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    Cyber Breach: Confliction


    Cyber Breach: Confliction is a 3rd Person/Sci-fi action/RPG/Parkour shooter where the player must infiltrate an alien vessel filled with giant mechanical spider droids, and steal a Floppy Disk.

    This was a team project for my Game Design III class. I had the role of being the teams level designer. The Level is semi-linear with different avenues for the player to take in order for them to explore. The level uses mostly pre-rendered and pre-developed assets from the Unreal Engines marketplace; however, some assets and models in game were developed by members of our team. 

    WATCH GAMEPLAY HEREhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-bY19LUNzU

    Level concepting/Blockout
    Asset Placement


    Download Link: https://knooblegooble.itch.io/cyber-breach-confliction

    Game/Engine: Unreal Engine
    Recommended Player Count: Single Player
    Game type/s: Single Player

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