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Found 5 results

  1. "Environment artists and level designers are faced with a difficult job of creating whole worlds from nothing. Many developers have found thoughtful methods for addressing this task through experience and personal research, but what if someone else could do that early research for us? Enter, Interior Design. Last year I presented how some simple Interior Design Theory applies to games. This time we will deep dive into more complex Interior Design techniques and practices and examining how to apply the principles of Order, Enrichment, and Expression to master space and place."
  2. "In many video games, the player has control of the camera. However, the developer can control what's on screen through use of the environment to direct the player's movements and attention. Miriam Bellard has been referring to this as spatial cinematography. Miriam's talk explores spatial cinematography in theory and practice using examples from GTA V Online DLC (pre-production to final art). A truly cinematic experience can be developed by adapting film concepts such as shots, editing and 2D screen design as well as understanding how the player interacts with and perceives the game environme
  3. Creating the game space for the player to explore is another aspect of game development that can prove daunting. Despite all the games we’ve played, it can be hard to actually break down what makes a good level or environment. Today, I’m going to try and shed some light on this topic, and explore how there is a difference between level design and environment design. World Building Both terms “level design” and “environment design” may be viewed as interchangeable by developers, but to be able to talk critically about games, I’m going to separate them. E
  4. edX is once again offering "The Architectural Imagination" What is it? The Architectural Imagination is a free online course that aims to help you "learn fundamental principles of architecture — as an academic subject or a professional career — by studying some of history’s most important buildings." What will you learn? How to read, analyze, and understand different forms of architectural representation Social and historical contexts behind major works of architecture Basic principles to produce your own architectural drawings and models Pe
  5. What is it that makes a game good? Sam Spryison believes that in the case of Resident Evil, the level design (or perhaps more specifically the environmental design) is the primary differentiating factor between the best versions of the game, and the rest. Using the Resident Evil 2 Remake as his case in point, he highlights the importance of evolving a genre over time, while maintaining its core elements. So how exactly environmental design improve a game? It can set the tone for things to come. One of the ways the Resident Evil 2 Rem
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