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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome everyone to NLD's second design challenge! There's been quite a bit of time since our previous challenge, so it's about time we hosted another. We plan on having these reoccur on a monthly basis for the foreseeable future. To reiterate, the goal of these challenges is to, well, challenge yourself to move out of your comfort zone in the effort to grow as a designer. So what's the challenge? The theme of this challenge is simple: The Duel. Any one-on-one conflict, whether it's Old West outlaws, a hot pursuit, or a civilized game of chess, it's all up for grabs! The point of this challenge is to bring into view what really makes a battle of the wits fun to play and how those aspects can be implemented creatively. To be honest this doesn't need to follow a traditional literary or cinematic trope; a provided backstory can be enough to explain a creative setting, or that could be up to the player's imagination. Who knows! Guidelines: Only three guidelines apply to this challenge: The level must be designed around a head-to-head duel The level must be posted on the September Challenge: The Duel Submission Thread The post must include at least one picture of the level If you're not registered on the site, it's an easy process. Here's a link to where you can do so: [link] The submission thread will remain open until September 23rd. There is no limit to the number of levels you can submit. Submit one and go into as much detail about it as possible, or submit many with the bare minimum of detail. Take Whichever route you feel will be the most beneficial to your own development. A couple of details that could be included in the level post as a way to better convey the design process are: The sandbox of which the level is designed for (generic CoD fps, Halo-style squad/arena hybrid shooter, doom/quake arena shooter, advanced mobility, fortnite, RTS. Number of players, etc.) Multiple Pictures, and/or video footage of the level An overview of the layout A flow diagram of the map An explanation of the source of inspiration for the level Anything that helps convey the thought process behind the level Here's a link to the Submission thread for this Challenge:[link] An Example: This map, Yama, is very loosely based on the Japanese subculture of Bōsōzoku, gangs riding heavily modified bikes in droves of up to 50 to 100 members at a time. A bit on the epic side to be considered a duel, but said counterculture has been on the decline, approaching it's end as you're reading this. Despite this, they remain a serious threat, so when the last remaining member of a gang decides to take a final stand in a quite mining town in the mountains. With roads closed off to contain the threat, one officer is sent in to sort things out. With that backstory out of the way, let's get onto the design process behind including a vehicle into a Halo 5 1v1 environment. There was a few questions to be had: What vehicles work with the bike gang setting? What vehicles could be effectively encountered by one player with a good shot? What vehicles required skill to dispatch individual foes? Are there power weapons that increase effectiveness against said vehicles without rendering the vehicle completely helpless? These questions led to choosing the gungoose as the on-map vehicle and a sniper (one-shot through weapon glitch) as the power weapon. I had already imagined the flow of the map in my head: weaving streets that coiled around buildings, waving it's way up the mountainside. Here's an overhead pic with some simple notation: One of the problems that came up while driving about the level was the cone of fire on the gungoose. The max angle of fire of the gungoose is quite limiting, and initially severely limited the verticality throughout. The only way to counteract this is to have inclines. Unfortunately the angle is hard capped due to the camera being forced under some sort of angle. This is the main reason for the driving lanes having a max 18° incline and the central power position's lower vertical position. This also plays into the on-foot exclusive pathing. It needed to enable players to catch uncounterable angles against the gungoose, and vehicle pathing needed to enable predictive movement to catch the on-foot player in the open. What mostly comes of this is that the useful weapons are in open areas that take time to get away from, and the majority of space is vehicle accessible. At least 80% of the level is streets as shared space rather than having dedicated spaces for either option, thus forcing more interaction. Unfortunately I haven't had an opportunity to test this level due to the abysmal population of Halo 5: Forge on PC, but hopefully I can get around to testing on console considering how cheap Xbox Ones are nowadays. Feedback: With our previous competition, we have learned quite a bit about how to run these challenges, but there's always room for improvement. If you'd like to suggest some changes and/or improvements for subsequent challenges, feel free to do so in our Challenge Feedback thread here: [link] .galleria, .galleria-container { height:480px !important }