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  1. Yes I feel you and this was considered. If I move the bottom ones back then OCD kicks in and I need to move the top one back which makes the N/L and orange/white cross ccontaminate. Cant be having no cross contamination.
  2. I assure you im not. I just have looked up tutorials for gimp and inkscape enough to manage. Anyone here could manage just as well. Very easy freeware.
  3. Thats what i originally tried but without wrapping the D underneath there is no frame for the arrow and it loses shape. Im basically using negative space to build the arrows. Making the size of the L's foot twice as fat and cutting it in half looked awful so i had to find a more creative way. I could underline the cube (with lines or the hammer and anvil possibly) to build the arrows but theyd both look bad imo. Before this idea i tried tons of other stuff throughout last week that didnt work. Soldats idea was the first thing i tried but that just looked bad. Tried building cubes/NLD lettering with the hammer and anvil as negative space. Tried 3D which just looked like a shitty N64 logo. Tried making cubes into speech balloons with people icons and variations of those concepts to express level design discussion. None of the above ideas checked enough of the "boxes" that need to be filled and still look good; identification, simplicity, versatility and the means of achieving them. Just some extra thoughts: Unfortunately Next Level Design as a forum doesnt have anything that can be used in a logo to identify visually besides some kind of representation of discussion, the process of level design or the name itself. Without at least two of those you cant truly recognize what the logo is meant to be representing. The logo should be simple and versatile too so that you can slap it wherever and it always clearly stands out, can stand in place of the websites name without needing further identification, and can easily be stylized wherever. For example It should play well on paper in black and white, really small or large, over an image as a watermark or tag, in the header with the website name, on clothing or whatever else. With all of the in mind thats why i ended up with what i have above and its also why i posted so many versions. It can work well in a plethora of ways without losing its character. To everyone thinking about logo designs please consider these ideas more, especially versatility.
  4. Heres an idea i was playing with tonight. So youve got the cube, the arrows, NLD letters, not too complex, etc. Could add a grid or wireframe overlay into the lettering or a ton of other stuff really but would prefer some feedback first.
  5. Speaking of the campaign I screencapped a post from reddit that might be interesting to some of you. Unfortunately I cant link it because the mods kept deleting it.
  6. Honestly at this point I'm just seeing a lot of logo ideas that look like nothing to me at a surface level besides abstract shapes. None of it says level design to me.
  7. I think the first one has the most potential. Possibly make it look as if its twisting in a helical manner to better transition to the cube. I cant really explain what I'm thinking as I'm short on time and yours is so simplified but hopefully you have a small idea of what I mean.
  8. Yay or nay? Feeling confident this time with the comic sans.
  9. The fixation with clothing, while understandable, is currently unwarranted. I like the hammer and anvil and what it means to creation but it's just underwhelming. Same with the pyramid. I think it would help if people commented concepts that relate to level design that could translate into imagery and go from there. Top downs of a level for example or whatever else you'd SEE during the level design process.
  10. @a Chunk So the full width banner you already have which includes the hammer and anvil is what youre intending on using, but you just want something smaller to use as a watermark over article thumbnails, site images, etc? I believe if thats the case then theres not much room for any more creativity. You already have a logo and a name banner that can only be rearranged. Otherwise you lose uniformity. Please upload some vectors of what you already have along with a means of acquiring the font youre using. By the way, is the hammer and anvil an original creation? Do you plan on using the Fline theme permanently? Seems to me youre kinda stuck with something like this:
  11. I'm happy to work with you to make whatever you'd like or help out whenever. Just shoot me a message.
  12. @a Chunk Heres some scattered thoughts: I really cant think of a clever way to incorporate an anvil and hammer that plays well with the name. Maybe i could replace the "I" with a hammer or something? You could possibly just go with a hammer and anvil logo separate from the site name if you really want to but theres already so many hammer and anvil type logos. I tried an abbreviation style logo and i liked it so i made a couple simple mock-ups with it. I thought since level in NLD has a double meaning going on that i could mirror "level." Theres different styled stuff going on between these two but i could adjust things as desired. Since it would probably be more desirable to have the site name extend further i made two because the stacked logo uses up a lot of the height.(both of these have the same height) Im sure i could go further making things look nice but didnt want to use the time on uncertainty. (Stuff like the orange blueprint in the second logo or actual dimensional effects.) I like the second much more because of the checkmark in the logo, more room for detail all around and it would also play really nicely with the orange "//////" thing youre using in some places.
  13. Personally I think there should be some kind of logo that can stand on it's own and better if it can be incorporated into the wording aswell. The room for design creativity of a logo and the weight it offers to a brand is quite considerable and I think "Next Level Design" kinda speaks for itself here when deciding how far to go with it. I've been playing with ideas in my head the last couple days. I'd say let people who are interested dabble with it for a while. I'm sure theres no need to rush.
  14. @Soldat Du Christ I think we should put more effort into expressing our thoughts clearly so words and their intended meanings can be directly translated into an understanding by the reader and assumptions can be eliminated. The best way we can do this is by not making up meanings for words and instead use established definitions. From this point foward we will no longer be using our previous wording the same way or look back for reference. Fresh start. ---- "Value" can be inconstant between contexts but constant within its own context. Here is value being used in the two different relevant contexts. A) The value of a skill can be derived from a set of truths within a certain undefined logical system.(your intended meaning) Ex: The value of decision making is higher than muscle memory in any game because x logical system dictates the volume of depth is greater in decision making. B) The value of a skill can be assigned based on relevance or usefulness within a games core mechanics. (meaning i thought you meant) Ex: The value of muscle memory is higher than decision making in a shooter because killing your opponent ultimately relies on shooting. Both of the above statements are true, have very different meanings based on context and can still be objective in nature.(Westin this is why your post ,although valid, does not apply to what i said. Thanks though) From here, we can differentiate between them by modifying them as, lets say, A)Logical Value and B)Useful Value. "Reward players proportionate to the logical value a skill has to offer." This is now your thesis. Would you agree? If so then i disagree. I believe you should reward players proportionate to the useful value a skill has to offer according to the game design it exists in. While i do recognize that the logical value of decision making is greater than muscle memory, different types of games highly depend on adding more useful value to skills with less logical value. Thanks to the above conceived notion this widens the margin of design options instead of a small box where only skills of logical value may prevail. This way design diversity is expanded and we can all find something that best suits our own interests.
  15. I wouldn't necessarily say your posts were stupid. I think they were reasonable responses from what was a simple misunderstanding. Regardless i respect that you admitted to your fault and again I'm sorry I didnt word it more safely and we can now move forward. Sorry icy I just think it was important to finish up with our amends. I dont want one of us holding on to some harsh feelings over something petty.