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    Piercing Wind (V2)


    Hey everybody, got another map here. Still in H5 because god forbid we have finished products. I originally wanted to make an accompanying video that featured wide, panning shots with the Phendrana Drifts track, because as you should be able to tell, this is an original layout, stylized as that location from Metroid Prime. I thought that it would really suit the map, and it probably would have, but I just ended up not feeling like it. As for the original upload date, it was going to be on Christmas day, but then I (to my surprise) got gifted a copy of Metroid Dread. So I kinda just.... forgot? I'm just remembering as of today that I indeed did make and finish a map to post, so here we are.  If you haven't played Metroid Prime yet, I HIGHLY recommend you do so, even if that is by legally questionable means. It is worth every bit of your time.


    What is the intended gameplay of this map?


    Piercing wind is mainly focused on 2v2 CTF, Oddball, and later KOTH, with FFA up to 6 players to be supported. You wouldn't be wrong in assuming that this is a small map, and so this is accommodated by a large amount of varying sightline distances, and verticality. This is also plays a role thematically, as the OG Phendrana features very grandiose structures and decorations, albeit abandoned for god knows how long by the time the player arrives. Along side the music it gives off a very toned down, and calming presence when you just step back to observe. I wanted to preserve this feeling as best as I could, although H5 has shitty ambient sounds, or none at all depending on the map. This map also has some passing fog, so because of this visual limitation I decided to remove the original power weapon, being the Beam Rifle. It should be noted that I placed all items and objectives relative to the time it takes for both teams to reach them at the same time.


    Piercing Wind Features:


    • An asymmetrical layout
    • A Red and Blue Base akin to CE style asymmetry, although when I optimize the map some changes will be done to blue (the budget is internally screaming as we speak)
    • A Hailstorm Needler, 3 Mags (60s)
    • A Rocket Launcher, 2 Rounds (120s)
    • An Active Camo, 90s Duration (180s)
    • Various Markings and visual elements that don't interfere with gameplay, but also spruce up the map, and serve as name calls
    • Various prefab recreations of props from Metroid Prime, Some made by me, a few made by a wonderful lad on Xbox named Omni 42. Much thanks to him saving me time
    • A lil' friend for you to find (He's shy)


    Without further ado, let's get into the map. 




    Here we have, well idk. It's hard to explain what this room serves, as its not necessarily a side path,  a connector, middle or anything at all really. To the right we see a vent, (insert obligatory among us comment here) and out of frame past that, is the main connector door to red base, which we will move onto in the next image soon. If I had to describe this room, it would be a little bit of all the things I just listed, because it serves all those purposes, to varying degrees. I know it's hard to visualize with just an image, but including all the various entrances into this room, it basically is a giant 90 degree bend into middle.




    (Alternate View 1, although it is an image of a previous version because the Red Flag is placed differently now.)




    (Alternate View 2)




    In this image we have a raised view of the majority of Red base. Directly underneath is where Red flag will spawn. The double doors take a left into a T shaped Connector room, and the upper path approaches Mid from multiple angles.




    (Alternate View of Lower Red)




    (Alternate View of Upper Red) 




    Here is the exit of the stairs. Behind view is Mid, where the Rocket Launcher can be obtained. To the left is and exit of the building, and a slope down to blue flag. 




    (Alternate view of Skull Stairs into Mid. Middle's shape was vaguely stylized like the middle portion of Quake 3's Camping Grounds, the difference being that it was shaped around H5's mid range combat.) 


    Screenshot for The Campgrounds II CTF by sst13 (map-13camp) - ..::LvL -  Quake 3 Arena Maps (Q3A Custom Maps)  (Middle of Q3 Camping Grounds. Quite Possibly the most awesome level in Quake Deathmatch.)




    Here we have outside the stair door, down the slope into Blue. Blue Base is currently just a place holder, as it's basic as all hell, being just the flag spawn and starting position with some natural terrain as cover. It's the only part of the map I'm genuinely disappointed in, so I will be coming back to this in the future. It is, at least currently, the best spot for Blue to spawn in, without re-working large sections of the map. Other than that, to the right is 2 paths that split into various junctions into the Active Camo spawn, And directly ahead is a dead Gold Elite with the Hailstorm Needler.  




    (Alternate View of Gold Elite.) 




    (Directly behind the Gold Elite. This is the Active Camo Spawn.) 


    And that about wraps up all the major areas in need of showcasing. I'm decently happy with the outcome of this map, although like I said I do still have some work on Blue Base to do. Once again, I IMPLORE that you must play Prime 1 as it is a phenomenal product that even the same studio behind it couldn't recapture the magic to the same degree in later entries. Once again if you would like to give feedback or input, or even play the map for yourself, my GT for the download is Jam on Bagel. As of today the map is flagged visible in search. 

    Game/Engine: Halo
    Recommended Player Count: 2v2
    Game type/s: CTF, Oddball, KOTH