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  1. Lol I love watching noobs get destroyed because they want to move around. When the game is done, there’s usually an indentation in the ground from me slowly eroding it over time in prone. And Claymores dance around me.
  2. I don’t get it. Is there some kind of stupid joke behind the comment, because I took it as genuine. The weapon pad looks more like separate planes to me.
  3. Heres a logo attempt. I gave a bit more significance to the arrows by making it look like the piece was being moved.
  4. CoD MW had the strongest narrative of any CoD I’ve played. The gameplay was strong, but not quite to the level of CoD 4. Overall, really impressed. We need more games that show the complexity of war, rather than romanticizing it. The multiplayer is about as uninteresting as I was warned it would be. The level design is weak to the point that it has become a major focus as one of the game’s biggest issues. As for the logo. Im all for simplicity, and i think using the axis arrows is the perfect relevant, memorable detail to include.
  5. Thats why i went with the pyramid. And the top of the pyramid would be for the logo.
  6. Philosophy refers to ‘a way of thinking’. The way I think about single player and multiplayer level design is different, because each category has a different set of values and goals. No need to complicate things or deviate from the topic of discussion.
  7. @Buddy JumpsI guess the question would be: How much value do you put into the idea of players learning a map faster being a competitive advantage? I put little or no value into the idea. I want the players’ decisions on a map to be impactful, but not because one understands it faster. In an ideal situation, they both immediately understand the layout, and the only variables are mechanical skill and smart situational decisions. Single player is a different philosophy.
  8. Graduation/MBTDF/LR/Yeezus/Ye/808s/TLoP/CD/JiK
  9. Attempt #2. A bit flat, but some people may like the cleanness and even, symmetrical design. And the pyramid is separated by levels for the cuteness factor. 😘 @Buddy JumpsI think we should do everything in our power to have players understand the basic layout of our maps as quickly and smoothly as possible. Intro cameras are just one more tool we have to make that possible, and i think theyre great. @MultiLockOnWe have a very different order for his discography it seems
  10. I did. I’m very indifferent about it. Not unlistenable, but I don’t see myself going back to it. What’d you think?
  11. What i came up with Things like orientation/spacing/font/color are all open to change, but i like the asymmetry of the design myself.
  12. Ill try to come up with a design and if i come up with something im happy with ill make it in the trials outfit editor and post it here.
  13. I understand that the idea of questioning your motivation could be recieved as me looking to take a dig at you, but it wasnt my intention. I wasnt trying to expose you, just understand why we think differently about things like this. Thats understandable. I just tend to use context to infer the meaning of their use of the word.
  14. @Westin Last time we had an exchange on the forums, i had a feeling you made somewhat of a breakthrough in being more passive and accepting to opposing opinions, but this seems to be more of the same. I guess my question would be, whats the significance of this univesality of word use? Why is it wrong for people to use a term broadly? Why do you need people to have the same frame of thought as you in order for you to accept their perspective? If its about trying to make it a more friendly learning environment for people that may not be able to infer the terms based on context, thats understandable. But i cant help but feel its something else. It feels less about exchanging and more about convincing. Flow, to me, is essentially a heat map. Frequency of player movement. Good flow is defined by the intent of the designer. Intuition is accessibilty. The designer’s ability to communicate to the user through the design.