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  1. Yeah, still they said in a devlog somewhere they where trying to capture the same spirit of the first game with reach, and i think that was communicated pretty clearly with the delivery of the first level Oh man just remembering that bit where you and jorge go into the dark room and he shuts the door and the music is building up and you think an invisable elite is going to jump out at some point, that was soooo good, such great delivery. One of my more memorable moments playing the campaign
  2. I think it looks cool, it will be something fun me and my wife can do together for a while, but eventually the novelty will wear off
  3. I think its funny how the devs are still trying so hard to capture what made H1s camapign so magical. First with Halo 4, and now even more blatantly with infinite to the point where they are completely breaking off of canon just to tell the same crash land on mysterious planet/ halo ring narritive. I'm not even complaining, i love that setting, but its like, no shame. Bungie did that with reach and it wasnt the same, but still redeamable imo, i liked reach's story
  4. It will look a lot better when you add the shading to make it look 3d, there probably some more optimized/ better variants of these i will come up with later
  5. Make each letter fit into the 3 faces like the example i gave chunk in my last post and it will be good
  6. This was what i had in mind when i made it... the reason why i think this is better is because each letter is clearly designated to 1 of 3 different faces. It's clean and subtle
  7. The blue line gets rid of the orange line thats supposed to define the L
  8. This one hides the NLD in a subtle but clever way Same thing but the cube has complete edges, the NLD being emphasized by orange but still incorporated into the cube in a subtle way The one i made earlier but more refined