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  1. Key pun happening ASCENDED also I have 4 versions of box ce, the newest one nobody has seen (except a few) and I think it hits the fine line between having so many excess options vs being too streamlined. All my current files of that map are hacked up and inaccurate. I lack motivation to work on it due to halo 5s state but it’s been a fun map I like to go back and visit after time
  2. Are those buttress supports playable, or just to block los, the invisible blockers are throwing me off? I like what you did to inside the chapel. I saw you beefed up some of the geo in the middle which is nice. The new area under damage boost will be the most interesting to see how it impacts the gameplay/meta of spawns. Feel like you don’t need the one drop down but I get the benefits that come with erasing the dance floor, and thematically don’t know how you would make it a death pit. It’ll have cool moments with rockets tho and getting first shot on ppl since it isnt the most anticipated exit out of that area. Overall it seems a little busier than the other version you showed me so we shall see. Down to run some games if you need.
  3. Oh I was referring to crate room as the crate jump up to the bridge above camo. Yes I agree that’s a viable strategy then to both run in corner room then peak camo. I feel like they could still get that top spawn though which would worry me. I’ve found most games recently the Meta has been for both teams to spawn the team in sniper room or the corner room as the top bridge on the map can be abused for manipulating the spawns. The 3 options you have from sniper room is the vent jump up which sucks. The bottom middle which is lul. And the corner room which is so long you are forced to commit to a punctual fight. Spawning camo you could at least try to run to the other high room with LR.
  4. Honestly hazard is spawning them consistently in that sniper room that connects that corner junction room. It allows both players to hold the high rooms of the map together being able to help each other quickly. In order to spawn them camo you need one guy to rotate out of the crate room into the bottom middle of the map or into that junction room which leaves your teammate isolated and increases your chance of dying because if that camo spawn doesn’t work for whatever reason the guy pushing out of the crate room will lose that 2v1 every time to players spawning in the other high room dropping low into snipe room. While the end goal may be to spawn them camo it takes way too much work and isn’t worth the risk of isolating yourself.