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  1. Cyber Breach: Confliction is a 3rd Person/Sci-fi action/RPG/Parkour shooter where the player must infiltrate an alien vessel filled with giant mechanical spider droids, and steal a Floppy Disk. This was a team project for my Game Design III class. I had the role of being the teams level designer. The Level is semi-linear with different avenues for the player to take in order for them to explore. The level uses mostly pre-rendered and pre-developed assets from the Unreal Engines marketplace; however, some assets and models in game were developed by members of our team. WATCH GAMEPLAY HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-bY19LUNzU Responsibilities:Level concepting/BlockoutAsset PlacementLighting/Post-Processing Download Link: https://knooblegooble.itch.io/cyber-breach-confliction
  2. Hey guys! Here's a link to my portfolio! Would love any and all critiques and feedback so I can continue to refine and better my portfolio. Thank you! https://zswellstudios.artstation.com/
  3. Hey guys! Been awhile! Today I wanted to showoff some blockout images of my group project for my Game Design III class! The only details our professor gave us was, "Make an RPG". The idea is the player is on this alien ship and has to steal something of value. But this ship just so happens to have all sorts of traps, parkour areas, and much more fun. Can't wait to show off the blockout in its later stages! Demo.mp4
  4. So I know the Challenge is over, but I thought it would be good to post more updates on my recent environment piece. My main focus was adjusting the lighting of the scene. To do so, I lowered the saturation and and applied a Toxic Green LUT pack to give the scene a more eerie appearance. After that I went into the Particle FX editor and adjusted the size and coloring of the dust particles to give them more of a flood spore look. Overall I am really happy with the new lighting. Would love to hear your feedback!
  5. The hallway pieces were free. And the Biomass assets were paid for.
  6. Working with a new Engine can be intimidating at first. But after you've familiarized yourself with its layout, tools, and movement, it becomes almost like a dance. After working on this small, yet aesthetic scene, I have found a new love for Unreal Engine and I plan to make many more projects in the days to come with said engine. I hope you all like the scene! Please leave any comments or feedback as I am always looking for ways to improve my skills in level and environmental design.
  7. I have always used the Unity engine ever since I was introduced to game and level design. However, I wanted to teach myself how to use Unreal as many AAA studios use it for development. At first, I was very intimidated by the overview of Unreal and it's content. But never the less I pressed on and began to learn the best way possible...by just playing with the tools! I got a feel for the systems terrain molding and material tools; however, I wasn't quite familiar with its geometry editor. That's where this little project of mine changed all of that! This is a portfolio piece I am currently working on for the upcoming Game Developers Conference! I wanted to create a, eerie, creepy, and almost horror like aesthetic piece. A simple corridor which has began to deteriorate with oozing biomass spreading slowly. These are images of the initial blockout. Please put any feedback in the comments!

    Images of my most recent Forge project. I wanted to revamp my first forge project, "LightFuse". Overall I was really happy with the lighting and aesthetic design of the rooms. Halo fans should be able to instantly recognize the spawn rooms fro Halo CE's mission: Assault on the Control Room, or Two Betrayals. I still need to playtest the map so if you are interested in helping my with that task please message me your gamertag! 






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