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    Ankor Ra
    a Chunk


    Ankor Ra is a 2v2 map created for the Forgehub 2v2 Dueltacular Contest.


    This is a design that's been rolling around in my mind for far longer than I care to admit.  Given the short time frame for this contest it seemed like my best option.  This is really the first time I've tried to 'art' my own map.  I got pretty good at creating decent looking maps in the older versions of forge, but never committed to doing this myself after H5 forge released because of the time requirement.  My primary goal for the contest was to change this.  Though it's undoubtedly not up to the standards of many of the submissions, and also doesn't fully represent my capabilities given more time, I saw it through and I'm proud of that fact.  The original theme idea was an abandoned temple, deep in the forest.  I had envisioned dirt, grime, moss, vines, and trees overgrowing the buildings.  Broken walls and ceilings with nature pouring through.  I was not able to fully realize this vision and had to sacrifice a lot of what I wanted, but did the best I could within the time allowed.


    While the map has undergone zero testing with other players, I've played over 50 games on it myself with bots, and am very satisfied with how it plays at this level.  Time will obviously tell how well it holds up to higher level play.


    Regardless of the contest results I'm very satisfied to have completed this map. It checks of 2 major boxes for me.  First is the completion of the art and second is that I can finally lay this layout to rest and move on to something else.

    Game/Engine: Halo
    Recommended Player Count: 2v2
    Game type/s: Slayer