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Found 2 results

  1. WAYWO has landed. This is one giant leap for Level Design, one giant leap for Video Games. Or anything else you all deem appropriate to discuss in here, since it is traditional to go way, way, WAY(wo) off topic.... 😉
  2. Introduction Michael Barclay started off modding in Unreal Tournament and Warcraft 3. He started off as in programming and spcripting, and eventually got into level design with stints at Free Radical Design, Crytek, and Naughty Dog, amongst others. The following are excerpts from an interview that Michael did with 80 Level. Follow the link at the end of this post to read the whole interview.Prototyping Earlier in his career, Michael typically made massive documents and spent a lot of time on level pitches. He moved away from this method over time, finding that others simply didn't have the time to absorb all of the information in them. Now he tends to get to the prototyping phase very quickly. How does level design work with gameplay Here we get some thoughts on the importance of understanding the mechanics of the game you're designing for, and the challenges of designing levels for a game where the mechanics are constantly evolving. Navigation On the subject of navigation, Michael suggests that designers tend to go overboard in guiding players, rather than trusting in their natural ability to understand the world they find themselves in. Sandbox design Michael discusses the benefits of different types of sandbox design. On the subject of open vs linear, he says this: He then goes on to cite some specific games, and how they approach sandbox design. Finally, the discussion turns to the challenge of building areas that have extreme interconnectivity: Source: MichealWebsite: