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Found 2 results

  1. WAYWO has landed. This is one giant leap for Level Design, one giant leap for Video Games. Or anything else you all deem appropriate to discuss in here, since it is traditional to go way, way, WAY(wo) off topic.... 😉
  2. Map Name: Contagion (WIP) Download link will be added once the map is playtested and functioning properly Player Count: 2v2, 4v4 Gametypes: CTF, Strongholds, Oddball, Assault, Slayer On Map Weapons/Power-ups: -Magnum -Frag Grenades -Sentinel Beam -Scatter Shot -Splinter Grenades -Overshield Overview: This map is a proof-of-concept map the tries to add depth to gameplay though direct interaction and control over map geometry in the shape of doors. The map has a fairly simple layout in that it's a simple 4-square shape that's familiar to most FPS players, and uses the aforementioned doors to manipulate the available routes for players to take. Interaction with the doors are through shooting large, green targets near doors that toggle the doors between open and closed. Sounds play for every small aspect of the lockdown event. The doors have a lockdown mechanic linked to them that uses the loose flood containment theme of the map to convey it's purpose. There are three rooms with tan terrain (flood growths) that can be individually locked down by closing all the doorways into said room. Once lockdown has commenced, players inside are purged (killed) with a short period of time before the doors reopening. The doors remain locked open for an extended period of time so that a lockdown can be used to guarantee an open path to capturing a flag. This would obviously require a level of teamwork that most players cannot achieve in solo-queue, but that's the point; expand the skill ceiling. What I think could be problematic with this mechanic would be that players that're aware of the mechanic could overwhelm those of whom are ignorant of it. I'd like to test this with one team having played the map multiple time against another team that hasn't even heard of the map. Testing will be logged in a comment to this post. Here are some pics for y'all: Scripts: This is the scripts for a specific set of doors that're not dissimilar to all others: Because there are essentially multiples of the set of scripts above, the lockdown event set of scripts had to be separate for each room. Again, these are not dissimilar to the other two rooms: The opening cinematic and closing cinematic alongside some sounds that're universal to all rooms are controlled by a few central brains: Please give plenty of feedback. It is a major part of improving this map and developing it's core concept. P.S. This was originally posted in December 2018, so some of the pictures are outdated. The movement scripts are very primitive and require some fine tuning to get more consistent positioning and smoother movement, but ultimately I'm still at the concept testing phase of development.
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