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  1. Wow thats sounds like a pretty good deal, i never thought about being a carpenter, something to keep in mind for sure, is it in san fran though? Living there would suck bad
  2. If Gareth Cokers music sounds generic in infinite blame it on 343 oppressing his creative talent, he's actually a legend, listen to some of the sondtrack he made for the Ori games Listen to this And heres a playlist i made of all the best songs in both games
  3. I mean there are some redeeming qualities worth mentioning about the campaign levels, i like how they broke up some parts of the ring into these vertically staggered islands, from a gameplay perspective its really cool, i would love to explore the ring like this, its just those overly primitive and overly reflective honey comb things that make up the foundation of the islands that look really bad. If they where more matte and had some erosion and seams to break up the primitive shape i think it would blend better and not looks like Minecraft or murder miner procedurally generated terrain And where there forgers in charge on campaign levels? I never considered that a possibility, i just assumed they where making arena maps. The halo ring look very modular-ish which is expected for open world, but it looks like an amateurish modular built world, even the forgers wouldn't't be that bad
  4. All this has made me realise, why even get the new xbox? What can it do that a pc can't? Xbox has nothing to offer me now. Their game show sucked, Fable is cool but not a console seller. All their games are cross platform and i can play the best version of infinite on pc and still have it to play on my xbox one. Not only that but if i want to be able to properly develop maps and games i should get a stronger pc since laptop that can't even download unreal which is really shaping up to be THE next gen engine for indie developers or freelancers like myself All that being said i have no idea what i'm getting myself into with pc builds and costs, i would appreciate some advice on how to balance the performance i need to play and develop next gen games also the cost. Estimates and brand references would be nice
  5. Lmao that stupid phantom jerking around! Dude this game looks like it was made by an indie studio or some crap, where did all that money and time go At least the mechanics are looking better than h5. The unsc weapon bullets look they have travel time, sprint is effectively useless, weapon swapping amd reloads are quick, and all the abilities are pick ups so you wont have to put them on your maps if you don't want to. Im okay with the campaign looking like crap, i just home the weapons look better at launch cause right now all the precision weapons look ugly
  6. Even my wife when i showed her the gameplay to her said it looked really bad, shes like "those gold lights block your vision" and there's people saying "its an early build its supposed to look like this." Or "it will look better on the final release" its 4 months away from release you clowns
  7. It does not look like a next gen game that's been in development for 5 years with a 500 million dollar budget. Halo 3 still looks and sounds better. Animations still suck... ill just look forward to the multiplayer reveal now i guess. That speech at the end was soooo emberassing, i cringed, they're desperate to try and tap into people heart strings it's pathetic. My heart is broken, they are so incompetent