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    NLD App UI Concept




    Just over a month ago, I reached out to @a Chunk to ask if I could create a concept, front end NLD app UI piece for my ongoing portfolio. As ever, he was very supportive and I got started the next week.


    Before I post it in my portfolio, I feel it's right to get some feedback first. As the majority of you are familiar with the site, I figured these are the best testers I could ask for. So, using Adobe XD, I created a prototype that explores the basis of how the navigation would work in this app. I would be very happy if at least some of you could have a play around on it and offer any feedback below! ?


    Here's a link to the Adobe XD onsite file which will remain active after I make updates so feel free to use this link again when I announce any further updates: https://xd.adobe.com/view/e4d2cb88-db83-408d-95ec-85a75edc5607-b181/


    Please be aware that this is a prototype and as such demonstrates ideas and concepts at base levels, it's not a fully functioning app so certain features and systems won't be accessible. In the final version, I hope to make a few more intractable elements, but I can't spend weeks designing every page and possible system lol.



    About the Development:


    For me, converting any type of media to an app initially requests a simplification of fundamental mechanics. Most of us just use our thumb on a touch screen and we don't want to have to scroll for ages or get lost too deep in page after page to find what we're looking for. So here are some of the new features proposed with this UI:


    > Search tabs at the top of most pages allow you to locate any post or project using keywords associated in the titles, dates, users or posts themselves. This has allowed me to turn huge threads that have transformed into constantly developing conversations like WAYWO into a 'most recent' feed system without the concern that a user won't have a substantial navigation tool to find older posts.


    > The "Jump Back Into" menu on the home screen allows the user to quickly access any forum, thread or gallery they've most recently visited. For me, this is useful as I mostly enjoy browsing the "Inspirations" gallery and I know a lot of the elite core practically live on WAYWO, so being able to get straight back into the chat is quite vital when you're on break or only have a few minutes to spare.





    The assets that took quite a lot of my time up during this project was the iconography. With the homepage elements that symbolise the "Projects", "Community", "Resources" and "Shop"; I had some fun trying to incorporate game design imagery with existing, universally understood semiotics within these titles. I didn't wanna just make them feel like stock icons, instead make them feel very personal and integrated with the notion of this site and what it's about. So not only will people understand which icon takes them to what page upon first interaction, but also the vibe and nature that is exclusive to those found on NLD.


    I also ended up doing a remaster of the logo for Chunk so we now have a more HD version of the original. ?





    Thank you to Chunk for allowing me to tamper with his site and also to JoeSubbi for constant feedback throughout to creation of this initial version. Lastly, to all those who have and are yet to give feedback. Your ideas help drive me to further create better designs by improving on my work, thank you! ?


    I hope you enjoyed hearing a bit about this project. ?

    Game/Engine: Other
    Recommended Player Count: Single Player
    Game type/s: N/A