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About Me

  1. WAYWO has landed. This is one giant leap for Level Design, one giant leap for Video Games. Or anything else you all deem appropriate to discuss in here, since it is traditional to go way, way, WAY(wo) off topic.... 😉
  2. Hey guys! Been awhile! Today I wanted to showoff some blockout images of my group project for my Game Design III class! The only details our professor gave us was, "Make an RPG". The idea is the player is on this alien ship and has to steal something of value. But this ship just so happens to have all sorts of traps, parkour areas, and much more fun. Can't wait to show off the blockout in its later stages! Demo.mp4
  3. Last Bastion is a Halo 5 Forge Map from Jesse Duchene, AKA @Soldat Du Christ. The level was officially released near the end of 2018. Jesse then created a 'Making Of' video, and published that in June of 2020. The video is a detailed breakdown of his thought processes behind the design, and provides great insight into the type of thinking that can be used to create great levels. We recently met up with Jesse to talk about the video, further picking his brain on both the level and the video. Can you share a little bit about your history designing levels -
  4. About Reaching Perfection Missed Chapter 30? Read it here: Application Intro Have you ever done something that made time fly without you realizing it? Ever play a game where you felt you spent only an hour, but then realize that four have gone by? Ever play a map where you were so deep into having fun and fighting the opposition that you had no time to criticize the map fully because you were so focused on playing the game that the map was made for? What is immersion? I’m glad you asked Jimmy. By the books immersion is the state of being dee
  5. a Chunk

