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  1. I want to do halo 5 2v2 tier list video after my last bastion design doc. I know this always gets people fired up, but what is everyone's top 5 2v2 maps in halo 5 from beginning to end, and short summery of why? And yes your own maps should be considered for the list if you are going to participate, you aren't humble just because you leave them out, that's just you trying to look good. Just be as honest to your thoughts as you can be, even if you think you are a god and all your maps are top 5. The video will still be ultimately my thoughts and my teir list but i want to get some outside perspective to consider before i compile my own Also, the tier list will be made publicly available to everyone, with all the 2v2 maps ready to go, after my video uploads. So you will be able to make your own 2v2 tier list. The more people that submit tier list using my template on will contribute to a community vote and everyone will be able to see the popular community ranking of 2v2 maps. Great way to end halo 5s forge life span
  2. In case anyone hasn't seen this yet, really cool, crystal cave was my favorite irl inspiration
  3. I find it really interesting how much identity and narrative can play with our emotions and how much we 'Love' something. Like i could see myself falling in love with bloodborne in the same way multi has with ds1 not JUST because I love the art direction, but because i'm completely sold on that idea of being a hunter... where as with ds1 i can see how good the art is objectively but i'm just not sold on the identity of persevere or give up and go hollow. As cool and respectable as that is philosophically, I just end up feeling like a fool cheesing through the game and I can't let myself just enjoy existing and being absorbed in that world. Now i do think that bloodborne is far better mechanically, and is even better at tying the mechanics with the games narrative of being on the offense, but the world design (while still good) is still miles behind ds1. This must be why salty is so obsessed with his mil sim experiences even if the design is underwhelming because the narrative carries the experience for him, and why he can't see past maps with a more rustic narrative because it rips him out of the experience as he put it. @MultiLockOn i asked you twice now, can you please explain why you think ds1 is the best game ever made? Is it because you fell in love with some underlining theme? Is it just because of the world design?
  4. What fudemental design goal can you say applies to one player count that DOESNT apply to another? Good Balence? Universal Good Depth? Universal Good Art? Universal Good Narritive? Universal Execution is only slightly different, its not unexplored, and its not mysterious, salty is trip right now thinking its this ancient godly wisdom, youre full of it
  5. @xandrith, i know you aren't asking me but the more i think about btb the biggest difference i can see is that there is less you can do as an individual to contribute to the team, and as a result of this my goal would be to supplement this by creating as many different roles individual players can take up. Obvious good vehicle implementation, but on the btb map i'm working on for example, i want to have a platform that migrates around the map that acts as a contestable asset for both teams to fight over. It migrates between 3 checkpoints which are opportunities for teams to take back control after it lands. Also being able to board it from man cannons on the perimeter of the map or from flying vehicles. Having all these different roles interact with one another really feeds into that large scale warfare narritive which i think is btbs most redeemable quality considering people generally don't prefer it for competitive play
  6. "On a certain day to uncertain parents Incarnate moon and star reborn"
  7. @MultiLockOn I wasn't talking about estus, in bb you can get some health back after taking damage if you counter attack, you don't HAVE to just retreat to heal, you can stay in the fray I don't care about whether or not you play with integrity or not, any game can be fun if you take restrictive liberties upon yourself to make it more interesting. On one of my ds1 builds i play as a pyro who only uses a spell and whip in each hand and i force myself not to lock on just to ENJOY the game not because its optimal. When it comes to critiquing a game i judge games by how easy you can optimise the fun/difficulty out of it, and that's where im coming from on this, come on you have to admit dark souls is way worse than blood borne, i know you know better Because there are no shields in bb you are forced to play with with integrity, or at the very least it is alot less easier to cheese the game because of this vs ds. AND on top of all that the weapons and there combinations are way more unuiqe and interesting.
  8. Ellie Verra No God Anywere, hmmm, interesting choice boss (Edit: sorry bad joke, was trying to make it seem like that would be her last name, lol. I like it, Ellie Vera Griffith)
  9. I don't know i never played sekiro, but i've watched speed runs of both games which is very much the highest level of play, and i could have been fooled by what apears to be good combat when it's really a linear patern like you explained. But I don't understand why you aliken bb and ds as if they share the same quality of combat, at least mechanically they are different, the biggest differences being the lack of ability to tank damage with a shield, instead forcing you to use the many unuiqe weapon combonations, and the health regen ststem... also side stepping looks alot cooler, compared to throwing your entire body in a summersault several times like a clown
  10. I want to play bloodborne, it does a good job at really selling the idea of being a hunter. That's one more thing about these games, is the identity the player takes on themselves. I never felt bad ass playing through any of the ds games because i was able to cheese almost everything, if the game rewards me for playing like a fool i am going to feel like one too. Those stupid rolling animations as you roll into a monsters crotch and the camera starts spazing out, lmao! Its soo retarded. Bloodborne and seikiro actually seem like they do a good job of eliminating cheesy play styles and selling the idea of being a bad ass that you actually have to earn. I agree that after you understand how the world connects it loses that magic, still impressive and inspiring, but from a gameplay perspective each zone is one and done, you just clear them out and then they feel empty. This could be remedied by having escort, delivery, or fetch quests starting on one end of the map to the other, forcing you think about which path to take. As trivial as those quests sound, it would just be an exuse to re think the way you approach the world, a fresh challenge I am also looking forward to elden ring, wishful thinking but i hope it features the mechanics of siekiro and bloodborne with the world design of ds1
  11. Your first time playing ds3? Im surprised you haven't played it yet. The lack of an open world really killed my interest in that game. It opens very mildy, and i think you can go back to the chapel and there will be a boss there now that you can fight and progress through