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  1. Anyone else have a sneaking suspicion that the fiirst map is a forge map? Sorry I don't know the name. I didn't play much cause it was so boring. Maybe like 30 matches total.
  2. At best buy.. First purchase is 180, plus the 65 dollar 2 year warranty, which is essentially the cost of the controller after. Then when you exchange just buy another warranty. So basically the first is full price but after they're super cheap because they are pretty much guaranteed to break in two years. Even if its not broken, walk in, say its got slow turn or bumper issues, they take a quick look at it, then you're out within 5 minutes. There's no reason to let your warranty expire. Just go get a brand new one because they always break no matter how well you treat them. If they were going to make it such a minimal increase they should have just removed it. Its basically there for the useless slide. 343 can't commit to anything so now we just have this half-ass halo that doesn't hit either mark the community tugs for.
  3. Iirc the warranty was 20 dollars before 35. My last warranty and elite exchange was last november for 35. Maybe its different depending on location, but that's what its been in the slc area. Either way 65 is a hell of a lot better than 180.
  4. So bad news guys, the price of elite controllers went up from 35 dollars to 65. I guess best buy finally caught on that the controllers barely last a year and increased the price of the warranty. Shame, because my last 4 elites were only 35 each.
  5. Depending on what the competitive start weapons are, the weapon balance in infinite has concerns to me. But assuming well have br starts in ranked, I think the pistol needs a buff, ar nerf and br considerable nerf. I'm very excited to eventually find out they didn't get it right at all, because that would be just enough to move me from the I kinda want to play this game to the not want to play it at all category. Because as of now the movement in this game is an extreme let down and its very boring and unresponsive for a game made after halo 5 and released in 2021. If you think they got the movement right in this game you're dog, your mom and her moms dog is dog and everyone you come in contact with on a daily basis is dog except your children they're beautiful. But your opinion still sucks. Minecraft has better aim btw how does that even happen.
  6. What the heck I don't even play mcc. You're always a good sport soul. You've never teabagged or anything. Funny enough Ive had to check my buddy for doing it to you one time. 👍
  7. Ive had over 20, most I didn't or couldn't recover when my first xbox one died. Maybe you'll recognize one that I still have. No god anywhere ofc No god alive Realuser Mrs Laciecakes TOP MID TOP MID I'm laggy af Still laggy af I even vape Iplay wif chrif Schumer shutdwn CLINTON4PRISN I hvent played much halo since bo4 came out so it's been years. I'm sure all of your 2v2 lobbies are after my time. I'm sort of introverted so I doubt I would of been there much anyways. don't really plan on playing until infinite but when the time comes I'll be around relearning the game so you can put me in my place then.
  8. Soul you and I share a relationship I don't think you even know about because I am always on alt accounts. Of the probably 20-30 games we've played against each other in matchmaking I don't think you've ever won. Reminds me of megamind, I feel like we have this infinite arch rival battle where your fate is fortold to lose. That's beside the point I wanted to make though, which is just how many times was salty there too? Salty have you been my nemesis too all this time? Just joking around. Anyways I can't even get doubles matches on H5. Are you guys still able to get matches or is that an old picture? We've tried combinations of different accounts and just can't get any games.
  9. Most often I think about getting laid, moving from Utah and purchasing land in Texas, you?
  10. I do not believe halos slow pace is inherent to its identity, it's a sympton of a lack of innovation in the game to compete with industry standards. People are very good at gaming now and the average response time, target acquisition, etc has changed dramatically. A hardly functional slide, slow strafe speeds, the turn acceleration mechanic, etc is holding the game back from a ton more potential in other options to increase the skill gap. Halo feels unresponsive and there's unnecessarily too much time to think. You can be just as methodical with half as much time. It just requires quicker wit.
  11. What they showed us recently is what the game should of been delayed for last year. As in the game needs another year of development graphically and mechanically. Last year I was disappointed but this year I expected subpar so it's whatever. I can get past the graphics though no problem. My real frustration is that they're about to feed gamers with 20 years of skill, another slow motion game with outdated mechanics. Ofc I reserve my right to change opinion based on new information, and will still play the game a ton either way.
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