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  1. Simplified, both sekiro and DS games are just attack and defend. You react to visual cues the same as GH. Sekiro you have to be precise to hit the notes. Dark souls you can just hold your shield up or hold the note as it passes by to hit it. Then when things get hot? Roll around ten times, or just activate starpower.
  2. Interesting. I was going to use guitar hero as an analogy for the combat between the games a few days ago. Sekiro is guitar hero without starpower. Dark souls is guitar hero where you can just hold all the buttons down so you wont miss, with the roll as your starpower so you dont fail the hard parts.
  3. Nice dude I like your initial point a lot. it ties in well to what I was thinking, which is empowering the individual. I used to play btb a lot like I do cods 3 lane maps. I use the dead lane as an opportunity to constantly flank behind the enemy team and sideshoot the people carelessly running back into battle. A btb map that has opportunity for covert operations and segmentation that will allow a player to break off from the main battles LOS to get in to more protected and unexpected positions. Basically CQC tunnels or side routes that arent as hot on the map and would be good routes for a flag carrier to mix into their way back to base. Also generally a map that has little battles everywhere. A nice even heatmap across the board with different types of engagements all over.
  4. Everything in my life is changing so fast right now my body is having trouble keeping up itself. Im starting work again after parental leave on a new shift monday so once i know my new usual play time ill try to pass it along. 💋
  5. Gonna respond a little generalized not to make this get too long. Firstly i didnt have enough difficulty with the game that i looked for cheese but i wont deny your experience. The cannon bitch in the swamp though? Really Hard. Guess how i beat her the first time? Running in circles. I guess we'll just have to chalk it up to my ignorance. I should of assumed people typically may have more difficulty than I or the length people will go to avoid playing a game they bought to play. I cant recall sitting in bushes waiting for an enemy much but I remember waiting on some stairs forever one time. You can sprint around and grapple behind enemies so fast that youd never need to do that but again, i wont deny your experience. Again we'll chalk it up to my ignorance. I could understand some players playing much more cautious. Also can we give it up to sekiro for its verticality? Hell yeah. Multiple health bars is literally the same as one health bar. Its just a visual indication that backstabbing this enemy wont do fatal damage and you'll have to break posture multiple times. I personally went for posture breaking the mini bosses after finding out they dont respawn instead of backstabbing them. You have such a problem with the game being so cheesy(reasonably so) but a mechanic that wont allow it is bad design? Seems like youre being a little inconsistent. Artificial caps on AI is a correction of dark souls where they all clip into each other and become a super enemy bum rush. The first hit turns into a stun lock death. Thats poor game design IMO and the way dark souls utilizes it is its biggest problem. When fighting multiples on sekiro you just need space aswell, except you can actually wipe them out intelligently without only hoping for one to break off every time. Either way both games have a problem, sekiro just doesnt have it as bad. Also you are highly exaggerating the combat system in sekiro as something youre locked into. Its the same fundamental gameplay and you can definitely target swap just as easily. Ive never had a "system" be wrong. Are you aware there are different types of perilous attacks? Thrust, sweep and grab? You have to react to them all differently. Also spamming the deflect button isnt the best way to play. There are levels of accuracy to deflecting. Inacurate, accurate, and perfect. Inaccurate you'll take damage and posture build up. Accurate, you take a small amount of posture build up and perfect has a loud cling and a shower of sparks that give a boost to posture damage when you hit them consecutively. Spamming deflect is awful but it still shouldnt be possible. That should have been designed better. You have to learn the enemies in sekiro the same way as dark souls. Theyre just as visually telling as dark souls but faster and you dont have a forgiving shield and invincibility frame roll ability to cheese yourself out of a mistake. Self res is because the games combat has a steep learning curve, small health bar and much less healing. People would give up too quickly. It even became a controversy how difficult the game is. Would you prefer the game just have a health bar double the size? Same thing except mentally self res feels like a legitimate second chance. Can you imagine the game if you could just farm souls for stats and overpower your enemies with no self improvement? People still give up quick. I had instantaneous response times for my inputs. Ive never felt any lag in my inputs, issues with queuing, or ignored actions. I dont know how the hell you had that experience but it sounds terrible. Anyways It seems to me you dont even have a full understanding of the combat system which i cant even explain how you managed that after all the tip windows it throws at you but i could understand a game seeming more difficult than it really is if youre not even sure whats going on. Sorry you had a bad experience. I still like the dark souls' a ton more, theyre definitely better than sekiro collectively but sekiros combat excels over dark souls in every way except variety, imo. Also as i get older im starting to enjoy a little more linear level design. Sekiro got it perfect for me. Im too busy to waste my time hitting every fucking wall hoping for a secret or running in circles for hours to find my way around the maze that is DS1, and i definitely dont want to ruin the game for myself by having to look it up. Thanks btw and yeah im pretty busy now. When infinite comes online ill definitely make time though.
