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  1. That sucks, man. I would’ve tried to make something as well, but I didn’t know about until a point that I thought was too late. I’d like to see some images if you’re willing to share.
  2. @Soldat Du ChristHow a person approaches your map instinctively isn't something you should discard. I know it's not really a popular opinion amongst certain members, but first impressions are really important. You may intend for a space to play a certain way, but if the space doesn't communicate that to the players, that is a shortcoming of the design. I like that you're trying to introduce some level design elements from other games, and you have to know that it will be an uphill battle: Not only in making it work with the mechanics of Counterstrike, but also in how the community responds to it. As you said, these guys were really professional in how they responded to such a shift in what they were used to. I like a lot of what you have, but I'd make a number of changes to the map based on that gameplay.
  3. @WestinI remember you saying how going to your old posts can be embarrassing. I think many of us have experienced the same. There’s a lot to celebrate and remember fondly about the history of the forge community, but this video seems to be based on the events that are better left forgotten. It’s your video, so of course you can do what you like. Just keep in mind that sentiment. What will you think watching this video 5 years from now?
  4. I haven't seen many of the maps, but I dig Mainstage. It's like a streamlined semi-symmetrical Chill Out. Might be a bit small for fours, though. If NLD does have a contest, I am interested in judging.
  5. I've never been a fan of downvotes, personally. I think there should be a truck nuts logo for bold takes.
  6. I meant perception. Salty was saying that NGA’s take wasn’t based on objective truths. Your opinion of whether the key adds or detracts from the experience depends on your perception of the concept.
  7. Each person’s take on the concept seems to be based on perception: You either believe the key adds to an experience that is enjoyable even without the key or You believe the experience is less enjoyable without the key as a result of the limitations necessary to make the key impactful.
  8. A large part of the reason that the WAYWO is a legendary thread that has been from MLGpro, to Forgehub, THC, Beyond, and now NLD, is the freedom that it offers. Not only freedom of topic, but also freedom from the rules, relative to the rest of the site. The moment you start trying to police people for talking about a topic that you're "tired of seeing" is when WAYWO loses what makes it legendary. As long as no rule is broken, no action should be taken.
  9. I think you guys are misinterpreting what he means by circular flow. He’s referring to loops. Also there is nothing wrong with donuts or designing an area solely with a weapon in mind. It’s all about the execution.
  10. My thinking was that red and blue side had influence over the middle, while green was low and heavily isolated. I did consider having the receivers in different locations at one point, but I think that would be best approached with a different layout. I do have sliders, but I know what you mean with the funneling. Thanks for the feedback. I had a binary rifle on the map in its earliest rendition, maybe that should make a comeback.
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