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  1. Its MW 2019 just balanced a little differently. Multiplayer is extremely frustrating because the maps, player visibility and netcode are serious issues. I dont want to say too much else about MP cause the game just came out and i think everyone is having a bad time still. Campaign is super average until near the end when it goes all BO1 trippy twisty on you. Havent played zombies, warzone isnt new. The game looks and feels great. Worth a Buy? No.
  2. The developers of call of duty have literally given up on designing their levels. These maps make me feel insulted.
  3. @Westin Surprised you left out that i objectively decimated arcanum as a design. SMH. I enjoyed watching, thanks for making it. I think its a good way to wrap up and let go of halo 5. Cant wait to see what everyone does in halo infinite, especially you and that dude that made arcanum i forgot his name. @a Chunk Dude youre the man. My daughter is 6 months now and its INSANE how i manage to love her more every day older she is. Not really ever having the chance to zone out in a game is really catching up with me mentally though. Starting to second guess having another. lol
  4. I never wanted to back up my stuff to the cloud because of security issues and kept telling myself ill back it up physically eventually. I noticed some pictures on my desktop werent loading the night before but didnt have the prior knowledge to assume it was the SSD failing. I just cant get my bios to recognize it after trying everything. Even with the new SSD set as the boot drive the failed one is causing boot errors if connected. Im going to send it in to get recovered, if they can. Supposedly its a 90% recovery rate and if recovered will probably cost me about 1k. Fingers crossed. This whole experience has really made me realize that i need to build security around multiple facets of my life that could be detrimental if interrupted or loss. I hope you guys reading this will take a second to consider how something like this happening to you could go and make sure to take the necessary steps of avoidance without putting it off.
  5. Soldat. Get a backup drive too and start right away. Sunday was one of the roughest days of my life. Equivalent to losing family, loves, and pets, I lost my SSD to a failure that had the entirety of the last 16 years of my life on it. My entire music collection, every picture I've ever taken and saved, all videos,projects, schoolwork, bookmarks, lists of accounts and passwords for all games and media. EVERYTHING digital I've collected since I was 13. I've not been this depressed since a family member died, and I even lost all my pictures with them. Everyone. Please back up your shit. Don't put it off like a did. Also reset all passwords and make sure you've got multiple forms of verification. I had already done that so I didn't lose too much but I did lose the information to my runescape account that has 400 days of playtime on it.
  6. I still have the .svg file of the original vectors if you want them. Dont know if chunk gave them to you considering you said you made an HD version. Vectors dont really work that way so i assume not. Looks something like this https://imgur.com/V6LXL6R NLD Logo Vectors.svg
  7. Does anyone know where i can find like a guide to the key scripting or something? Ill check out the key maps and see if i can understand it but im not sure if there are brains everywhere or what and how complex it is.
  8. Without saying so I have advocated stances i dont actually hold myself, made points i know could probably logically be refuted and been much more respectful than i usually can come off all in the name of helping myself and others reason through a discussion on level design. I believe i have touched on new angles i havent even seen before with this topic but regardless that it was all in pursuit of honest discussion and betterment, it seems so that these discussions cant be had without someone responding as though their religious beliefs are being shaken. Which i do understand, its just unfortunate that the human complex is the way it is. Thanks for the time that was spent in response, i dont think ill involve myself the same way again. I believe if these discussions were taken to private messages they would go much smoother. Why is that?
  9. You know what, I think you could make a good key map that plays well without the key doors being accessible in regular play. I dont agree with multi, it isnt impossible.
  10. No were making progress. Arcanum wasnt designed without a key in mind, then magically added. It was designed with it in mind. Thats why it wouldnt play well without the key on the map right? So how can you justify that the map is playing well for the 3 people who dont have the key when one person does? Especially considering objectively, more options available to everyone creates more complexity and less restriction. Does the person who has the key have too many options available to them? I wouldnt say so. Id say its still a predictable environment even if everyone had a key. The key concept and closed doors creates less depth and more restriction. I agree the bare minimum of good design is not synonymous with restriction and what was said after. But there is a scale that you can use categorize the level of restriction a well designed and working map has and undoubtly arcanum is at the lower end, as well as any other key map whos design is inherent to the key functioning. You wouldnt even put eden, plaza, rig, etc near arcanum on this scale yet they are good designs for 2v2. All im saying is key maps are more restrictive. You literally couldnt make a key map work with a design like those listed above. I dont understand why this is such an insanely hard concept to understand for you, or why you refuse to admit it. I just dont get it.
  11. Okay well take this in steps. 1. So two entrances is the least amount necessary to provide a chance to pinch as a team. I agree and its pretty much the bare minimum of how many routes you can offer, because one way in and out(a dead end) almost isnt a thing. 2. If there was a scale rating of what is restricted to what isnt. Wouldnt bare minimum be on the bottom of that scale? Objectively that is one above your base line of restriction, a dead end. 3. The key holder has more options to enter or exit these rooms. Lets say three. 4. The key holder is less restricted. 5. Therefore other players are more restricted, because the key level design requires it to be this way to work. 6. If everyone had a key then everyone has more options. Less restriction. 7. If no one has a key, then the map is restrictive to everyone. Arcanum without a key is restrictive. Especially in comparison to almost everything else and in your own words "most maps in general." Where did i lose you?
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