  6. Like any typical game, the AI has a strict set of attacks and movesets. In dark souls you could beat an enemy, and bosses, multiple times without ever knowing exactly what they are correct? In sekiro this is almost non existent because you basically match their attacks with parry so there isnt much obvious 'bounce off a shield or recover from their combo period' where you just slash and put your shield up again. Theres a lot of memorization and precise rythm to the fighting, even with the grunts. Im not sure if youre aware of the posture bar on sekiro but you basically just continuously match their attacks with parry until you break their posture. Its such a great system because of how rewarding it is to be good at the game. Imagine not being allowed to block in Dark Souls and all you have is a super quick parry that you have to hit multiple times to break poise? Fucking A+. Ive never played bloodbourne but man it sounds great. Ive never even watched gameplay because i dont want to ruin my inevitable experience with it. Also guys i have a 5 week old daughter now. Shes healthy and beautiful and my life has changed exactly as everyone said it would. Ive never been so happy, ever.
  7. If were speaking of intentionally breaking the game then sure its cheesy. I was speaking from the assumption that someone is playing these games with integrity though. If youre looking up how to cheese bosses then by all means do whatever you call that but no one is going to find even a handful of those methods sight-reading the game. Fundamentally though the game had poor oversight before and after and shit that exists like that needs to be fixed. Its broken. The firecrackers are cheese all the way though. I wont deny that. I just didnt use them after i realised so. I forgot about them until you said something. Sekiro is a shinobi(link). Its majorly a stealth game. Youre meant to pick off enemies one by one until you face an enemy head to head in combat. Dark souls nearly forces you to just stand there in defense and hold your shield up, roll out of the way, and get a hit in wherever possible. Sekiro gives you the option of multiple forms of agility and stealth until youre locked into a precisely timed combat scenario where experience and aggression is steeply rewarded. The skill gap between starting sekiro and finishing it is huge compared to dark souls. Also dark souls has no advantage over sekiro in terms of facing multiple enemies. Sekiro is designed with the intent that youre not facing multiple at once but its still feasible in the same way as dark souls and also the AI will wait to attack if there are multiple. Dark souls bombards you with multiple enemies to create false difficulty with no legitimate method of fighting them. It seems to me you made the same mistake people typically do which is going in with the intention of playing it like a dark souls game. Honestly though, excuse my assumption, but I cant believe youve actually spent time with this game and still believe it has sloppy and clunky combat. Thats objectively not true and you wouldnt say so otherwise. I thought exactly the same way for the first part of the game. Actually i was bitching about how shitty it was in a party with soldat when it first came out. I think you have preconceived biases against the game and should be open minded and give it another shot. Youre missing out on a great game. I will be ecstatic to find out we are getting a mix of the games. It will be a dream come true. Dark souls just feels so boring and easy now after sekiro.
  8. I never finished ds2 and since sotfs was on sale for 5 dollars I bought it and am working through it now. I think ds3 is my favorite even looking past the nostalgia factor of ds1. The weapon arts are great and everything just feels so much better. if you're not using a variety of weapons and builds on ds3 then you're robbing yourself of it's true potential. Of course its just natural progression and improvement you'd expect from sequels though. DS1 level design is awesome but it's hardly a factor compared to other gameplay elements that make a bigger difference past NG. After you first find out this place goes this place it really isnt exciting anymore. Sekiro though? Next level fun and underrated. It's combat system is extremly satisfying, fluid and fair. It is just as good in it's own regard. You have to get good at sekiro. There is no cheesing it like dark souls and I think that's what puts so many people off. Highly recommended.
