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  1. So remember how my SSD failed and i lost everything including my document with hundreds of passwords? Well it took me months to recover them all and my solution was to save them all in OneNote, and then password protect the section. I know cloud sucks but better than losing my shit or having it laying around accessible to anyone. Well today my password just magically stopped working and microsoft pretty much says no fuck you, all you people with this problem just forgot your password, its not our fault. and theres no way to recover it. Im so fucking mad right now i could explode.
  2. Well you're not wrong. Just unlucky I look at YouTube trending from time to time. Was like... Hmmm that yup that's me seems familiar.
  3. I once played a Lazer tag 'course' that had a bridge over the top that people were just camping and shooting down from and it totally ruined it for me. I was probably the only one that cared enough though. Kinda wanted to go karen mode and complain to the facility.
  4. I must be built different. This is interesting to me because after watching a few of her videos she's dead wrong on every level. At least in my case. Do you guys really have these problems so severely that you'd consider this a quadruple nld post? That sucks. 😟
  5. No, youre missing it entirely but its alright. Its really not important and probably a lack of good explanation from myself. Thanks for your time though icy. 💋
  6. Nah, ignorance is typically of ones own volition. Im speaking of the inability to comprehend whether its just mental immaturity or ultimately impossible. Like purely said, its similar to a childs underdeveloped mind or lack of experience. I suppose if there is a word for it, it would be perceived with negative connotation. Lets say using the earlier context someone tried to explain to haloplayer42069 that hes literally not smart enough to comprehend the elements that are clear to a player at the highest level in a way that becomes acceptable to him. Haloplayer42069 may wholeheartedly believe he has a full understanding when in actuality he just cant comprehend that he doesnt. The end goal in this is how would you bridge that gap in a meaningful and acceptable way for both parties in a professional environment? Although id really like to know if there is a word for this situation. Anyways not super important but its just something ive been thoughtful of recently.
  7. Being incapable of sharing an understanding of a principle/skill through a lack of experience or cognitive ability. Is there a word for that? Really been searching for it after a discussion I had over a work related thing and now the same here within your discussion. Unrelated but Einstein had a really interesting response pertaining to the concept of measuring the speed of light that really mirrored discussion that happens here all the time. It was very interesting to me because it really displayed the level of thought you guys put into this, when it's arguably so much less meaningful than what it could be directed at.
  8. Can confirm I live in Utah. There's more sex on the streets here than shit and needles on the streets in California.
  9. I've seen a lot of discussion about how poor ai is in cyberpunk but according to your response cdpr clearly did a great job programming their NPCs. I'd say you've proven a point.
  10. I mean I did use all encompassing terms and description rather than just talking about bugs but whatever no big deal.
  11. Being a patient gamer is a wonderful thing. Simply because I wait, games are cheaper, less buggy, better optimized and fully fleshed out by the time I get to them. I've been waiting for next Gen for many titles like Witcher 3, rdr2, skyrim remastered, etc. There are so many games there's lottle reason to be playing single player games at full price on release. Also Imagine where cyberpunk will be in a couple years from now, how it should of been there on release, and how some of you are defending the state its in now. That shit is so beta male and such a slippery slope. Keeps getting worse but whatever doesn't effect me much since I just wait.
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