one made no sense, let me know how you guys feel about this just by looking at it