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  1. Cause humans are mortal and like to feel recognized, loved, worshipped, remembered. You learn this kind of stuff when you become a novadiver
  2. I thought yesterday was Tuesday so today came quick, the things that happen when you average 4 hours of sleep a night but who is ready to see halo infinite grapple guardians everyone has to make a grapple hook 1 hour before watching the event
  3. Halo 3 is DOG unless on lan and mlg settings Quick sand walker random spread hopper slow decision wave stopper salty only likes it cause there’s a chopper stop using tech as a line of sight blocker Not every map has to be bf4 locker you design your maps for PhD flopper Narrative ascension doesn’t make you a PhD design doctor You treat your maps like wAmen 1 play test you drop her meuuuuuhhh I’m at work bored
  4. 5s ascended For sweaty nades for people on bottom, and the how the ramp works is ascended for trollhood headglitching people through the high door
  5. Let me ascend from the skies off diving boards and create my own safe landing. I don’t need scrubs mispotting my descendance of aerial soarhoud telling me when and where to land, potentially getting me killed due to a pure mortals neural pathways misfiring. Let’s talk about pure ASCENSION where the Greek gods originate