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    Atlas (Bio Lab Re-Design)





    Hello everybody, this is my first real project and it took about 2 months of designing and tweaking and I'm finally happy with the end result so I thought I would finally share it.


    So what is Atlas?


    Atlas is a re-design of Bio Lab from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Bio Lab was an amazing example of basic gameplay layout, because unlike the majority of the maps in AW, this map is designed around the mobility mechanics rather than feeling designed with a BOTG mindset and tacking on some double jump or slide areas later on. What results is an insanely fun experience, even with some of the map's weaker areas, resulting in it being one of my favorite maps in the franchise. Too bad it debuted in a sub-par CoD. 


    Atlas takes the best of Bio Lab, reworks it to fit with H5's movement, and re-designs the more lame areas, all fitting into a neat little core experience, best played with up to 12 players on either Strongholds or CTF. Let's take a look at some of the areas.



    Here we have a front view outside of Red Base, probably the most standard building out of the bunch. From this side we have a ramp into the entrance and a window just to the left, with some cover and an SMG nearby. On the left side there is an additional window that is wider, accompanied by a doorway and a H2 Battle Rifle. As you can see the front entrance connects to the middle room, and stretches to the back exit. Finally, there is a gravity lift in the back to reach the roof, and a pillar on the top right that connects to the center crane, ensuring that players have a way to reach the roof from not just the back but also the front. In OBJ modes this base plays the crucial role of having both the Red Flag and 1st Stronghold in the middle room.




    In stark contrast to Red's conventional design, Blue has an open courtyard outside sprinkled with cover with a large door and ramp at the front. A side door accompanies the courtyard side of Blue Base, and by navigating up either the pillars or the less straightforward box-to-wall-mounted-light jump located on the left of the front door, the roof can be accessed where there is a dropdown that can be used to get to the first or second floor. The box can also just be used for entry through the window.




    Now viewing from the side door, you can spot the orange side door, the upper catwalk entrance next to it, and finally the door left of that going to the center of the map.




    From viewing the window, you'll see the upper section above the catwalk that the orange door takes you through. You can also spot the Beam Rifle on the second green pillar.




    Here, the center of the map is located. From behind us, there is the blue base, the opposite side connecting to Red Garage, (Not Red Base) Behind the pillars is a dropdown to blue courtyard and next to the Neutral Flag there is a connecting hallway to the front of Red Base. As you might have noticed, the way Mid is designed is meant more for traversal to other areas rather than being a section of the map. This is because all spawn points, weapons and the Over shield are placed in the far corners of the map. And because all the timings for reaching specific weapons and powerups are the same for both red and blue, that means that players have more choice in what path to take because they all have relatively the same length. in short, there is no "meta" way to reach the Beam Rifle, you can make your own path.




    Inside Red Garage, you can observe the connection to mid on the left with a window next to its right, (not in frame) a door directly behind us, a door to the far left just in view, and behind the large boxes are another two windows. Finally, there is a small vent opening on the roof, acting as a one-way entrance.




    The top view of Red Garage. Both the left and right side of the building have gravity lifts for roof access.




    Finally, in once again the farthest corner from both sides, we have the Over Shield spawn. It also shares this spot with the final stronghold. What is to note is the gravity lift next to it, positioned in a way that both teams have access at the same time, acts as a 3rd way on top of Red Garage, and also a solid escape route. 


    So yeah, That's the map. I have to say I'm quite proud of myself on this one. I'm really happy with not only just the recreated sections, but also the many, MANY touches I added to the map myself. My personal favorite part about this map is the contrast in engagement/sightline ranges. While still functioning as a core style map, It's asymmetrical layout brought together with it's symmetrical spawns, objectives and weapon placements make for a very unique map, whilst still retaining a smooth flow in between combat that feels fair for both red or blue.


    I really hope you found this as interesting as I did, so if you want to try the map for yourself or shoot me a text to play, My GT is Jam On Bagel. I'm always happy to play, and receive criticism or exchange ideas. 

    Anyways, have a good one.

    Game/Engine: Halo
    Recommended Player Count: 6v6
    Game type/s: CTF, Strongholds

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