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  1. I've never been a fan of downvotes, personally. I think there should be a truck nuts logo for bold takes.
  2. I meant perception. Salty was saying that NGA’s take wasn’t based on objective truths. Your opinion of whether the key adds or detracts from the experience depends on your perception of the concept.
  3. Each person’s take on the concept seems to be based on perception: You either believe the key adds to an experience that is enjoyable even without the key or You believe the experience is less enjoyable without the key as a result of the limitations necessary to make the key impactful.
  4. A large part of the reason that the WAYWO is a legendary thread that has been from MLGpro, to Forgehub, THC, Beyond, and now NLD, is the freedom that it offers. Not only freedom of topic, but also freedom from the rules, relative to the rest of the site. The moment you start trying to police people for talking about a topic that you're "tired of seeing" is when WAYWO loses what makes it legendary. As long as no rule is broken, no action should be taken.
  5. I think you guys are misinterpreting what he means by circular flow. He’s referring to loops. Also there is nothing wrong with donuts or designing an area solely with a weapon in mind. It’s all about the execution.
  6. My thinking was that red and blue side had influence over the middle, while green was low and heavily isolated. I did consider having the receivers in different locations at one point, but I think that would be best approached with a different layout. I do have sliders, but I know what you mean with the funneling. Thanks for the feedback. I had a binary rifle on the map in its earliest rendition, maybe that should make a comeback.
  7. @Soldat Du ChristMy point is that there is a purpose and place for all types of maps. Chunk once said that if there was one map he had to play for the rest of time, it would be a Midship-esque layout. There is a charm in simplicity that evades more involved designs. Dust, Deck, Aerowalk, Campgrounds, Midship, Nuketown. These maps would all lose the quality that made them so successful had they been designed by someone looking to ‘impress’ with their design prowess. @KantalopeI like that map for the same reason I like Chiron. I think there could have been parts where you forgoe the hexagon shape (like destruction) for the sake of a smoother experience, but it’s hard not to appreciate how unusual that map is.
  8. It may not be just because of familiarity in your case. It could be for the same reasons that compelled you to make those choices the first time around. Knowing what those paths lead to could contribute to why you chose them again, but why did you make them in the first place? I’m glad to hear you say that Soldat. Now all that’s left is appreciating what experiences the simple and shallow layouts might provide that the deeper ones may not. Designing for players vs designing for designers.
  9. So, I should ignore the meaning of the word as accepted by the vast majority of people, and instead use your definition. Okay. This is like when you felt the need to criticize my use of the word philosophy.
  10. There has been plenty of less than constructive feedback across all contests I’ve been a part of, including before Halo 5. “Judge the map instead of breaking out of it.” is a great example. They explicitly stated that polish was a part of the criteria for the contest, yet people were upset that they were going over the maps to see if they were breakable, or getting upset because they didn’t want to play maps with frame rate drops. That isn’t objectively constructive by any means. If you don’t want to watch that process of the judging fine, but I preferred that we saw everything that they went over. I guess I just did. Getting upset for them going over criteria for polish would be just as silly as getting upset for them playtesting to get an idea of the gameplay. Criticizing the response of the community is no less ‘easy’ than criticizing the judges. I also said that it was disappointing how few games were being played on the maps. I am the guy that acknowledges the importance of subjectivity, not one that pretends objectivity doesn’t exist. The perfect contest will look different to everyone. Preferences are not secondary by any means. Again, the polish complaint is a solid example of that.
  11. You did. You said ‘community success’ in bold, as if it was an outrageous claim. It’s up to the person speaking to define the meaning of the word in use. If success means something as simple as it has come to an end, then it is a success. It is a community effort, so by that logic, it is a community success.
  12. No, you aren’t. You’re applying parameters to what you deem as a ‘success for the community’ universally. We know when we submit something that we are allowing our content to be judged by imperfect people in whatever way they deem fit. Priorities and methods will vary depending on who is involved. We know this, yet people always seem surprised when things don’t go exactly how they want.
  13. We’ve gotten the food analogy, so I’ll use the music analogy. No matter how much a creator might try to explain to me why a song is great, if it doesn’t sound good to me, a person with no experience creating music, then I won’t listen to it. Generally, we creators want the level design to be a significant contributor to the decision making in the game, but the general consumer doesn’t want level design that ‘gets in the way’.
  14. This goes into the reason why people play games though. Many people find enjoyment out of challenging themselves, but many more prefer a less demanding environment. Something as silly as an enemy popping up in a location the player wasn’t aware of will be enough to cause some people to get upset and possibly get off the game. The solution to this ‘problem’ is the flat and incredibly strict lane based level design we now see in CoD, where player movement has become far more predictable, and the emphasis has only further been pushed into who sees who first which narrows the skill gap and allows lesser skilled players to succeed. I like having maps of this simple and predictable nature, but they now seem to use these principles as the foundation for all maps in the series, and it’s incredibly repetitive. But, from a marketing standpoint, it is probably the best way to go. I don’t see competitive players criticizing these maps based on those principles. They loved BO2’s level design. So if both communities seemingly are satisfied by this approach, why bother to create more risky layouts and come up with something that is recieved poorly?
  15. Do it. On the topic of forgers vs the industry: Much of the industry comes from custom content communities, so it isn’t a stretch for us to be comparable. However, I’ll say our goals aren’t the same a level designer in the industry’s goals may be. Accessibility has really held down the potential for what we see shipped in AAA titles. We make maps for ourselves, and they make maps for the largest demographic. A lot of the things we push for are the very things that the general player might push against. From a marketing standpoint, these barebones almost too simple layouts are the best approach.
  16. @Soldat Du ChristIt’s a little loud at points, but overall fine. I did a walkthrough and breakdown of the map I’m currently working on. It is completely improvised, and turned out to be over an hour of me talking.
  17. To anyone that is interested: I’m frequently adding level design content to my twitter page (@the_xzamplez). I’ve always wanted a source that I can just look at endless images and videos of maps, so I decided to create one. I’ve been doing it since blocktober, and I’m already at almost 1,000 tweets, 99% of them being level design related. I’ll also follow anyone that shares mostly level design content.
  18. @WestinAs long as the motivation for your choice is as simple as you proclaim, then always spend your life doing what you feel is most valuable. If you feel the value of whatever you’re setting out to do is higher than level design, then make the adjustment. If you no longer find value in time spent on level design, then don’t do it anymore. I don’t fully understand why you couldn’t adjust the balance rather than simply quitting something that you once, and probably still do, enjoy. You ‘forced improvement’ to justify time spent. Why does time spent need to be justified? I know your answer, but I just want to emphasize that question. You want to please something that, by your actions and beliefs, has incentivized you not to live the life you find most enjoyable. EDIT: I must’ve misread the part about Christians.
  19. I agree it wasnt very fun watching that first pass of the maps, but if they have a process, i respect it. Containment and spawning are obviously important, but i think we all just want to see some testing at this point.
  20. Chunk, I know youre an optimistic person, but we have set realistic standards. Game development takes time. A decade isnt that long. 2039 might be possible if theyre cooking with steam. And while I am generally open to opposing perspectives, I can think of no better use of the downvote function than to correct the misguided souls that dare question the quality of Murder Miners, and the turret.