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  1. I dont involve myself in the design community online outside of the forums and most of you have never been in a party with me. Why isnt worth explaining but nevertheless i do stick around on the forums. Typically i read what is said and learn a ton from it. I have become a much better designer because of this but i have not shared much work to show for it. Its not that i dont have content but its that im never satisfied enough with it to commit so you guys would never be able to evaluate my ability besides Trinket. Although this is the case I am confident that i have laid a great foundation for myself with Trinket to build off of as i continue designing play-spaces as a hobby in the future. With that said while do I believe that 2v2 is the best game mode in halo and its understandable why its the most frequented mode to design for, for a multitude of reasons, i believe the tallest mountain yet to be successfully climbed and the holy grail is 1v1. The 1v1 contest had the highest saturation of poor quality content of any contest this cycle and the contest inevitably paid out to poorly designed maps. I believe its from a general lack of understanding of designing for the mode itself and how 2 player maps should be designed around halo 5's game mechanics. Frankly i believe halo 5 has the most potential for 1v1 of any halo game yet. It is the most difficult mode to design for and i feel that no excuse other than footstep volume will alleviate this truth and its why im so stuck on it. I have been working on strictly 1v1 on and off since early 2017 and i see the big picture here but the execution still alludes me. I currently am working on a 1v1 that may just make it somewhere acceptable and resolve issues Trinket failed with but have decided to pause for a while to make a write up about 1v1 so that i can put all of my thoughts and logic on paper to help focus my design goals. I think its time to actually offer some of my own design ideas instead of my useless offhanded posts and am looking forward to eventually sharing and opening a discussion on the subject. Also @Soldat Du Christ respond to saltys Dec 16 post please.
  2. @Soldat Du Christ So you just gonna ghost Salty or what?
  3. This was lowkey a pretty badass post. A lot of truth lies here. Honestly ive learned something from this that i will try to incorporate into who i am as a person moving further. I dont know why but i got some sasuke vibes.
  4. I havent played much halo until like a month ago when there was competitive 2v2. I was expecting to get some good games in again tonight and it was reverted to an update from way back in march. I never knew about this but man the ball got dropped hard here. I cant believe sethiroth was involved. Was hoping to get back into halo a little before my daughter arrives but this was a huge chubby killer. I think i might be able to finish a 1v1 i was working on a year ago. I dont think its worth the time to art it up though. 2 original maps in 5 years is the least i could do.
  5. I was gonna post this exact comment from reddit here aswell but never did. How did you manage to come across this a week later? Anyways this is huge and people arent freaking out about this like they should be. I had a conspiracy theory that the grav in black ops 4 already has something like this implemented and after reading this patent I feel certain that I was right. Obviously weapons have aim assist variations independently and If a strobe light equipped on one players gun can turn off the aim assist for another player looking at them then this is clearly not something out of the realm of possibility already; one gun may already have this code while others dont. The grav is a weapon released to everyone in the community at the same time outside of the contraband(why only this one?) and it's a weapon very commonly found effective for less skilled players. I have like 20 days playtime on bo4 and have been face to face with every gun in this game by every player of different skill levels and while I know the gun sucks it has still repeatedly outperformed in scenarios where I know it shouldn't have. The grav in BO4 has more aim assist for less skilled players. 100% Also I just want to point out that typically bad game design is unintentional or carelessness but modern warfare is a shining example of intentional bad game design on every level. It's a scary precedent.
  6. For the record i was the first person to downvote. You guys arent stealing that shit from me by downvoting his post too. It took me hours to decide if the retaliation was worth it or not.
  7. Giving or receiving? I guess both of us. If you downvote this post were gay together.
  8. Sprint 2020 I think I'd enjoy being the meme negative rep user.
  9. I think people would be reserved enough not to do so except when posts get political or hostile but I'm sure new members would be trigger happy on anything off topic in waywo. It is a nice fantasy though, for some reason.
  10. I used to frequent a forum that had a fuel system. Everyone basically had a fuel tank and you could give and remove fuel from people's tanks. Fueling people was on a cooldown so you'd have to save your fuel for when a post really deserved it but removing fuel wasn't. Once your tank was maxed you had the ability to give and remove higher quantities than other people. You lose fuel at like a 5:1 ratio and removing fuel was anonymous. If your tank emptied then you'd be forced into "the pit" where you couldnt post for a number of days. After they added the fuel system the quality of posts rose dramatically, toxicity within posts almost disappeared entirely and discussions became much more respectful across the board. I understand that the immaturity that can occur in waywo is what makes it fun at times but I think it would show just how easy it is to have a debate, give feedback, etc without being a condescending prick.
  11. I'm open to an honest discussion. It's not really meant as bait. I havent fully formulated an opinion here but it seems like a solid solution to a ton of issues. Just... stop caring about poverty and the incapable within society.
  12. This made me start doing research on UBI and after like an hour and a half i came to a realization. Why should i care about poverty? Why should anyone?
  13. Yes I feel you and this was considered. If I move the bottom ones back then OCD kicks in and I need to move the top one back which makes the N/L and orange/white cross ccontaminate. Cant be having no cross contamination.
  14. I assure you im not. I just have looked up tutorials for gimp and inkscape enough to manage. Anyone here could manage just as well. Very easy freeware.