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  1. @Boyo wouldnt it be amazing if we could just 'think' these games and mechanics into existence? there is such a huge barrier between very creative individuals like most people on this forum, that stops these amazing games from ever existing... the huge learning curve that is game engines and tools. if only we had all the money we needed to just throw at people and make our visions come to life, either that, or be prepared to spend years of your life learning a game engine and all the tools youll need and general computer science bullshit jargan that you need to just kickstart your project
  2. 50% off right now https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/modeling/umodeler-model-your-world-80868 @JB_ can you let me know what you think of this modeler, it looks so complete, i got it and i think its way better probuilder already, and i loved probuilder!
  3. So i finally got on mcc to look at the update and map... I didn't know they where going to replace the halo 3 glove, i thought they would let you use the old tech suit... the new glove looks so bad. also narrows looks so much worse now, what is wrong with them
  4. i have my own ideas ofcourse but im more curious to understand why you haven't taken the initiative on iterating on your maps, afraid to mess up the original intent? or are they perfect already?
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