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  1. The devil never gave us free will, he only ever tempted us with the thought of MORE free will. In the Garden, God gave us free will, but we were restricted, only being able to will good things, by only allowing us to KNOW good things. As soon as adam and eve ate the apple, only then did they become Self aware, and that is the root of sin, the Self... Adam and Eve being sent out of the fruitfull garden into the barren earth is analogous to the decision they made: they sacrificed the smaller more restricted Garden that was ruled over God, for the barren but much more expansive and open earth where they could be rulers to themselves and build their own kingdoms
  2. Wow... i just woke up from a dream of a map with a really cool layout taking place on a frozen unsc facility, i really want to make it now
  3. I've been making my own forge pieces in Blender, going for a Halo 3 sandbox theme, large quarried stone blocks, just finishing up the primitves before doing some props and extra stuff
  4. I think both of those methods are useful, and i do both, Tribunal was one of my quicker builds and it was a lesser experience compared to my other maps because of it... Not to say that maps made quickly will always be lesser to maps that have lots of time spent on them, as always it depends on the execution. Xandrith said US was his quickest build and he thinks his best map, is an opposite example of that... Also its debatable which method you can learn more from, again they both have their ups and downs. While ego definitely plays a vague part in someone's unwillingness to change their designs, it's also a good exercise to not make hasty changes to your map just because you are getting lots of pushback on something, and the more complex the design the harder it is to summarize quickly. Personally I've improved the most by just mulling over my longer designed un-iterated maps
  5. I never considered building a map for diabolical because the deadline is so short, i need lots of time to let my designs stew in my head before i feel confident with the balence, thats how ive always been, any time i make it too fast im never satisfied with it, usually comes out shallow like Tribunal. Victorian stewed in my head for a year before i committed to the final build
  6. Uuuugh this is so trashy Money, power, women, materialism, im starting to feel convicted for looking forward to playing this
  7. It's aaaaaall finally coming out now, this is good and healthy. And while we're at it, i would like to formally thank @MultiLockOn for teaching me so much about deisgn, whether he realises it ir not, im always studying his maps and trying to get inside his head. And @SaltyKoalaBear I have learned a lot about narrative experience just listening to your monologues and i always enjoy looking at your new maps, literally every time i see a new map of yours, i always find something really cool and learn something new Goat and Given are also the two other runner ups that i've learned alot from just running around on their maps by myself and studying them, givens piece usage, and goats goat things
  8. Yeah i dont disagree with those points, obviously i dont have a problem with fall damage or environmental hazards, i think they are cool as both a player and designer, but i can see why that would be a neg for cs boomers. Reminds me of halo kids complaining about death pits in forge maps, its all the same thing
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