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  1. This is what I look forward to reading on here, sweaty
  2. It doesn’t. We need more maps that hurt people’s feelings
  3. People need to make more maps Maps where gods can ascend maps where snowballs are infinite maps where I spawn and see people soaring on me immediately maps where level 50s will 25-5 level 49s
  4. You think jb makes his own assets??? Haaaaa JB stands for just borrowing assets
  5. Yeah I’ve honestly only been using 2 textures the whole time while just trying to get it built and play test, trying to see where I’ll be at object wise. Thanks I’ll definitely look out for that though
  6. I call it “daar mun” lol jk @Jake Stegmeier | MartianMallCop I made a library inspired by some of your architecture, and there’s 0 lighting
  7. Chiron with walls senders only just wait meuhhhhh
  8. I understand if it really interferes with trying to play the map, like there being certain jumps that allow you to exploit and influence the map from an advantageous position. However, if you really have to go out of your way and it doesn’t even influence the map then just let it go and keep a note of it for later on.
  9. Sacral by fat and budi, and eclipse by sega Also: revolving doors by Chron and lost growth by fat
  10. Ryleys Anubis map night flight by purely dawn of defeat ......*day
  11. Still got some work to do with colors/lighting and the rock lines but it’s playable.
  12. I’d like to see some new content from you, trinket was cool and it looked really damn good
  13. Soldat saw a trolly camo on Salty’s map and stoledat All that design talk and ain’t really got much to showdat The second you thought you became a design god you became loldat Everyone on this forum views you as trolldat Now go start a new map for the contest and grinddat 😎