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  1. the difference between 6 seconds and 10 is too small, at least 30, but maybe even indefinitely until they get a health pack
  2. i like layered health systems, like the titans from tf1 is a good example, they can only recharge to a certain threshold after getting them down, but you can still technically come back
  3. i like the idea of a sci fi bolt action rifle that doesn't kill in one shot, but drains the enemies shields, and keeps them at 0 until the player picks up a health pack.. that way even if you dont switch to your magnum and get to finish the kill, you can make informed predictions based one where the closest health pack is for them, maybe pre nade it before they get there, or maybe the enemy will go around the map for the farthest health pack to subvert your expectations.. and maybe you where smart enough to predict that one instead 😉
  4. so right now im trying to find out the best terrain solution moving forward, i learned that there are three main options: 1 Modular mesh terrains that we are used to in forge which work well on smaller scale and can be very precise, but takes more time to get right 2 Height map terrain which is very performant for big open landscapes but only calculates verticle terrain height (you cant make caves or overlapping features) 3 voxel terrain which lets you sculpt terrain formations any way you want, with caves, twirls, overhangs and anything else you can imagine, very comfortable workflow, very easy to make slight changes on the go (this was the method used to make Fantasia) the downside to this is the mesh is pretty low res, the tris really start to show if you want smaller details, which can lead to a rounded play dough look that's everything i've gathered so far, i really like the voxel workflow, ideally i would combine the voxel workflow and blend hand made models for smaller details into the terrain, but i also want height map blending on all the textures which gives you very cool effects like grass and dirt in between stone tiles, and l also want mesh texture blending, so when i merge cliff models into my voxel terrain the seams blend together and it looks just like part of the terrain so thats what i want, i've been looking at solutions for these goals in both unreal and unity. Unity has a expansive height map terrain feature list, letting you blend 32 height map textures with tesselation and its all vert comfortable workflow, but the voxel plugin for that is kind of weird, it a hybrid of voxel terrain and unitys default height map terrain, after getting everything set up it feels really clunky Unreal has a voxel plugin, its the same thing that Core games uses so i'm already familiar with that, but they only let you blend 6 height maps, which is better than the 4 in core but nothing compared to 32 so yeah that's been my homework lately, trying to keep a distance while i just learn all these tools and then settle into an engine amd workflow eventually
  5. the things that make me lean towards unity as a level designer and enviornment artist is the various modeling tools built into the engine, like UModeler and probuilder, plus the fast vertex snapping. It makes my job a breaze, but Unity has been fucking up and their future is not looking bright. Spreading themselves thin by adding shallow and incomplete features that get abandoned. Or there recently revised render pipelines that make all community made pulgins incompatable with newer versions of Unity, or requiring a complete re write of code to fix the shaders and other bs. And Unreal sucks because they have all these photo realistic assets for free which is amazing, but incomplete and not versatile, which means you either build scenes to the strengths of the kits, which doesn't get you far. And when you try to fill in the gaps with your own models either from blender or the crappy in game modeling tools, you are trying to match the quality of the highly detailed quixel scan assets and its going to be really hard to maintain a cohesive and consistent level of detail and quality across your scene... fuck
  6. i've been buckling down and digging into the more technical side of game development, starting to wade through all the uv maps and shaders jargin now that i feel pretty confident about mesh stuff, this guy is making some next gen tools for unity, the kind of stuff you see on red dead and gta
  7. whenever im making a youtube playlist for a soundtrack i really like, i find myself only adding the best tracks, and then over time i keep adding more tracks from the ost, until eventually i have the whole soundtrack in the playlist, anyone else do this?
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