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  1. I only ever brought up those matches to make a point regarding my decision making on the map. If I’m making bad decisions then why am I going positive half the time. Are we really going to pretend that you and Westin have never talked shit about anyone in this community behind their backs?
  2. I mean our record is pretty good with just pistols honestly. There have been a few games where there was quite a gap we won by where I am using my same decision making. You guys have done the same as well. However I have played the map maybe 15-20 times which is my own fault. Just need to grind the map more. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/mode/custom/matches/f6fa2cc0-1d3e-4edd-aee3-6ffb2a6c8f79/players/box rippin?gameHistoryMatchIndex=1529&gameHistoryGameModeFilter=All https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/mode/custom/matches/73bfd0d8-0393-4298-9d16-dbe78f62abb1/players/box rippin?gameHistoryMatchIndex=1498&gameHistoryGameModeFilter=All
  3. I legit think legion is one of the best 2v2 map in halo 5 I was just making a joke because I kept getting rekt trying to use my pistol
  4. Actually if you’re really trying to ascend and reach enlightenment you script a boundary check where if players are sitting close to the door the time it takes a player to melee is 16 times as long. That way you can breach through a 6 unit door and punish a player trying to camp and melee by being the honorable player and using your pistol since the skill values are completely disproportionate. Or I mean you could just approach the door differently or not go through it but hey I’m just trying to help you reach ascendance. What fun is it if I have to use my teammate to tactically breach the door? I just don’t think that lines up well in the hierarchy of top skills halo 5 has to offer. I think you really need to go back to the drawing board on this one salty and reconsider your design decisions
  5. MAN I’m fucking sick tool of destruction pistol 10-17 don’t matter when you got integrity real shit though the ar might be the most broken weapon in halo 5 ahh fuck I used spartan charge integrity lost nvm legion is fucking sick I’m a bob weaving pistol god
  6. On a serious note can someone articulate what good design is without using the word integrity? What is good spawning? what is an example of a good map with spawning? also what do you guys think of a stat that shows how many times your shields recharge in a game?
  7. No integrity spawn killing a and b signs preferably symmetrical jump ups that make paths useless lots of micro to keeps things not binary limited brain power when it comes to positioning so their brains don’t explode and can rely on aiming very distinct push pull style gameplay Design your corners carefully avoid too much overlap unless it’s literally construct LUL ONLY THEN your map will be on the Mlg circuit
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