  9. Yeah i suppose ill take back my comment about it having poor level design. The inter-connectivity is a solidly well done aspect in hollowsnest but i believe my problem with the game stems from it having poor platforming. The whole map is just the same thing over and over except it looks different. Its just not fun to move around the world for me but im glad youre enjoying it. Team cherry is releasing a sequel in june called silksong if you didnt know. I may try to pick it back up after i finish ori... I only need 2 more achievements. Ive completed my normal 100% run, an easy run(no deaths, under 4(2.5) hours, no shards equipped, and no purchases) and im maybe an hour off finishing the hard run. Then all i have to do is one more quick run to kill the spider boss without getting hit and ill have it at 1000G. Moon studios updated the game minutes after i finished my speedrun that made fast travel a purchasable ability instead now. I got lucky because now you would have to do an entire extra run through the game. BTW This is the worst optimized game ive ever played. Even after the update yesterday that was supposed to fix everything, nothing changed. Now that ive learned the world so much better the game is almost broken because i move around way faster than it can load. Still a very good game and a great sequel.
  10. From what i understand the OG xbox is handling WOTW the best, and the X is the worst. Also I was reading some comments today about how they tied two functions to RB aswell and its causing the same issues i was complaining about for LB. Seems like moon studios dropped the ball this time around. Tons of bugs and stuff. Oh well, ill power through. Still would be 100x better than garbage like guacamelee. And yeah i love those sequences. You should really go back and play blind forest. I dont know whats to come in WOTW but BF has this one sequence that you'll want to replay a hundred times. Give it a second chance to grow on you now that youre more open minded to the series.
  11. I just passed the watermill and after having horrible performance the whole time it finally crashed the whole game during the ending of the action sequence. Ill wait until its patched before i continue. Constant stuttering, freezing and 5-10 seconds to load the minimap is not how i want to experience one of my most anticipated games in years. The blade and combat upgrade is a nice addition but its nothing to be hyped about compared to the first. I havent messed with the other bindable abilities much yet because they dont seem preferable but its really too early to say. Im not sure if its the game performance currently but the combat feels a little unresponsive and slow. I was hoping it would feel more snappy. I dont really care for the equippable spirit shard system they copied from hollowknight but whatever. Feels weird that Moon studios would dip their hands into another games concepts when they already had such a unique formula to build off of. It looks like they didnt even do it as well as hollowknight. I also am not a fan of the grapple or that its tied to the same button as bash. The game confuses your intentions frequent enough for it to be a problem. Also all the npc interaction is a vibe killer from the precedent the first game set. The game looks very detailed compared to the first and is a definite upgrade, although you can really see some poor graphics at times; A lot of aliasing and blurriness. I cant wait to continue but i wouldnt say this is a considerable upgrade from the first. If you like this one then theres no reason you shouldnt enjoy the first aswell. So if thats the case i would recommend playing them in order or youre doing yourself a disservice.
  12. I dont involve myself in the design community online outside of the forums and most of you have never been in a party with me. Why isnt worth explaining but nevertheless i do stick around on the forums. Typically i read what is said and learn a ton from it. I have become a much better designer because of this but i have not shared much work to show for it. Its not that i dont have content but its that im never satisfied enough with it to commit so you guys would never be able to evaluate my ability besides Trinket. Although this is the case I am confident that i have laid a great foundation for myself with Trinket to build off of as i continue designing play-spaces as a hobby in the future. With that said while do I believe that 2v2 is the best game mode in halo and its understandable why its the most frequented mode to design for, for a multitude of reasons, i believe the tallest mountain yet to be successfully climbed and the holy grail is 1v1. The 1v1 contest had the highest saturation of poor quality content of any contest this cycle and the contest inevitably paid out to poorly designed maps. I believe its from a general lack of understanding of designing for the mode itself and how 2 player maps should be designed around halo 5's game mechanics. Frankly i believe halo 5 has the most potential for 1v1 of any halo game yet. It is the most difficult mode to design for and i feel that no excuse other than footstep volume will alleviate this truth and its why im so stuck on it. I have been working on strictly 1v1 on and off since early 2017 and i see the big picture here but the execution still alludes me. I currently am working on a 1v1 that may just make it somewhere acceptable and resolve issues Trinket failed with but have decided to pause for a while to make a write up about 1v1 so that i can put all of my thoughts and logic on paper to help focus my design goals. I think its time to actually offer some of my own design ideas instead of my useless offhanded posts and am looking forward to eventually sharing and opening a discussion on the subject. Also @Soldat Du Christ respond to saltys Dec 16 post please.