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    The Hollows

    Introduction: The Hollows is a 2v2-4v4 map which currently runs slayer and strongholds. The Hollows was designed to be a simple, straight forward layout which most players will get the hang of quickly; this map is intended to be a jack-of-all-trades which (in theory) will be capable of running a vast array of modes between multiple player counts.

    Design Goals: After taking multiple breaks from forge and multiple attempts at this map theme over the past couple of years, I came up with this layout to put as many of the things that I know I'm capable of into one layout; to practice what I preach, if you will and create a map which I can look back on with satisfaction. One of the most important goals I had for this map was to make sure that just about every design choice that was made, was made intentionally with a clear purpose and reason. I also made an effort to utilize framing wherever and whenever possible.

    My aim for the map was to create a skill gap with the geometry, to juxtapose a simple macro layout with sweaty micro gameplay and as such, it was designed with two layers in mind - the macro pathing and the micro geometry within it.

    As for the macro, I emphasized perimeter flow, soft bends and detours. The rolling hill style micro gameplay on the map paired with the winding paths really puts the pace of any given engagement into the hands of the player. As a player, you can choose how far up a hill or around a path you push, allowing for a tug of war style dynamic with the opposing team. The hills also help conceal player's movements without the use of walls and other physical blockers. There are also a few trick jumps around the map which more skilled players will be able to identify and use to gain the upper hand over others.

    As for the theme, I wanted to convey a Gothic-Industrial architectural fusion leaning towards the former. Taking inspiration from various real life and digital sources, I took a stylized approach to the building architecture; I wanted to clearly convey the theme without copying anything too specific. The map was designed with screenshots in mind, so framing naturally became the most important part of the maps appearance while also remaining an important facet of player orientation. Just about every building is framed from the right angle.

    Extras: Shoutout to Squally for the map name. As a disclaimer, this map was forged on the Xbox Series X, so the framerate will be severely impacted on the older generation of consoles. This map will likely be taken in Halo Infinite.


    Carbine x2

    Jet BR x2

    Hydra Launcher x1

    LightRifle x1

    Boltshot x1

    Sniper x1 (Excluded in Hill Modes)

    Speed Boost x1 (Excluded in Hill Modes)

    Plasma Grenade x4

    Splinter Grenade x1
    Game/Engine: Halo
    Recommended Player Count: 2v2
    Game type/s: Slayer, Strongholds