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  1. Hey! Thought I'd give it a crack this weekend, wish I could spend more time on it but I'm pretty swamped at the moment! Anywho.... I set this map in a city in the far future, where nature has claimed back the city buildings that once stood tall after humans left the planet due to depleted resources. Beautiful huge plants scale up the buildings, and grass pokes through old concrete and stone (although... you won't see any of that... it's a whitebox... IMAGINE! :D). The map was made for Call of Duty style gameplay, particularly leaning towards long ranged/sniping thanks to some long sightlines. The middle area is broken up by a tall skyscraper that provides cover on the ground level, and a point of reference and position in the sky. Players can also use plenty of cover to get close and personal. One of the things I made sure to keep in mind with this map was that there should be no spots that can only be got to via one chokepoint - even higher areas will have multiple ways of getting to them.
    topdown 1 2 3 annotations timings
    Here are some screenshots and topdown maps. I've annotated some key areas/callouts, and also shown a few of the timings to first possible engagement. I wish I could take this further, make it a little less boxy, and do a bit more detailing with Maya but alas, maybe next time 🙂 Made with Unreal / Maya / Photoshop Cheers! Cam
  2. Wow, I love the vibe of the second concept image so much. Makes me think of Destiny/Star Wars. Can't wait to see where you go with this! 😄
  3. Why is the 'p' in Topic bigger than the rest of the letters!!1! We need regular size P's, or RIOT! 😠
  4. Good video! The composition of that area looks awesome 😄 One thing to anyone watching that thinking "mine looks nothing like that!" - don't worry! That guys an artist, not a level designer 😄 Whilst you may want to get your whiteboxes kinda close to that stage before handing over to the art team, for initial gameplay testing purposes, good ol' cubes are the best and fastest way to iterate on your designs. Naughty dogs whiteboxes look like this and yet their level design is still consistently awesome. That screenshot still conveys all the composition, shape theory and pathing th
  5. I strongly recommend Probuilder for any level design work done in Unity. It's a really, really great tool for fast prototyping and iteration on blockouts. It's also free as of a few months back, as Unity bought it and added it to their growing list of free extensions for people to use 😄 It's been used to make some cool stuff 😄
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