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    dynamis: a halo 3 custom map.


    This custom halo 3 map has been a long time in the making. i originally took inspiration from the forge map select from halo reach, however the current version of this map hardly resembles select anymore. My original designs date all the way back to 2015 for halo custom edition, my original concept for the map played terribly with tons of spawntrapping issues and sightlines that were way too long and after a while i decided to abandon the project (this original version can be seen in this trailer) 




    During the middle of the pandemic i took another stab at the model and after some more playtesting i realised i was sitting on a goldmine the gravlifts at the back of the map and the lower levels made the map flow so much better and making the lower bridge match the curve of the upper bridge reduced player exposure and made it significantly less risky. cover was added on the outer center platforms and it finally blocked cross map sightlines enough to make it fun to play.



    having just come off building a human map and a forerunner map before that i was mixed on what i wanted to do for an art pass. eventually i came to the realization that almost no-one does covenant themes for custom halo maps so i started revamping the blockout to fit a covenant artstyle. 





    after months of uv work and model tweaks and endless playtests i ended up releasing the map back in may, i plan to upload all my dev screenshots to an imgur album that i will link later on. if you want to try the map for yourself its avaliable on modders nexus and moddb 





    Game/Engine: Halo
    Recommended Player Count: 4v4
    Game type/s: Slayer, CTF

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