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  1. Hello there ! hope you all are doing well! This week I have been working on a UT Map, I'll probaly ask you for feedback in the day. I will also post the layout and some snapshots. Have a great day !
  2. Hello there ! First of all, Happy New Year ! These are some snapshots of a little scene I made in UE4 :
  3. Hello there ! It's been a while since my previous post in there, I am currently working my BSP & composition skill , to make it I decide to do 2h exercises. How it work, I take a photo/paint/concept art and I make a blockout with it. Here are two snap shot : Paint 01 is the first version, and in the 02 is an iteration.
  4. Hello ! I made some floor plans for my Splinter Cell based level & a mission document ( it's a bit short). Hope I will reach my goal : release my first serious Greybox map, I ame aiming for a small scale level with a simplobjective. All of this before October 31st . Tomorrow I am going to draw a more detailed layout and make a rough blockout map. PS : These are my mission flow and my simplified floor plans, see that the "Layout-02" in the level is under "Layout-01".
  5. Thanks ! Yes it will be a single player level, because I want the players to feel while playing single what I felt, I think it's also a good way to train for making LevelDesign with multiple possibilities !
  6. Hello there ! Tomorow I will start working on my new personal project, a SplinterCell based map, with Unreal Engine 4. I am new and hope to get some feedbacks on my future work to be stronger and learn faster. Have nice Day ! PS: here is a screenshot of my work on "framing" I did yersteday. I call this one " Citadel ".
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