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    Sgt Slaphead

    Cryptic - Forged by Sgt x Slaphead


    Recommended Modes

    - King of the Hill

    - Oddball

    - Slayer


    Static Weapons

    - Scattershot - 120s

    - Railgun - 180s


    *Static weapons spawn at regular intervals regardless of when they are picked up.





    About Cryptic

    Cryptic was built out of an appreciation for the interior forerunner architecture seen in The Silent Cartographer from Halo CE and The Ark from Halo 3. Because I’d just joined the community at the time and was learning so much from others, Cryptic evolved a lot throughout its building process with seven drastically different iterations. 


    It was largely a process of trial and error, testing different room designs and experimenting with how they would fit together. The map finally came together once I decided on the maps defining long sightline framed by its precession of arches. This focal point is what unites the rooms around it, and keeps fights easy to find.


    The original version was first released in late 2013 for Halo 4 making the design around 6 years old now. I wanted to remake it since it always proved to be a strong King of the Hill map as each room offers a unique hill location and setup. With KotH returning as our ‘new’ standout gamemode for Mythic, I felt this map would highlight the mode well.


    Map Overview




    Download Cryptic

    Download Gametype

    Game/Engine: Halo
    Recommended Player Count: 4v4
    Game type/s: CTF, Slayer, Oddball