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  1. I've never really said this until now, but the moment a conversation gets to a point where someones map or arguement is severely questioned to the point of losing legitimacy, someone's gonna stop responding or give a cop out reply to escape. It wasn't the first instance, but with the last arcanum discussion, that's when I decided these discussions are pointless and i no longer can hold certain people to any regard as designers. Mutual respect for people and friends sharing a passion, sure, but there are certain people that have others fooled.
  2. Personally, I think I've outgrown all of this. This is supposed to be enjoyment shared with others. You guys treat this like politics where people's philosophies can destroy lives. I don't even enjoy the drama aspect anymore. @a Chunk I'm glad my plea got through to you. Its still heavy for me to this day. I don't want it to happen to anyone.
  3. Is it just me or is anyone else starting to sweat about getting a series x by infinite release? On eBay the prices are actually beginning to rise.
  4. The password randomly started working. It wasn't my fault. Onenote is broken. Don't use the password protection.
  5. So remember how my SSD failed and i lost everything including my document with hundreds of passwords? Well it took me months to recover them all and my solution was to save them all in OneNote, and then password protect the section. I know cloud sucks but better than losing my shit or having it laying around accessible to anyone. Well today my password just magically stopped working and microsoft pretty much says no fuck you, all you people with this problem just forgot your password, its not our fault. and theres no way to recover it. Im so fucking mad right now i could explode.
  6. Well you're not wrong. Just unlucky I look at YouTube trending from time to time. Was like... Hmmm that yup that's me seems familiar.
  7. I once played a Lazer tag 'course' that had a bridge over the top that people were just camping and shooting down from and it totally ruined it for me. I was probably the only one that cared enough though. Kinda wanted to go karen mode and complain to the facility.
  8. I must be built different. This is interesting to me because after watching a few of her videos she's dead wrong on every level. At least in my case. Do you guys really have these problems so severely that you'd consider this a quadruple nld post? That sucks. 😟
  9. No, youre missing it entirely but its alright. Its really not important and probably a lack of good explanation from myself. Thanks for your time though icy. 💋
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