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    Sgt Slaphead

     Abyss - Forged by Sgt x Slaphead


    Recommended Modes
    - Assault
    - Capture the Flag
    - Slayer


    Static Weapons
    - Sniper Rifle (x2) - 120s
    - Plasma Caster (x2) - 180s


    *Static weapons spawn at regular intervals regardless of when they are picked up.




    About Abyss

    During the initial blockout, this map went by the placeholder name ‘Hallway of Death’. The reason for such a blunt approach being that its original design was intended for the Extermination forge contest back in 2017. Extermination is a 4v4 elimination mode where the goal is to wipe out the enemy team in a short space of time, so maps designed for it must be compact and straightforward enough to keep fights fast and minimize hiding. 


    Because of Abyss’ linear nature and deadly middle hallway intended for fast paced action, it later provided the perfect conditions for Neutral Bomb Assault as both the map and mode work well with tug of war style gameplay. Almost every match on this map in testing has been incredibly intense because Abyss leaves little room for flanking and avoiding fights, placing emphasis on team pushes.


    Forerunner architecture lends itself well to creating a striking hallway with its angular arches, so I stole the shape of the large doorways from Halo CE’s Assault the Control Room and used them as the basis for the map’s geometry. Such a simple layout needed an interesting setting so placing the map underwater with a Halo 2 Delta Halo theme brought a lot more to the space.


    Map Overview




    Download Abyss

    Download Gametype

    Game/Engine: Halo
    Recommended Player Count: 4v4
    Game type/s: Slayer, Capture the Flag, Assault