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  1. I agree with you about the double standard of dev maps compared to forge maps, and I’ve been saying it since Reach. However, I do feel that Warlock achieves that Onslaught level of spawning where it’s predictably awful rather than unpredictable. I also think more about my CTF, Oddball, and KotH experiences than Slayer.
  2. @S0UL FLAMEI never played them, but there are a few forge maps that attempted to balance the banshee by obscuring its pathing with structure to weaken its ability to dodge and escape as easily. As for a 4v4 map I played that used vehicles well: Champ's city map fits that description.
  3. Me and my buddy are playing it on xbox one. At first I wasnt really feeling the level design on earth, but with each new world I feel it gets better and better. We both like the enemy designs, and are really liking the boss fights. I never really got into the Souls games, but this gives me a taste of why the formula has such an enthusiastic fan base. That’s sick you know someone that worked on it. Its been a really pleasant surprise for something I bought on a whim.
  4. One man’s ‘reward individualism’ is another man’s ‘discourage team coordination’. I think the idea of score being more than kills is interesting, but I’d be really concerned with snowballing with that reward system. On the topic of introducing mechanics, I was thinking it’d be cool to have a shooter where the pickups on map are currency used to purchase ammo for weapons/uses of abilities/layers of armor. Players would start with all items, but need to move in order to utilize them. Using the currency would be something along the lines of a weapon wheel, so game flow isn’t hindered. There would also be a relatively weak starting weapon with infinite ammo.
  5. That sucks, man. I would’ve tried to make something as well, but I didn’t know about until a point that I thought was too late. I’d like to see some images if you’re willing to share.
  6. @Soldat Du ChristHow a person approaches your map instinctively isn't something you should discard. I know it's not really a popular opinion amongst certain members, but first impressions are really important. You may intend for a space to play a certain way, but if the space doesn't communicate that to the players, that is a shortcoming of the design. I like that you're trying to introduce some level design elements from other games, and you have to know that it will be an uphill battle: Not only in making it work with the mechanics of Counterstrike, but also in how the community responds to it. As you said, these guys were really professional in how they responded to such a shift in what they were used to. I like a lot of what you have, but I'd make a number of changes to the map based on that gameplay.
  7. @WestinI remember you saying how going to your old posts can be embarrassing. I think many of us have experienced the same. There’s a lot to celebrate and remember fondly about the history of the forge community, but this video seems to be based on the events that are better left forgotten. It’s your video, so of course you can do what you like. Just keep in mind that sentiment. What will you think watching this video 5 years from now?
  8. I haven't seen many of the maps, but I dig Mainstage. It's like a streamlined semi-symmetrical Chill Out. Might be a bit small for fours, though. If NLD does have a contest, I am interested in judging.
  9. I've never been a fan of downvotes, personally. I think there should be a truck nuts logo for bold takes.
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