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  1. @WestinAs long as the motivation for your choice is as simple as you proclaim, then always spend your life doing what you feel is most valuable. If you feel the value of whatever you’re setting out to do is higher than level design, then make the adjustment. If you no longer find value in time spent on level design, then don’t do it anymore. I don’t fully understand why you couldn’t adjust the balance rather than simply quitting something that you once, and probably still do, enjoy. You ‘forced improvement’ to justify time spent. Why does time spent need to be justified? I know your answer, but I just want to emphasize that question. You want to please something that, by your actions and beliefs, has incentivized you not to live the life you find most enjoyable. EDIT: I must’ve misread the part about Christians.
  2. I agree it wasnt very fun watching that first pass of the maps, but if they have a process, i respect it. Containment and spawning are obviously important, but i think we all just want to see some testing at this point.
  3. Chunk, I know youre an optimistic person, but we have set realistic standards. Game development takes time. A decade isnt that long. 2039 might be possible if theyre cooking with steam. And while I am generally open to opposing perspectives, I can think of no better use of the downvote function than to correct the misguided souls that dare question the quality of Murder Miners, and the turret.
  4. I use my phone. If I paste the link it will not embed the video. EDIT: Got it now
  5. Red Giant is a good map. Hopefully the criteria for a DQ is less strict this time around. Triss not having red hair is harder to get past then I thought. They should’ve just made new characters.
  6. It’s not released yet. I’m still working on lighting and performance. I can start it up with you or anybody that hasn’t tested it if they want, though.
  7. I’m hyped to say Node to Joy will have a trailer. I can’t wait to show everyone.
  8. Absolutely. And while it isn’t as interesting, or doesn’t have as much variety as Overgrown, it plays much better competitively. Here’s another one on an oil rig. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Fuejx37Rri8
  9. I brought it up because the level design is good. I would like to believe that in a forum that is dedicated to level design, we can look past the game and still appreciate good level design. The game itself is actually pretty good as well, but that isn’t the point. I like to look at level design from all kinds of games, and I know Chunk does, too. For anyone else that likes to study level design like us, Warface has a brilliant lineup of maps.
  10. This game is a goldmine of good level design. It’s interesting that they’ve chosen to make certain positions and routes only accessible if you have a teammate to help you. EDIT: Idk how to embed the video
  11. Movement is part of it, but it’s more as well. Why the hell am I fighting against terminators and spartans? Why is the terminator locust and the DBs COG? Why are all the new weapons so underwhelming, and why hasn’t the digger returned? Why are the maps so disappointing? Why are there so few maps? Why does the level design and weapon balancing seem to seem to want to punish movement? Why do they keep introducing characters with smaller bodies? Why isn’t Wingman a playlist again!? I just can’t keep playing a game that isn’t as good as it once was. I guess the reason I can play CoD is that I had no expectations of it. I havent played the 2v2, because I prefer a bit more emphasis on factors other than technical ability. It’s an awesome mode, and I’ve heard nothing but positive things about it, but it’s not what I’m looking for when I play CoD.
  12. I’ve played MW more than any cod since MW2. Part of that reason is because no other game holds my interest, and part of it is because it’s actually kind of good. Amidst the overall poor level design, there are features that I appreciate. There are also a few maps that I’d go so far as to say are good. I don’t understand why I can look past poor level design for MW, a game I had no intention of buying, while I have chosen to stop playing GoW5 for the same reason, even though I was looking forward to its release for a long time.
  13. Lol I love watching noobs get destroyed because they want to move around. When the game is done, there’s usually an indentation in the ground from me slowly eroding it over time in prone. And Claymores dance around me.
  14. I don’t get it. Is there some kind of stupid joke behind the comment, because I took it as genuine. The weapon pad looks more like separate planes to me.
  15. Heres a logo attempt. I gave a bit more significance to the arrows by making it look like the piece was being moved.
  16. CoD MW had the strongest narrative of any CoD I’ve played. The gameplay was strong, but not quite to the level of CoD 4. Overall, really impressed. We need more games that show the complexity of war, rather than romanticizing it. The multiplayer is about as uninteresting as I was warned it would be. The level design is weak to the point that it has become a major focus as one of the game’s biggest issues. As for the logo. Im all for simplicity, and i think using the axis arrows is the perfect relevant, memorable detail to include.
  17. Thats why i went with the pyramid. And the top of the pyramid would be for the logo.
  18. Philosophy refers to ‘a way of thinking’. The way I think about single player and multiplayer level design is different, because each category has a different set of values and goals. No need to complicate things or deviate from the topic of discussion.
  19. @Buddy JumpsI guess the question would be: How much value do you put into the idea of players learning a map faster being a competitive advantage? I put little or no value into the idea. I want the players’ decisions on a map to be impactful, but not because one understands it faster. In an ideal situation, they both immediately understand the layout, and the only variables are mechanical skill and smart situational decisions. Single player is a different philosophy.
  20. Attempt #2. A bit flat, but some people may like the cleanness and even, symmetrical design. And the pyramid is separated by levels for the cuteness factor. 😘 @Buddy JumpsI think we should do everything in our power to have players understand the basic layout of our maps as quickly and smoothly as possible. Intro cameras are just one more tool we have to make that possible, and i think theyre great. @MultiLockOnWe have a very different order for his discography it seems