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  1. I like the game. I have issues with it, but I like its multiplayer better than everything besides Halo 3. It desperately needs more content, though.
  2. @S0UL FLAMEThere was a time when I felt that way, frequently comparing WIPs to Angst. Angst was better than what I was capable of at the time, and it was well-received in the community. I don’t really know when, but at some point, I just stopped comparing. I’m still learning, and my standards for myself keep raising, so I still see potential for growth. Do you think you’ve hit a ceiling?
  3. I want to like it. I really do. But, I don’t. For so many reasons. Maybe I will warm up to it in time. But, at this point I feel Halo 5 is better.
  4. I don’t like sprint. It’s purpose seems to be based on perception as opposed to function. Games that manage to implement sprint in a way that doesn’t interfere with game flow (basically just Titanfall) have my respect, but they’re the exceptions. The functional hindrance that is associated with ‘balancing’ sprint sucks in every implementation I’ve experienced.
  5. @BoyoIt’s supposed to be a real place, in our current time. I don’t think some shape-shifting piece would fit with the idea. Also, I doubt anything like that is possible in forge.
  6. The primary reason for the design of the slotted cube and its angle was for how it casted the shadow. The whole map was based on the idea of being designed around the angle of the sunlight coming in, and I wanted the central art piece to reinforce that theme. You can also jump into the lowest slot for jump ups into the second floor.
  7. I don’t want Unreal or Quake, I want a Halo game that recognizes the importance of those mechanics, and takes the necessary steps the alleviate the problems that surface from abandoning them. If you let the player move how they want in a competitive setting, they will not move. Moving presents risk. It’s only through the game mechanics and level design that we can reward movement, and punish staying put. @Salty What I mean is that with thrust, sprint, and especially recharging shields, players are often bailed out of losing fights with very little or no consequences. Armor abilities have magnified the issue, but it’s always been present in Halo. Ideally the player winning the fight could capitalize on it, but very often that isn’t the case; due to both game mechanics and level design.
  8. It’s kind of weird to use level design as a reason to debate a change in the mechanics, when the level design is supposed to be built around the mechanics. Iceworm and Midship wouldn’t work the same with different mechanics, but that’s because they were designed with Halo’s current mechanics in mind. I don’t see how shield and health pickups would be a hindrance to the gameplay. Level designers have to make up for this weakness in the mechanics to try to encourage/force cycling the map. Having no consequences for losing a fight is nonsense.
  9. Typically, I am with you when you say this, but this may be an exception. Halo took a core aspect of Quake (cycling the map to stack health and shield), and threw it out only having power weapons as movement incentive. It seems like a poor design decision to me. When someone knows they can lose a fight and hide for a few seconds and be back on the same ground with the person that was winning the fight, there’s something wrong with that. Losing a fight on Quake has a ripple effect, even if neither player dies. Every engagement has more significance. @Boyo In Quake, it’s more the opposite. Losing a fight has a tendency to create a snowball effect, which is part of why the game has such a high skill ceiling.
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