    Blocktober 2020

    2020 marks the fourth October of Blocktober. During Blocktober, level designers across the world flock to Twitter to share their level blockouts with the tag #Blocktober. Launched in 2017 by Michael Barclay, Blocktober is the Level Design equivalent of Inktober. Michael wrote a summary of the first Blocktober, appropriately titled 'Blogtober' on his website, and you can read that HERE. Now that you know more about Blocktober (or...know the same amount if you already knew about it...), let's get to the point of this here article. WE WANT TO SEE YOUR BLOCKOUTS!
  6. About Diabotical Earlier this month, Diabotical was officially released into the wild. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with it, it's a free to play, fast paced, multi-player only title. The best comparison that most everyone will be familiar with is Quake. If you're interested in learning more about the game, Google and Youtube are your friends. We also published a short article about it's Beta earlier this year, which includes footage of the Map Editor. Additionally, here's a crash course in Diabotical mapping that will undoubtedly be helpful if this is your first foray into th
  7. Follow Chris Website: http://www.pfbstudios.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Totter87 Follow Next Level Design Join the Forum: http://www.nextleveldesign.org/index.php?/register/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NextLevelDesig2 Discuss on Discord: https://discord.gg/RqEy7rg
  8. About Reaching Perfection Missed Chapter 29? Read it here: Degree of Focus Intro Ever build a map that has played completely differently from how you designed it to? Have you made a design decision expecting one result but getting a completely different one? Level design is not a piece by piece or step by step process that one follows. Everything affects everything else and learning how everything works together sometimes requires experimentation and study. Sometimes you never know that something is going to work until you try it. From theory
  9. Follow Kevin YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYyLetnYnoGsib7GPDJ16BQ Twitter: https://twitter.com/KevinTillman01 Website: https://kevintillman1.wixsite.com/tillmansart Follow Next Level Design Join the Forum: http://www.nextleveldesign.org/index.php?/register/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NextLevelDesig2 Discuss on Discord: https://discord.gg/RqEy7rg
  10. Hello! My name is Nathan Kellman. I am a passionate game designer specializing in level design. Virtual Reality has been on the market for decades, and yet developers are still discovering new things. Many have learned that principles that work for a PC/console game, may not work for something in VR. I have experience with VR games but most of them had simple mechanics, more of an interactive experience than a game. This post will be about my level design process of a VR game called Whipslash, inspired by the Leviathan Axe in God of War, where players use their axes to traverse the
  11. Follow Tobias YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGBk881l2en0AnI_9BRjefA Twitter: https://twitter.com/tobiasxbergdorf Follow Next Level Design Join the Forum: http://www.nextleveldesign.org/index.php?/register/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NextLevelDesig2 Discuss on Discord: https://discord.gg/RqEy7rg
  12. About Reaching Perfection Missed Chapter 28? Read it here: Perspective Direction Intro Ever wonder what makes a spot easy to control compared to other areas of a map? It isn’t always just the amount of pathways that lead to it. There are many factors that can determine whether an area is easy to control or hard to control, but one of the main factors is the degree of focus that the area requires for control. What is degree of focus? Well let’s find out. Sphere of attention The degree of focus refers to the amount of area that a player must f
  13. My level design Case Study 04: Recreating «Shoot House» map from call of duty: Modern warfare Tool used: - Blocking out: Rhino v6 - Walk-through and playtest: Unreal 4.25 (Note: some probs are taken from «POLYGON- BattleRoyalePack» asset) More images: artstation.com/artwork/VgJYPR Reference: https://blog.activision.com/call-of-duty/2019-11/Modern-Warfare-Tactical-Map-Intel-Shoot-House
  14. Special thanks to Ivan Buchta from Bohemia Interactive for his help. Introduction According to Cambridge Dictionary: “Landforms are natural shapes on the earth’s surface”. It’s logical to see how important landforms can be for any outdoor video game map. The way those landforms are incorporated can, as we will see, result in interesting situations depending on how and how much they are used in the game. During this presentation, we will use war games of different genres: battle royals, war simulations, and traditional fps such as Battlefield. During this analysis,
  15. Introduction The number of quality books on Level Design has grown by one with the release of Let’s Design: Combat – A Level Design Series by Max Pears. The book is comprised of 25 subjects organized into 3 different sections (Planning, Blockout, Iteration) over the course of 80 pages. It brings us through concepts such as Metrics, Enemies, Decision Points, Combat Fronts, Verticality, and Local Landmarks. These subjects are presented in bite sized nuggets of insight from Mr. Pears, and supported with fabulously unique graphic depictions. We recently met up with Max to pick his brain ab
  16. About Reaching Perfection Missed Chapter 27? Read it here: Reputation Intro Are you still having problems getting players to find the incentives that you have placed around the map? Do players just walk past weapons laying around the map despite the eye catching techniques you used to draw attention to them? There’s more to getting people to notice things than just using color contrast. Have you ever thought about their attention being drawn elsewhere in that situation? Point of Focus When in a combat situation players are constantly maneuve
  17. Small 2v2 map called «Alsaleh Factory» (My fourth try! for «Asymmetric» multiplayer level design) Modes: TDM, Skirmish (Note: Some 3D models in the level are premade Unity assets from «POLYGON») CS:GO Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2153733778 See more images here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/J9lX0a
  18. Small 3v3 map called «Double House» (My third try for «Asymmetric» multiplayer level design) Modes: TDM, Skirmish (Note: Some 3D models in the level are premade Unity assets from «POLYGON») UPDATE: Playtest video added. See more images here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/q9ANRP
  19. My second try for «Asymmetric» multiplayer level design Small 2v2 map called «Ammo Storage 2» Mode: Skirmish (Note: All 3D models in the level are premade Unity assets from «POLYGON») See more images here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ZGgy8N
  20. Here's my first try for «Asymmetric» multiplayer level design Small duel [1v1] map called «Ammo Storage» Mode: Skirmish (Note: All 3D models in the level are premade Unity assets from «POLYGON») See more images here: http://artstation.com/artwork/q9Lz8N
  21. About Reaching Perfection Missed Chapter 26? Read it here: Nurturing Intro Some of you have heard of my works. Some of you have heard of my past. Some of you recognize my name from somewhere. You judge me and my works based on the reputation that I have created. Good or bad. Remember that as a designer, you too are building your reputation for others to judge you by even if they have never met you and you have never met them. Always consider what the future will bring based on your actions, your content, and what you say. An image of you Con
  22. Max Pears, host of Level Design Lobby, discusses the Illusion of Space in games. What is it, and how can this tool be used give players the sense that they are in a real life place? Follow Max/Level Design Lobby Twitter: https://twitter.com/MaxPears iTunes: https://apple.co/2CwAkqD Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2ybMelK YouTube: https://bit.ly/2XUXcLf SoundCloud: https://bit.ly/2XYIo9K Follow Next Level Design Join the Forum: http://www.nextleveldesign.org/index.php?/register/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/
  23. Always be creating...New content! It is easy to stop or pause after finishing a project and not move on to something else. If the last project was too stressful or demanding, then try something with less detail or scope, start experimenting with new brushwork building methods or different gameplay setups. Stop the dust from settling and dive right back into your next masterpiece! There are many ways to keep momentum going between projects. Experiment with new themes or texture styles, try to build some architecture at an odd angle like at 30, 45 or 60 degrees or find some conc
  24. About Reaching Perfection Missed Chapter 25? Read it here: Investment Intro Have you ever taken the time to tell someone that you love their work and that you can’t wait to see more? Well if you have, how many times has that person gotten back to you personally? How much more excited are you for their product when you get that personal message back saying that they thank you for your support? How much more willing are you to share that person’s work with your friends? That person just scored themselves’ more credibility. What it means to nurtu
  25. I limited myself with «Inside Circle» theme For releasing my creativity and starting level design, Here's my result: (It looks like a Sci-Fi map for Halo or Destiny, isn't it?🤔) 2D Drawing, 3D Modeling and Rendering: Rhino v6 (Note: probs are taken from «POLYGON- Battle Royale Pack») See more images here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/w81wEX
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