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  1. And if someone like me goes the extra mile to actually explain that lengthy design process they won't even watch it, Corrupt industry devs! "wow cool stuff... wait this guy doesn't have any experience?" *click I HAVE FREAKING 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE YOU IMPOSTER!
  2. Look how lazy these guys are, shake my freaking head, they just filled in that gap with a bunch of smaller crates X,D
  3. yeah and the GH isnt the best choice for that map, it would have been better on live fire. For bazzar keep the threat detector and replace GH with repulser
  4. Most people are fine with the movement actually, the biggest complaint that i've noticed collectively is the aim on controllers
  5. is that your only gripe with pvp? they said this was only a representation of their pub experience during the first stream
  6. so you just dont like that there isnt alot of micro geometry to play with? what about on the macro level? i mean i liked plaza from h5, but id rather play on live fire than fathom, overgrowth, empire, tyrant, or Colosseum personally im conflicted, i feel like they are just fine, somewhere between "meh" and "i dont mind playing this" the scaling also feels very wierd in some places oh and you can clear a lot of jumps without clamber, moving around the map without spring or clamber is the default which is amazing
  7. It was really clever of 343 to have everyone play against easy bots, this way even bad players who usually get destroyed wont leave the experience with a bad taste and leave a positive review on social media
  8. @JB_ i tried that jump you said has no collision, it does, i can kind of land my feet on it before i slide out, its just that there is a lip right above the geometry that pushes you out. Maybe there is a way to tuck yourself in between the geo perfectly, do something like the fathom bottom to top mid jump
  9. Aiming feels just as good as when i play literally any other fps on PC, but i did plug in my controller for one game and it fealt absolutely terrible
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