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  1. "We tested a lot of different things, a lot of different settings but we wanted to make sure the grapple and really all the equipment had that ExPrEsSiOn element right. Those things that are powering all the clips youre seeing on the internet. Were seeing that. Were all gleefully seeing on the internet. We wanted to make sure its important for eXpReSsIoN with equipment. I wanna do this and do this i wanna repulse somebody and follow up with that mangler melee or i wanna put somebody into a wall and knock them off of a map. ExPrEsSiOnS are just paramount for designs weve done for this game." "Certainly ive seen some eXpReSsIoN in the forms of being repulsored off the back of silo there with the hammer many many times in matchmaking, ive also been on the recieving end of overshield grappling hammer plays on behemoth so ive definitely seen different forms of that ExPrEsSiOn getting the better of me throughout these weekends." ....bros, remember HeRoIsM? 💩
  2. You haven't lost or won a gun fight until someones dead. I don't know how far I'd go to design my game to cater more towards players who chase in a team based game. Players should be awarded for being lethal quickly and working as a team. If someone does damage and no kill was confirmed before someone exits then the fight might as well not of happened, take it as a loss. Chasing is arguably a bad habit and not a desirable trait to have as a player. The problem isn't that someone running away, the problem is that someone's chasing.
  3. Sprint is just a placebo at this point. I wish they gave it a quick forward movement boost that died out within a second to build momentum for a useful slide. But alas 343 has given us a shitty slide that can't be canceled and that you can't turn during. Evasiveness balanced in better with aim mechanics is still something I desire in halo. At least we got a better strafe. Movement is a skill halo has never really had. I know people want a simplified classic back to the roots halo and I don't think there is fault in that but the shit is just boring and will never compete with modern day shooters. Even if 343 hit the nail on the head and made exactly what needed to be made to compare to the original trilogy, it'd be a dead game out of the gate. A truths that doesnt want to be heard.
  4. Yesterday the squad was getting totally steamrolled game after game by pc players with super try hard names and even a pro player on pc. We got steaked about 10 games in a row. Weve all been struggling with how irritating this game was designed but this really pushed everyone over the edge. No one even wants to play it anymore. Halo is the root reason why we've all been best friends for 15 years. Now we have zero desire to keep playing this game. Like I don't even know how to feel because weve been trying so hard to have a good time and make the best of it but infinite is low-key hot garbage. We ended up grouping up and started playing "it takes two" and had one of the best nights in gaming we've had in years. Ended up saying fuck our responsibilities and stayed up an extra 5 hours than when we should of gotten off. I can't recommend it enough. Absolutely next level design.
  5. Thats a ridiculous response. Boyo do you group people by skin color when deciding to interact with them or do you measure each individual by the content of their character? This conversation is going nowhere.
  6. I don't neccessarily. Its more in the realm of mechanical skill. In cod context because it requires control of a higher sensitivity and fast target reacquisition. In halo the sprint slide combo is basically useless as an evasive maneuver mid gunfight. Ideally halo would have a more responsive and useful slide but unfortunately it doesn't. If it did then the players that had better mechanical skill would be able to utilize it in ways that lower skilled players can't. A one button thrust leaves no skill gap and everyone is hitting it mid gunfight. Theres also no telegraph that the thrust is about to occur, but there is for a sprint slide mid gunfight for those that have better awareness. Intellectually speaking the question is if you should and when by weighing opportunity costs. Youre making split second decisions to give something up for whatever return thats desirable. With a one button vertical boost up or thrust to the side you give up nothing and gain everything which in turn requires no thought or mechanical skill. It causes less depth and variation in the gameplay.
  7. If I prefer sprint or not was never the arguement. The arguement is simply that something that will require more intellectual thought or mechanical skill is preferable to something that requires none.
  8. This blops 4 montage i made has a maneuver i use constantly in the clips that higher skilled players use to break ankles during gunfights. It requires breaking your own aim lock, totally losing track of your target and dropping your weapon momentarily in order to activate slide for the chance that you could break up your predictability and gain an advantage. Mind you black ops 4 has probably the best strafe in the series already. Its pretty counter-intuitive that id have to look away to shoot and kill somebody dont you think? What if a game existed that just had a button that caused you to "boost" to the side per say, do you think it would be preferable?
  9. Its a logical mechanic for the repulsor in the context it was created in. Maybe its not ideal but its a better balanced and more unique solution than creating separate equipment. I don't really understand your issue with it but you're welcome to try to convince me. My minds open on the matter. I think it should also kick you back if you send it into a wall or whatever.
  10. Its a fair trade for what it offers. Unfortunately those that use 1 sensitivity are screwed. Luckily I'm playing on 7 so it doesn't really hurt me. Its not really a new concept considering looking down to hide your heads hitbox has been a thing.
  11. It took me getting repulsed off the map one single time to know not to fuck around by the edge of the map anymore. Its stupid overpowered in that context but I'm really happy with the number of ways I've seen it used. Its a very interesting concept in halo and I welcome it. No longer do you you have to rely solely on dropping a nade in a doorway for a chaser. Just bust their ass away as they turn the corner. Knocking away melee chargers, parrying rockets, jump boosts. Love it. I just hope they can fix its inconsistencies with how it catches walls and ledges and just doesn't work. Dynamo was a great tool totally botched. If it only tracked Spartans other than other objects it would have been a very useful tool for gathering intel. It does too much damage too quickly and shouldn't kill. Not to mention if I'm not mistaken, multiple will stack damage. Eew. Its a good point that its hard to track its location once its upon you, that's unfortunate. Would have been a great replacement for the splinter grenade with multiple functions like the repulsor. I'm happy with grapple not being a default ability, and I'm okay with everything its doing currently. I think a melee should break its attachment to you though. The shield is underrated and very useful, I just wish it was easier to tell how much damage a section can take or has taken before breaking. Sometimes I can't even tell if a section has already broken or not. The br being so slow will allow a ton of use for the rest of the sandbox in comp but it just has too much range and its way too easy to use. I'm having a ton of trouble telling how much damage I'm taking and what I'm being shot with. There's a lot about that game that's desirable. Its just the ar, sidekick, br balancing, awful radar v2 and melee lunges being totally fucked thats disappointing me. I can find a way to deal with everything else about the game. Just things I've got on my mind during my work break. Also all opinions subject to change lol Oh and not being able to grab camo or os because I unknowingly picked up equipment and then having to use a button to switch, and then sometimes fumbling a weapon has been screwing me over big time.
  12. Guys this isn't the halo we all hoped for but its a good time. Just relax and focus on the fun this time around. We're all getting too old to be stressing about a dumb death or loss here and there. Let's make the best of what we can't control.
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