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  1. Hello there NLD! Recently I ended up graduating from my University. In my last semester there I took an Independent Study on Level Design with my professor. Working off of Chris Totten's "An Architectural Approach to Level Design" I ended up building the project I have linked at the end of this post. Through the course of the semester I've worked on the levels within the project, making them once a week, with some semester scheduling and events delaying them. Each level is based upon one chapter from the book, attempting to execute upon one of the ideas in that chapter. I'm hoping that I can get some feedback on this project, I've worked a while on it but I've definitely run into a few hurdles. The main issue I ran into building this is that many of the principles with my text were based around showcasing the mechanics of the game you would be designing for. This being a semester project among many credit hours and starting from a base Unity project there was the issue of a lack of mechanics to inform the structure of many of these level snippets. I did what I could however! Thanks for reading and I'd love for any feedback at all! Project link here: https://izzybennettdev.itch.io/an-exploration-of-spaces Photos attached are screen shots of some of the more aesthetic levels.
  2. 10-hours Blockout for FPS genre (aim map for CS:GO almost) 2D Drawing, 3D Modeling and Rendering: Rhino v6 (Note: probs are taken from «POLYGON- Battle Royale Pack») Playtest engine: Unity More shots: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/QzAZQ8
  3. The following is a recap of an article which is shared on 80 Level. It captures Jon Michael Hickenbottom's experience of the Level Design for Games course offered by CG Master Academy. Jon is currently a Level Designer at New World Interactive, and has worked on games such as Insurgency and Day of Infamy. Getting Started Off the bat, this was my first time using both Unity and Maya to block out levels. Challenge accepted! Coming from a background of Source Engine and Unreal Editor, I had never used a modeling package to create layouts in this fashion. While nervous on how I’d adapt,
  4. Great looking models, textures, and ambiances and lighting are very important to making our games look as good as they can. Yet without a solid composition to build upon, the visual structure of our environments will be never as compelling or attractive as they can be. The Challenge: Creating compositions in a real time game environment is different from static images such as a photograph or painting in the sense that the camera or the player’s frame of reference is always moving. The player moves through a 3 dimensional space, which effectively creates a brand new
  5. This was a final submission for the CG Master Academy's course Level Design for Games course. PROJECT DETAILS Platform: Windows PC Genre: Third Person Shooter Engine: Unity Language: C# Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop Autodesk Maya Assetpack done by REDBEE Completion: Full Blockout Singular level that followed pre-determined level beats* Team Size: 1 Role: White box, enemy placement, objective placement *Level beats provided by Emilia Schatz Download: Dastardly Dirty Dan's Stolen Treasure PROJECT PROMPT Note: Given only a level-beat to go off of, I took the liberty of beefing up the scenario to give the level some more personality and emotional attachment. Assignment Scenario Assignment Prompt: Many years ago, the cowboy’s mother was a prospector, and struck it rich. Unfortunately, her partner betrayed her and stole all the gold for himself. The cowboy’s mom tracked him down, but he died before she could find out where he stowed all the gold. Recently, the cowboy happened upon a some clues about the gold’s location. But his sworn enemy overheard his plans to find it, and has gotten here first, with an army of desperados. They’ll use any means necessary to keep the cowboy from his treasure. Personal Scenario You were just a child back then. Your mother was a prospector and a very good one at that. Your foggy memory recalls that one day you were playing down river on your own, just within sight of your mom and her business partner. Your mother shouted out in absolute GLEE with what she found! The biggest nugget of gold ever found within a 10 mile radius! You started to see several gold chunks reach you and her shouting turned into a heated argument with the other man nearby. He shoved her on the floor only to pull out his gun. You saw her turn to you to say “RUN” but it was too late. As you stumble through the cracks of a small opening in the rocks, you use the CRACK of the gunshot you remember so many years ago to muster all the strength you have for the journey ahead. That dastardly Dirty Dan stole what wasn’t his. It’s time for you to get what was stolen from your mother; take what’s rightfully yours. Mechanics* Over-the-shoulder third person enemy wave shooter. Cover mechanics are heavily involved when fighting in combat spaces. Controls are as follows: Player can run (shift) Jump (spacebar) Vaulting over waist-high obstacles when pressing forward (W) and jump (spacebar) Focus aim (right click hold) Save points (as trigger volumes) Three (3) weapons Holster (1 key) Pistol (2 key) Machine Gun (3 key) Grenade (g) *Note: Cover, shooting, grenade, animations, and AI systems were done by Redbee. A link to the Unity store posting can be found here. Deliverables For this final assignment, a full level was created using the following level beats. A singular level Following this structure: Explore Valve, then Small Combat Explore Valve, then Big Combat Find the Treasure! Use what was learned about speaking to the player with the voice of archetypes. Try to incorporate aspects of each. Begin with the Herald and Mentor. The Mentor should decrease over the course of the level as the Shadow increases. Upload a jpg image of your level along with your project file. Liberties: Free to use any means to create the geometry, including borrowing from previous levels created for this class. I personally made it a goal after the deliverable duration to create the following: A compiled Executable / Build of your complete playable level. Please ensure that the build target is for Windows (32 or 64 bit), and that any DLLs or External File Dependencies are included alongside the EXE for the level. For more information and thorough breakdown of my workflow, you can visit my portfolio breakdown here: https://ck-ld.com/portfolio-item/dastardly-dirty-dans-stolen-treasure/
    Cover Image Intro / Exploration Beat 1st Valve + First Combat Beat 2nd Exploration Beat 2nd Exploration Beat End of 2nd Exp Beat + 2nd Valve 2nd Combat Beat 2nd Combat Beat 2nd Combat Beat 2nd Combat Beat
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