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  1. 2007 - 2012 was an amazing time for Halo. There was something special, almost undefinable about the introduction of Forge and the File Share in Halo 3 and their expansion in Halo Reach. One of the many things that inspired the creation of this website was the camaraderie found in the exploration of those new tools, both of which have led to more than a handful of amateur-to-professional transitions. However, when Halo 3 was released as part of the Master Chief Collection in 2014, this key element was missing - and has remained missing until this day. Y
  2. Hello Everyone! It has been a long, long time since I have written an article but what can I say Inspiration hit me! Before I begin, I want to say the way that inspiration struck all came across by taking part in an online course I recently just finished on CGMA which was ten weeks long. Thank you very much to Em Schatz for putting the course together and to Patrick Haslow for being a great tutor and taking the time to review my work. Introduction: Now I have worked on a range of titles as a Game Dev and Level designer, but as my career has switched over t
  3. In the first part of his series on 'MAPS', Westin Koessel lays the groundwork for ongoing discussions by starting at the beginning and defining 'Design'. From there he turns his sights on the subject of predeterministic vs passive design - what degree of creativity should a designer allow a player? *Note: This video has been removed by the creator Follow Westin Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwVxACgMT67Zq6CkgCtrCdg Twitter: https://twitter.com/_Xandrith Website: https://westinkoessel.wixsite.com/portfolio
  4. What is a videogame landmark, and what is its purpose? Landmarks in video games are unique structures or places that stand out within an environment. In gaming, they’re extremely useful for navigation. They’re often used as central points for large areas, with the purpose of giving the player a way to work out where they are at all times and a chance to gather their bearings. They are purposefully designed to stand out in the environment and draw the player’s attention. Landmarks frequently indicate something of importance, with the area surrounding a landmark holding special
  5. // Philosophy and Level Design icyhotspartin // Introduction How is a developer supposed to develop a successful business plan for a video game? How is a Level Designer, amateur or professional, supposed to develop a competitively viable environment for that game? How is the Player of such a game supposed to develop a successful strategy such a level in the game? The principle remains the same for all of them. The person engaged must know what his goal is, the tools in his hands, and the nature of the material or environment at his disposal. All then depends
  6. Is a game really just a game? Or is it something more? In this thought provoking video, Westin Koessel explores these questions, sharing his thoughts on the true impact of games, and the accompanying responsibility designers have to make games built upon a foundation of integrity. Follow Westin Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwVxACgMT67Zq6CkgCtrCdg Twitter: https://twitter.com/_Xandrith Website: https://westinkoessel.wixsite.com/portfolio Follow Next Level Design Join the Forum: http://www.nextleveld
  7. We're overjoyed to bring you our very first Next Level Design interview with Max Pears, a level designer who's been in the gaming industry for several years. Sit down and relax as you read through our conversation with the Level Design Lobby founder, learning about his gaming background from childhood to present day. In the process you'll get to know him, and learn about what has motivated him to share his knowledge and experiences with his fellow level and game designers. NLD: Let's start at the beginning. What was your youth like? What sort of hobbies and activities did you participate i
  8. Introduction Why was your first time in a Destiny raid remarkably more exciting than your last? Some would cite Destiny's 'feel' juxtaposed with the franchises notoriously shallow systems as the culprit for the dopaminergic delta. Some would hearken back to the good ol' days of Destiny, when raids like the Vault of Glass were apparently just 'better' than they are now. Others might even blame our inevitable disappointment on the games so-called 'overreliance' on repetition. Whatever you think the reason is, I'm here to tell you why I probably disagree. Not just about Des
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